Since there are many streams of Engineering, I don't know which is the most useful for me. I think there is scope in Design Engineering in the coming future. Is it so?

Asked by Sunny James Dmello over 1 year ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

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I would not say that there are no better options, but yeah, design engineering is very good in the coming future. Just yesterday I was attending a free seminar organized by MIT Daily Weekends, where I get to know how many developments are already in progress related to design engineering.

The profession is largly focused on the design process of engineering. The best thing about it is that it is integrated with many engineering disciplines including mechanical, civil, electrical, aerospace etc. along with not so technical sectors like textiles, manufacturing and systems. It is already a fact that design engineering is a very good discipline but only now we know how good it will be in the coming days.

We as well as all other people from around the world focus too much on aesthetics. It is only a matter of time that everyone would want customization in every product they use. It is sure a  good way for a better experience in my opinion. Plus, I’m not just taking general assumptions. The Research of the bureau of labor statistics has projected 4.1% employment growth in design engineering from 2018 to 2028 in the USA.

Same numbers are shown in other top countries like the UK and Canada. There would be more jobs and career options in design engineering in upcoming years. Besides, the current median salary of mechanical design engineers is $90,000 (over 87 lakhs)annually. So I would definitely consider design engineering as an area with a great score in the coming future.

I believe if you are interested in design engineering, you should go for it. First, it has a good score. Second, it will be more relevant in the near future. Third, with this you get to work in multiple sectors of engineering. This will be later helpful in your career development. Let me know if I can add anything more to this.



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