About Canada Study visa interview?

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Saumya Chadha

Saumya Chadha

MentR-Me Team

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Not every international pupil has to complete a study permit interview. After reviewing your application, the visa officer will decide if they choose to arrange an interview before providing your Canadian find out about the permit. 

However, you will be informed if you need to come in for the interview. Typically, the officer will ask you to explain a few matters you noted in your learn about allow application. These questions will only be about your qualifications, study plans and finances. 

In the interview, you will be asked about why you are analyzing Canada. As a result, having vital allow files is an appropriate way to remind yourself of your key reasons for studying. 

For instance, you will have strong motives on your personal announcement and letter of acceptance from your university. But, equally as essential are your archives on finances and previous qualifications. 

Top hints for passing the interview

If you get hold of an invitation for an interview, keep in mind that it is not a terrible thing. The interview is just to locate out greater about you and why you desire to learn about Canada.

As quickly as you receive your interview invitation, you can begin getting prepared to succeed. Breaking down the instruction into two sections - earlier than the interview and at some point of the interview - can assist cut up your focus. 



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