What course should I study after Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering?Which course has a scope and where to study?

Asked by Jusy over 2 years ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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There are many options for you. Because electronics and instrumentation is a very diverse area, they can be integrated into multiple fields of science and engineering. Some major examples are mechanical courses, system engineering, civil and many more.

My personal recommendation would be an MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Most of the work in this line is related to development in robotics and autonomous systems. Since it is an engineering discipline, it is variable in computation fields as well. So if you prefer a digital line fork, you will find easy access to it.

This course is also good because of its relevance now. For now, the biggest focus industries are tech and development. Things like robotics, AI, and virtual services are becoming more familiar.

An MSc in Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering is something that you may find idle to pursue. However, I only suggest going for it if you are not completely sure where to begin. For example, doing a basic MTech degree is for more opinions. But if you know you want IT engineering, you would prefer an IT engineering MSc degree. Therefore my first recommendation would be a Robotics and Autonomous System MSc and then this one.

For a place, I suggest definitely choosing the USA over any other country. That's because the engineering schools in the USA are better than the rest. Plus the engineering job sector is also very big there. If you want to know about university options, you can ask me. I can see your profile records and find out the best universities for your chosen course if you want. 


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