What is the difference between 2 years of master and pg diplomas in Canada?

Asked by Ameesha Shah about 2 years ago

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Diksha Garg

Diksha Garg

Supply Chain Management expert

If we talk on an academic level, then both of these programs are considered to be on the same page. A master's program of two years and a post-graduate diploma are considered to be at the same level. A person who has completed his or her postgraduate diploma is also considered to be equivalent to a person who has completed his or her master's degree. 

If we talk about Canada specifically, then also, there is no difference between these two programs in academic terms. Both are considered equal. But still, a master's program is considered to be a more elaborate and comprehensive program than that of a postgraduate diploma. The reason is pretty obvious, a diploma can be considered to be equivalent to a full-fledged master's, but it can never replace it. Relatively, a post-graduate diploma is considered a shorter qualification than a master's. A masters degree consists of 180 credits, whereas a postgraduate diploma has only 120 credits. Did you know? There is a shorter version of this as well which is called a postgraduate certificate and it is even shorter than a postgraduate diploma, it has only 60 credits. 

Did you know about the postgraduate certificate?


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