5 Reasons why Columbia university's data science master's is good?

Asked by Rohit Sen over 1 year ago

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

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There are various reasons for a person to pursue a master's in data science, most people do it for profile up-gradation, some want to get a higher package, while some want to build a strong network. But don’t you think that pursuing a master's is a secondary concern, the first one is choosing the right university for your studies, right?

There are various universities to choose from for your master's in data science, but let me just answer your question without going into many details. Here I have shared the 5 main reasons that may convince you to choose Columbia University for your MS in data science. 

So let’s jump into the reasons: 

#1 Students in Columbia University get a splendid opportunity to have their own research and create a capstone project. The university also gives a chance to students to interact with the superb industry partners of the university and their world-class faculty. 

#2 You may get shocked to see the companies where the students of Columbia University are placed after the completion of their program. These are the companies where they are placed currently:

  • Aetna/CVS 
  • Amazon 
  • Alibaba 
  • Audible 
  • Apple 
  • American Express 
  • ASR Group 
  • Baidu 
  • BNP Paribas 
  • Bloomberg LP. 
  • ByteDance 
  • Braze 
  • JP Morgan 
  • KPMG 
  • Microsoft 
  • Morgan Stanley  
  • Uber 
  • Unilever 
  • Vanguard,

I feel like these company names are enough to convince someone, but let me give you a few more reasons to apply to this university. 

#3 The curriculum of the university is a very robust and comprehensive one, which includes all the industry-relevant majors that are most necessary for today’s world. 

#4 The university provides a vast array of electives for its students that enhance the value of their program and give them a competitive edge, this is the cherry on the top part of this university, don’t you agree to it?

#5 Another amazing part of this university is the various events that help the student to grow in a great way. Events such as Data Science Opportunities Listserv, Research Opportunities, SEAS and CCE Events. These events help the students to diversify their current knowledge and skills and at the same time, help them to network with other great students which give them great exposure in their careers ahead. 

So are you planning to apply to this university?


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