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A MS in Finance in USA, or Masters in Finance programme lasts one to two years. International students who desire to begin a career in finance find it to be quite popular. Graduates of the programme should be capable of managing investment banking, capital markets, risk management, behavioral finance, econometrics, investment management, and other areas of corporate finance and financial institutions. There are 66 colleges that offer a MS in Finance in USA, according to QS Top Universities. Some of the best colleges, like MIT, Columbia University, and University of California, Berkeley, are placed as high as 1, 22, and 44 in their respective categories. International students must pay between 17 lakhs and 64 lakhs in tuition to pursue an MS in Finance in USA. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for graduates with a MS in finance in USA is 72,250 USD. This is more than the median yearly salary of 41,950 USD for other jobs.

The foundation of the corporate world is finance. Every firm needs a competent financial staff in this developing sector. Those in the finance industry contribute significantly to the efficient operation of a firm, whether through banking, financial research, or investments. As a result, there is a demand for qualified and talented financial experts everywhere. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook projects that through 2026, demand for financial analysts will increase by 11%, faster than the average for all professions. Finance graduates have excellent potential to establish their career in the United States despite the country's generally competitive employment market, particularly for overseas students. Financial experts are in great demand, according to Robert Half, a renowned international hiring business. According to the Forbes article "One of the Fastest-Growing Careers is in Desperate Need of Young Talent," finance adviser roles are also in more demand nowadays. With the high demand, plentiful chances, and fierce competition, earning a MS in Finance in USA will aid in professional growth both inside the nation and abroad.

What MS in Finance in USA?

The need for financial experts is anticipated to increase. There are many skilled applicants and the employment market is quite competitive. A Master's in Finance in USA degree can prepare you to launch your own firm or help you find employment in the financial industry. You will get knowledge about banking, global economics, international finance, investments, financial markets, and more. Financial experts must be able to comprehend how various economic factors influence markets and investment choices. You will be able to think critically about the world of investments, comprehend how these aspects effect markets, and make better decisions for yourself or your firm if you have a MS in Finance in USA degree. Students who enroll in this programme will get the ability to evaluate and comprehend financial data, use their grasp of economics and finance to solve issues in the real world, work with data in Excel, and gain insight into the global economy. The MS in Finance in USA degree, often known as the MS in Finance In USA degree, is a specialist master's degree programme intended to educate students for professions in finance and closely related fields including trading, mathematics, economics, financial strategy, and financial analysis. The foundational courses in a normal MS in Finance in USA programme cover subjects including accounting, quantitative methods, microeconomics, forecasting & risk analysis, financial analysis and valuation, and more. These courses lay a solid basis in the fundamentals of finance. To suit their individual aims, students can subsequently select from a wide range of electives, such as Financial Engineering, Real Estate Finance, Hedge Funds, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fixed Income Securities, etc. Depending on the university, the MS in Finance in USA programme might run up to a year or 18 months. They are also less expensive than a regular MBA programme, which makes them more and more well-liked by students who lack professional experience and those who are deciding between an MBA in finance and an MS in finance in USA. Other names for the MS in Finance in USA include MFin or MSF. Note that MS in Finance in the USA may or may not be a STEM designated programme. Many of you should be aware of STEM accredited programmes and related Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 international students. The university will decide if it is STEM certified or not. International students may be eligible for the 24 months OPT extension in addition to the 12 months OPT period if their MS Finance programme has the STEM certification. MIT Sloan School of Management, Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, SUNY Buffalo, Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and Carroll School of Management at Boston College are a few well-known STEM-designated MS in Finance programmes in the United States.

Why study MS in Finance in USA? 

USA has some top notch MS in finance programme and some of the reasons to study in USA are as follows :

  • For students who want to enter the workforce as financial professionals, this is a more affordable and rapid choice.
  • Unlike the MBA in the USA, the MS in Finance in the USA focuses largely on financial planning and risk management without often requiring work experience for enrollment.
  • Financial Planning & Advice's market size, as measured by revenue, will be a staggering $52.9 billion in 2021.
  • In 2021, a 3.5% rise is anticipated.
  • Between 2016 and 2021, it increased 2.1% yearly on average over the previous five years.
  • The county has become a centre of intellectual achievement and a top location for international students looking to study abroad.
  • In 2019–20, around 1.1 million foreign students attended American universities. The pupils can communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds due to the variety.

