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SMU Singapore is an excellent university and has been ranked as one of the top universities in the world. It is famous for its various courses in research and management. There are a bunch of factors as to what makes this university so special and great. Apart from its world-class facilities, the university provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow. In this article, we are going to talk about why you should opt for SMU Singapore. We will also talk about the best courses offered and the scholarship criteria.

5 reasons why SMU Singapore is the best choice for you

Apart from its global ranking SMU Singapore has many things that make it unique from the rest of the top-ranking universities. Here are some of the reasons why SMU Singapore is the best choice for you:

  1. Convenient transportation- Transportation is one of the major concerns for every student, as it gets them late for their classes. But this is not the case for Singapore, as it has a well-planned transportation system that connects every place conveniently. Furthermore, many candidates would be happy to know that SMU Singapore is located at the city’s heart. Thus, making it one of the prime locations and easy to access by any transportation services. So, you no longer have to worry about whether you will make it on time for your first lecture.
  2. Safety first- Many parents sending their children to different countries to pursue their studies are generally concerned about their safety. You would be happy to know that Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. With the crime rate next to nothing, any parent would trust their students to get admitted into SMU Singapore. In addition, Singapore consists of friendly citizens and an alert police force at every corner of the street. Thus, providing you with enough protection to feel safe in a foreign city.
  3. Culture- One of the key benefits of studying at SMU Singapore is that you experience a diverse culture worldwide. They allow you to learn and grow with different people and exercise that experience in the real world. Thus, present you with a great opportunity to study in a place which is rich in culture. Cultural diversity not only limits itself to learning, as you will be able to taste different cuisines and visit the local attractions.
  4. Infrastructure and resources- SMU Singapore provides its students with the opportunity to learn in an institute consisting of world-class infrastructure. Hence, providing the students with all the resources, they need to grow and gain valuable experience. In addition, the institute also has great faculty members who believe in helping students and pushing them beyond their limits for a successful future.
  5. International exposure- The institute presents its students with the opportunity to learn and grow in an international environment. SMU Singapore has a vast number of international exchange programs. Thus, allowing its students to participate in them and learn from many universities and gain experience.  The institute has partnered up with 200 universities, hence allowing a deep exchange of global cultures. It also creates an opportunity for creating a well-knit networking system that benefits every student.

How to apply to SMU Singapore?

The application process for SMU Singapore is pretty simple. All the applications should be submitted online using the online portal. You should read about all the requirements and eligibility criteria before submitting your application. The applicants interested in applying for a scholarship can mention the details in their online application. You should keep in mind that there is no separate section for scholarship applications. If you have any special needs or are physically disabled, the same can be mentioned in the online application. Applicants with such needs are required to fill up this section of the application process. The opening date for the application is 16th October, and the closing date is 19th March.

Admission requirements for SMU Singapore

There are very basic admission requirements for SMU Singapore. The applicants must have 12 years of former education with good academic grades. After three days of the declaration, the candidate should upload the results. The institute will not accept self-declared results, and official transcripts will be required. The next thing that institute would require is your result for the SAT or ACT exam. You should also present your results from the English proficiency exams if you have not studied in an English-speaking school. Then the selected applicants will be filtered and selected for the interview round and then for the writing tests.

Best courses at SMU Singapore

SMU Singapore offers its students a variety of courses that will help them reach their full potential. An interested candidate should know about these courses to make the best course of decision for themselves. The various courses offered by the institute are as follows:

  • Accountancy
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Computing and Law
  • Laws
  • Social Science

Scholarships offered at SMU Singapore

The Scholarships need to be applied along with your SMU admission application. They are segregated into two parts:

SMU-Administered Scholarships: 
  1. Lee Kong Chian Scholars Program- LKCSP is one of the most prestigious scholarships that you can get. Thus, allowing high caliber and sharp-minded candidates being able to study in SMU Singapore. Students who do get accepted can expect a full four-year fee waiver and an international exchange program. Hence, making it worth the extra effort.
  2. ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship Program- ASEAN wants to promote growth and prosperity inside the university. At SMU Singapore, students who are willing to work hard and show leadership skills ASEAN would be more than happy to help them.
  3. Science And Technology Undergraduate Scholarship Program- This scholarship is offered to talented first-year students from Asian countries. This scholarship is open to students who have applied for bachelor in science and technology courses.

Donor And Other Scholarships: 

  1. Diana Koh International Scholarship Program- This scholarship is available to full-time undergraduate students. It helps in catering to all of their financial needs. So, any student facing any financial difficulties can apply for the scholarships if they meet up with the eligibility criteria.
  2. SUTL Scholarship Program- This program has been created to support any exceptional undergraduates of Vietnamese nationality. Thus, catering to all of their financial difficulties.
  3. Dato' Kho Hui Meng Scholarship Program- This scholarship is available to first-year undergraduate students who want to pursue a management degree. They help these students by catering to all the financial difficulties they are facing. Thus, helping them pursue their degree at SMU Singapore.

Tips to get into SMU Singapore

SMU Singapore is one of the top-ranked universities present globally. Thus, increasing the level of competition by a ton. Here are some of the tips that you should know about before applying to the university:

  • Be prepared- the first tip is pretty simple and universal. You should be thoroughly prepared as to what all is required to apply. By doing this, you will be able to meet up with eligibility criteria. Try to look up the average accepted grades and scores in various exams. Generally, this tip helps students aim for a better score and score well in their exams, so they get selected.
  • Grades aren’t everything- While grades hold a certain value, it is not the only important thing to get into the institute. You should display great leadership qualities and any special talents that you may possess. By doing this, you will be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants. You should keep in mind that you will not set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates if you only rely on your grades.
  • Prepare for the interview- Try to brace yourself for the interview round. Feed yourself as much information as possible, so you feel confident while giving your interview. By doing this, you prepare yourself for the interview and get clarity about your strengths and weaknesses. Try to search for the common interview questions asked and frame your answers accordingly. Generally, this method impresses the recruitment officers and helps you get admitted to the institute.
  • Research- You should research the institute and what values it holds. Also, try to research the applicants who did get selected in the previous years. By doing this, you realise the qualities and skills you should possess. And what all will make you eligible for the role.
  • Clear mind- You should try and decide about the course you want to get in and what qualities you must have. Having a clear mind will help you set goals and what you need to do to accomplish them. If you appear to be rational and goal-oriented, nothing can stop you from getting selected. 


1- Is SMU Singapore worth it?

Yes, SMU Singapore is worth it. Even though it is one of the youngest institutes in the SMU associations, it is ranked as one of the best universities in Singapore. It offers its students a vast number of opportunities and helps them gain a lot of experience. They have also partnered up with 200 International universities, which creates a global network for students. Thus, helping them indulge in a diverse culture and exercise that experience in the real world when the opportunity arrives.

2- What are the different ways to get into SMU Singapore?

You can either enroll yourself for the undergraduate or graduate program. All you need to do is submit an online application on the official website before the deadline. You should also meet up all the requirements to get selected. 

3- What is the cost of tuition at SMU Singapore?

The cost of tuition at SMU Singapore is $56,560. There are also various scholarships programs that you can apply for if you need any financial needs. You should apply for the scholarships with the online application.

4- Is it hard to get into SMU Singapore?

SMU Singapore has an acceptance rate of 47.3%, which can be a bit competitive. Although, you can easily get accepted if you research well about the institute and meet up with the eligibility criteria. You should also thoroughly prepare for the interview round to ensure yourself of getting accepted.

5- What is the GMAT score required for SMU Singapore?

You should have a score of 600 or above to get accepted. According to statistics, this is the average accepted score of selected applicants.


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