Wondering How To Get A Job In Microsoft? Here Are 7 Key Factors That Will Help You

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Microsoft is one of the technology pioneers of our world. Microsoft has been rated as one of the best workplaces and has held up this reputation for four years in a row. The statistics show that 88% of the employees would recommend their friends to work for the company. If you are passionate about your work and want to invest your time in a company that will appreciate and listens to you, Microsoft is the right choice. Having said all this, Microsoft is not an easy company to work for as it is very competitive. In this article, we learn about the various factors that will help you get a job at Microsoft.

7 factors that will help you get a job at Microsoft

Landing a job at Microsoft could never be easy due to the company's reputation for being one of the top leading technological hubs in the world. To ensure you land a spot in the company, you should be aware of some key factors.  Here are the seven factors that you should keep in mind while applying for a job at Microsoft:

  • Be thoroughly prepared- This is the most obvious yet crucial advice that you should be aware of, try and be prepared for all sorts of questions. You should research various Microsoft products, about the company, recent accomplishments, and most importantly, how you would benefit the company. Try and make a list of all the skills and strengths that you hold that make you perfect for the role you are applying for.
  • Do a bit of research- Try and look into the various employees that fit the description that you applied for. You can do this by using various sites such as LinkedIn or any other online platform. You will automatically realize what made Microsoft select those employees and the qualities that they held. This will make you aware of your various strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Don’t get overwhelmed- Try and believe in yourself and the skills that you behold, as they have taken you so far and landed you with so many great opportunities. Do not underestimate the skills you have and compare them with the Ex-employees. 
  • Be authentic- Microsoft is not searching for individuals who copy each other but candidates with individual aspects and personalities. Try to showcase your natural persona and the talents you possess. It is ok to be nervous but try to be yourself so they can get to know you as much as possible.
  • Be honest- The one thing that any company hates is candidates who lie about their shortcomings. Every company knows that no one can be born perfect. You just need to own your weaknesses and try to overcome them as swiftly as possible.
  • Talk to your recruiter- Have an open conversation with your recruiter. This will help you understand what they are looking for in an employee and if you possess the qualities and assets, they are looking for, increasing your chances of getting selected.
  • Be kind and don’t give up- Whenever the interview is finished, stay nice and follow up with every email with a thank you, this might look so obvious to you, but not many people do this. And the last piece of advice is if you do not get selected, do not give up. Work on your flaws or shortcomings and apply again whenever the position is open. Remember, no one made it to the moon on their first try.

How to apply at Microsoft?

You might be surprised to know how simple it is to apply at Microsoft. To apply, all you need to do is visit the official Microsoft website and visit the recruitment section. You can now look for a job that fits in well with your profile. Now all you need to do is click on the apply button available on the page. As soon as you do that, another Microsoft link will pop open to guide you with the specific instructions you need to follow to apply for the role. Read all the instructions carefully and provide all the necessary documents required to fill up the job application.

Now, once you are done with your part of the initial application, it will be thoroughly reviewed by a Microsoft recruitment officer. If they feel that you meet the job description and fit the role, they will get in touch with you. If you are not contacted, there is nothing to be sad about as they will keep your information stored in their database if any further openings that might fit best for you come around. In this case, they will contact you soon.

Resume and cover letter tips

To gain attention from your recruitment officer resume and cover letter is the way to go. Well, in a nutshell, Microsoft wants to know about your work ethics and experience. Make sure your resume and cover letter showcase the talents and strengths that you possess. Also, try to mention key points that make you fit the job descriptions and make the recruitment officers aware of why you should be considered. 

Ensure that you highlight your accomplishments and various notable achievements that might make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. If you have any certain work projects that you think might gain the company’s interest, you should go ahead with them. This is not just a tip but is also recommended to you by the Microsoft team while applying. Make sure that your cover letter includes points on your nature, personality and work ethic. This will make them aware of how you would behave and react in a team full of employees. Hence, encouraging them to hire you as there is no uncertainty involved.

Interview with the Microsoft recruiter

If you get selected from the rest of the candidates, you might be contacted by a Microsoft recruiter for a short interview. To get selected from the rest of the applicants, you need to amaze the person taking your interview. To achieve this, try and research the job you are applying for and how you meet the job description. Also, try and do a background search on the previous employees on LinkedIn or any other online site to gain crucial information.

You will surely impress the interviewer if you possess deep knowledge about the job and how you would contribute to it. Try and prepare yourself about the various questions generally asked in an interview and answers for any of your weaknesses or flaws and how you plan to overcome them. The interviewees are aware that no one can be perfect. What matters to them is how you plan on overcoming your weaknesses. This will surely get their attention and, in the very end, be polite. Reply politely to all the questions and emails sent to you by the administration.

Interview tips for getting hired

It is very hard to land a job at Microsoft. Apart from the general requirements, Microsoft focuses on how you perform in the personal interview. This usually occurs in person, although it is happening online on video calls due to the recent pandemic. This opens up an opportunity for the candidate to prepare for it, increasing their chances of getting hired tremendously. So, here are some of the tips to perform well in your interviews:

  • Do research- This is one of the key factors that everyone must do before their interview. Try and research the job you are applying for and what skills that you must possess. This will help you envision what Microsoft is searching for in their employees to fill up the role. Try to list your strengths and the skills you have that make you fit the job description.
  • Future contribution- Microsoft recruitment officers like to ask questions about how they would benefit the company in the near future. Preparing yourself for these questions will help you a lot and will keep you confident throughout the interview. It will also give you a clear idea as to what are your present goals with the company.
  • Stay authentic- While the interview is going on, try and stay as authentic as possible. Showcase your uniqueness and what you have to offer. You should never make up excuses or lie about your weaknesses. Try and show them that you accept them fully and plan to work on them swiftly.
  • Follow up on the interview- The interviewee will send you a follow-up on if you get selected or not. You should respond to this politely no matter the outcome, as most of the candidate’s data is registered in the database for any further opportunities or openings that match your profile.


1- What is the ideal job at Microsoft?

Well, the ideal job at Microsoft is the one that fits your job description. If you are searching for the highest paid jobs, here are some of them:

  1. Principal Group Software Engineering Manager
  2. Principal Engineering Manager
  3. Director of Technical Support
  4. Principal Implementation Engineer
  5. Senior Director, Preconstruction Management Leader
 2- What are the Internship and career opportunities at Microsoft?

Getting an internship at Microsoft is like a dream come true. Interns at Microsoft are paid a very generous amount. They are usually paid approximately 80% of a full-time employee, which earns them approximately $4,600 to $6,000 a month. Talking about the career opportunities, they are truly endless. If you land up a full-time job at Microsoft, one thing is certain that you would gradually gain in both experience and ranks. And even if you decide to leave the job, it will shine bright as an accomplishment on your resume or CV.

3- Is it hard to get into Microsoft?

It is hard to get a job at Microsoft, given the company's huge reputation. If you make it through the first part of the selection procedure, you would have to go through a lengthy interview. This will include an interview with the Microsoft recruitment agent and another telephonic call to check if you meet up with the job description.


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