Top Universities for MS in Finance in USA

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

The Master in Finance programme at MIT lives up to its reputation as a leader in STEM education. The class size on this list is the largest at 123 students, and the cohort's collective experience is on average 16 months. For students who desire to further focus their education, the STEM-designated programme provides alternative emphases in four areas: financial engineering, impact finance, capital markets, or corporate finance. The school also provides Action Learning courses that allow students to put their academic knowledge to use in a real-world setting. For instance, MIF students collaborate with business partners to perform various data analysis assignments at the school's Finance Lab.

2. University of Rochester, Simon Business School

The University of Rochester is one of the less well-known universities on our list and is situated in upstate New York, directly on Lake Ontario. Despite this, the MS in Finance programme at the Simon Business School has a STEM certification and ranks second on the Financial Times' ranking of the best master's programmes in finance. Alumni have also found success in accounting services and media corporations, such as Bloomberg, and 64% of the 2020 graduating class got top finance employment at organisations like EY and Bank of China. The current MS in Finance class with a STEM designation is made up of students from 20 different nations and has a male to female ratio of 53% to 47%.

3. University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business

Aspiring financial professionals should consider attending school in Austin. According to the Financial Times, UT Austin's programme will be the third US Master in Finance in 2020. Forbes named it the top city in the US for jobs. The programme is ranked 45 overall by the Financial Times, and its graduates get a graduate salary of $100,680, which is more than many post-experience graduate wages. The McCombs MIF is one of the quickest programmes on this list, lasting only 10 months, yet the whole programme is STEM-certified. Energy Finance, Corporate Finance, Consulting, Asset Management, and Investment Banking are the five specialities offered by the curriculum. Additionally, students have the option to participate in a business practicum during the second half of the autumn semester and the first half of the spring semester, where they will work closely with sponsoring businesses in their chosen field. With only 25% of the cohort being women, the programme isn't the most gender-balanced, but the small class sizes make it more probable that you'll be welcomed into a welcoming community. The professional consequences are self-evident; prior employers have included well-known companies like Deloitte, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo.

4. University California Berkeley Haas

99% of students in 2022 obtained job offers, and the mean base income was $150,190. This Californian Master of Financial Engineering programme is another on the list with a strong employment track record. Most UC Berkeley graduates work for major corporations like BlackRock, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase in investment banking and asset management. The Master of Financial Engineering programme at UC Berkeley is flexible; the standard full-time programme lasts one year, but there is also a part-time option for students who wish to work while earning the degree.

5. University of California Los Angeles, Anderson

The Master in Financial Engineering at UCLA Anderson is a solid option for individuals wishing to study finance in the US, with a 100% employment rate six months after graduation in 2020. Students have access to financial and professional options after graduation thanks to its position in the multicultural hub of Los Angeles. The location also contributes to the high incomes earned by MIFE alumni, who typically make $129,000 after graduation. After graduation, UCLA Anderson offers links all throughout the UC's East Coast, including career-focused personnel in Manhattan, if you plan to relocate away from the West Coast.

6. University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

The Master of Science in Finance at USC Marshall, which is located in beautiful California, begins with a weeklong math boot camp to help you develop the mindset of a financial analyst. Even while several of the programmes on our list provide an elective summer internship, USC incorporates one into the MSF programme along with career guidance specific to the banking industry. 95% of the class of 2019 received employment offers thanks to this assistance. According to the employment data for the class of 2020 at USC, the typical Master in Finance salary was $75,871. More good news for overseas students: the whole curriculum is STEM classified, allowing F-1 visa holders to request a 24-month extension of their optional practical training (OPT) after graduation. This implies that without an H-1B visa, you can remain and work in the US for up to three years.

Eligibility Criteria for MS in Finance in USA

There are a number of requirements that must be satisfied in order to be approved into the list of colleges offering a MS in finance in USA. There is a common method that all universities follow, even if these criteria might vary depending on the university.

