7 most important Data Science MCQ with answers PDF?

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Ritu Jain

Ritu Jain

Student at Shri Ram College of Commerce

Multiple choice questions (MCS) are pretty common in any kind of test. If you are learning data science or preparing for a master's in the subject, it's good to have some advanced practice. I have some basic and important data science MCQs available. I have myself taken these kinds of questions many times, so I know how much value they have.

Basically, the MCQs are the easiest questions when it comes to data science. Because just like any other technical subject, MCQs here should not take you long to answer. The tight solution must be right at your fingertips while going through MCQs. Because in actual situations, you just get seconds to answer per MCQ. Here take a look, and do share how many right answers you knew and which ones you missed?

1. Identify the language which is used in data science?

2. Which one of these is not a part of the data science process?
communication building
model planning

3. Machine learning is a subset of:
artificial intelligence
deep learning
none of the above

4. What architecture is also called systolic arrays?
none of the above

5. Identify the key data science skills among the following.
data visualization
machine learning
all of the above

6. Identify the revision control system on the following.

7. What is the clustering method to take care of variance in data?
decision tree
gaussian mixture model
K means
none of the above

The right options have been marked in italic for you. These 7 MCQs are one of the most important ones in data science. Even if you do not get the same questions as three, many of them somehow present the same questions. Try to answer one similar MCQ in many ways. For instance, instead of answering a framework name in options, try to think of the framework name but also its components and use. This way, you can train your mind of tricks and indirect questions.


You can easily get PDFs of these kinds of MCQs. They are available on tons of free websites. Plus, you can also go through some of the best university abroad official pages to get them. Many universities publish MCQs and questions on data science that you can get your hands on. IF you still don't find anything, let me know. I will give you more MCQs that are very important in data science.


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