3 top universities for Data Science MS in Canada?

Asked by Shivangi Sahu 10 months ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Well, to be honest, Canada is a great pitch for MS courses in data science. The reasons are quite simple. The country has world-class education, and the computer science (CS) field is booming there. Compared to the USA and UK, the cost of education in Canada is less, plus the country is more friendly to international students. But yeah, the universities are the main attractions.

There are some really good options for you when it comes to top universities for data science masters in Canada. I am well aware of Canadian universities and how good their programs are. I have picked the three best universities for you to do an MS in data science there. Have a look.

1. University of British Columbia (UBC)
UBC in Canada is one of the top universities. In fact, not just in Canada, but the institute is world-renowned. They have a separate computer science department that focuses on courses like data science and artificial intelligence (AI). UBC offers a 10 month professional degree program in data science named; Master of Data Science (MDS). One of the unique things about this program is that it is developed by combined expertise with other departments and professionals, so you get a more hands-on experience.

2. McGill University
The data science program at McGill University is highly regarded and well recognized in Canada. Basically, they have a computer science program with many, many comps. These comps include database systems, AI, Machine Learning, Mining etc. You can easily get a data scone specialization from their master's degree. McGill University graduates have a really high graduating rate and high annual packages with a signing bonus.

3. Queen University
The Queen University has an MSc course in data science that is 1 year full-time and 2 years part-time. Based on your personal preferences and situation, you can choose which one to pursue. The program is actually available at 58 locations if you choose to go for the 1 year program. It provides balanced learning through a blended academic model. You will see that there are heavy tactical engagements with industry in their data science program.

Out of all other universities, these three are your best picks for a data science degree in Canada. Their master's in data science has the highest success rate and highest earnings compared to any other Canadian university. If you are serious about your question, start preparing now. Because the competition to get into these universities is as big as their master in data science program.


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