  • A Bachelor Degree - A bachelor's degree or an undergraduate degree is needed of applicants to Masters programmes.
  • Relevant Skills - International students are expected to possess a certain set of abilities, including proficiency in English communication, mathematics, computer programming, etc., especially if they plan to pursue an MS in finance at one of the best colleges in the USA.
  • Coursework - Universities in the USA encourage applicants who have completed coursework in a variety of topics, including algebra, computer applications, C++, python, and numerical methods.
  • English Language Proficiency Test - Students from other countries must take and pass the English language competency exam. Most students take the TOEFL or IELTS examinations since they are widely accepted in the USA, especially for those applying there.
  • GMAT/GRE Score - Your application procedure will be impacted by your GMAT or GRE score. While some colleges need these examinations, some, including University of Florida, University of Texas, etc., admit candidates for MS in finance in the USA without GRE OR GMAT results. The majority of these colleges that don't take the GRE also offer a waiver option for the same.
  • Work Experience - Although it might not be required, this is a recommended prerequisite for an MS in finance in USA. Your online application may benefit from having job experience.

Admission Process for MS in Finance in USA

Follow these admissions processes carefully to be admitted to the top colleges for MS finance in USA:

  • Identify which American university has the greatest MS finance programmes
  • Visit the university's official website to learn more about the admissions criteria.
  • Fill up the online application and pay the application cost.
  • Make sure to send all required paperwork prior to the application deadline.
  • If you receive an invitation to an interview, go to it.
  • Apply for a US student visa as soon as you're approved, then start making financial arrangements.

Documents Required for MS Finance in USA

There are a number of documents that international students must provide to the institution in order to be considered for the MS in finance programme in the USA. Check the following boxes:

  • CV/Resume
  • Online Application
  • English language proficiency test proof
  • GMAT/GRE test proof
  • Work Experience
  • All Official Transcripts
  • Video Essay
  • Application fee payment proof ( 155 USD- 275 USD)
  • Visa Status Proof
  • Two-three letters of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose

Cost of Studying MS In Finance In USA

The cost is the most crucial consideration for overseas students who want to pursue a master's degree in finance in the USA. Your funding choices for this course will be influenced by two sectors:

  • Tuition Fees - The cost of tuition for an MS in finance programme in the USA is between $30,138 and $86300 a year.
Top UniversitiesTuition Fee (USD)Tuition Fee (INR)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)86,30070.91 lakhs
Columbia University66,58454.71 lakhs
University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley)80,48666.12 lakhs
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)85,27670.06 lakhs
University of Texas at Austin53,00043.54 lakhs
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign64,00552.58 lakhs
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)57,96947.62 lakhs
University of Southern California (USC)76,93263.21 lakhs
Boston University38,50031.63 lakhs
Georgetown University86,52271.08 lakhs 
  • Cost of Living - When planning your finances, remember to include living expenditures. International students often need between 10,000 and 20,000 USD a year to live in the United States. Rent for lodging, the neighbourhood you choose to reside in, nightlife costs, food and grocery costs, lifestyle decisions, etc., make up the majority of these costs.
CategoriesAnnual Cost (INR)
Books and Supplies69,147
Apartment Housing with amenities12,83,069
Dormitory Housing5,68,699-8,92,984
Meal Plan for Dormitory Residents1,86,390

Jobs After Pursuing MS in Finance in USA

According to the BLS, there are around 64,200 job vacancies for financial managers each year. Since the nation is home to reputable financial firms like FedEx, Northern Trust, etc., pursuing a career in France after completing your MS at one of the best colleges in the USA might lead to a variety of lucrative employment options. Following payment of the MS in finance fees in the USA, the following career descriptions might be anticipated:

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Senior Financial Analyst83,682 USD
Finance Manager109,628 USD
Financial Controller91,190 USD
Portfolio Manager94,601 USD
Accounting Manager85,072 USD


The financial sectors account for the majority of US economic output. International students have a fantastic chance to enrol in the top MS finance programmes in the USA because the nation is home to some of the biggest financial companies in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is pursuing Masters in finance in USA worth it?

 Yes, studying MS in finance in USA for Indian students especially proves to be a good educational investment due to the valuable learning experience and career opportunities students receive in return.

Yes, students who meet the MS finance in USA eligibility criteria stand a chance to find high-demand jobs once they complete their graduation.

Portfolio Manager, Financial Manager, Finance Analyst, etc are all popular high-demanded jobs in the finance sector.

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