Why is London Business School MBA degree is ALWAYS in demand? LBS Fees, Courses & Admissions

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London Business School MBA was ranked 6th in the global MBA ranking system. Forbes has also claimed that it is one of the best institutes to offer an MBA program. Thus, providing it with an international reputation and increasing demand amongst eligible candidates. This legacy indeed increases the competition and demand amongst applicants. Hence, making it one of the most challenging schools to get admission to, the institute’s acceptance rate hovers between 10% to 20%. The low acceptance rate makes it quite hard to get admitted, thus requiring you to fulfill the school’s demands and requirements. This article will make you aware of the eligibility criteria and how you should apply to the institute. We will also talk about the fees structure and the courses offered.

Why is the London Business School MBA degree so popular?

London Business School MBA degree is considered one of the best globally and has a tremendous demand amongst applicants. Apart from the institute’s vast resources, it has a whole range of things to offer. Thus, helping students grow and learn throughout their graduation. Here are some of the reasons why London Business School MBA degree is always in demand:

  1. Location- As the name suggests, the London Business School MBA program is based in London city. This prime location allows the students to indulge themselves in various projects and earn real-time experience. London is one of the excellent centres for business and economics. Thus, providing the perfect opportunity for MBA students. It also allows the students to get easy placements and internships throughout their graduation. Hence, making the London Business school MBA program so famous and always in demand. 
  2. Campus- One of the significant factors for the institute’s success is the campus and its resources. The campus has a rich history and excellent infrastructure providing a prestigious reputation to the school. The campus also offers various social clubs for the students. It also has a swimming pool and multiple studios for other fields of interest. Thus, making the London Business School MBA program one of the best campuses in the world.
  3. Ranking- The London Business School MBA program is ranked 4th in the global MBA ratings. Thus, proving it to be the best school to get enrolled in for a successful future. It has also been ranked as one of the top schools to study in Europe. Furthermore, Forbes has also claimed it to be the best school that offers a two-year program. Thus, increasing its demand and raising the competition by a lot.
  4. Faculty- While the institute might be famous for many things, excellent faculty is undoubtedly one of its most robust perks offered. The London Business School MBA program is renowned for its research faculty. Thus, providing a solid asset to the school. The institute has many pioneers in various fields, including accounting, economics, finance, etc. The faculty are also from all around the world, contributing to the rich culture and diversity. 
  5. Curriculum- The London Business School MBA program focuses on initiating changes to give the aspirants an international mindset. It also implants changes to have a global network and develop crucial business skills. Thus, making the program as successful as possible. Doing this also ensures that all the students studying at the institute get excellent placements and are successful business leaders in life.

How to apply to the London Business School MBA program

The application process for the London Business School MBA program is quite similar to all the other programs offered by the institute. The application process usually involves you selecting a course and providing the relevant information and documents. Once these documents are reviewed and assessed by the admission officer, you will be informed about your selection or rejection. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to apply to the London Business School MBA program:

  1. Applying online- The first step is selecting a course and using the online portal to apply. The application process can be done very quickly by using the online portal and selecting the courses present. You should be very careful about the program you are enrolled in, as many MBA options are available. Choose the one that fits your needs and read the eligibility criteria carefully. After you are done submitting all the official documents, click on submit and pay the application fee.
  2. Official documents- All the applicants are required to submit all the official documents. These documents might vary from course to course. No self-declared results or documents will be accepted. The candidates are required to submit the official transcripts for various academic products. You should read about all the application requirements before applying to avoid rejection.
  3. Completing admission form- The next step is to complete the application form and submit your application online. After you are done with this part of the application, most of your work is done.
  4. Essays- The next step is to submit your application essays. London Business School Business programs require you to submit various essays. These essays will help the admission officers to get a better understanding of your background and work ethics. Thus, allowing them while selecting candidates for admissions.
  5. GMAT or GRE- The next part is to submit your GMAT or GRE scores. These scores hold a lot of value and should be taken seriously. Academic grades have a lot of importance while selecting any candidate for any program. Therefore, you should research the average GMAT scores that you need to score to get selected. By doing this, you will have a notable goal that you need to achieve to get admitted into the London Business School MBA program. 
  6. Resume and letter of recommendation- The candidates must also send out their official resume and letter of recommendation along with their application. These things will showcase if you have the passion and experience to become a part of the institute. Thus, playing a significant role in your selection.
  7. English proficiency exam- Finally, applicants who have not graduated from an English-speaking school. These candidates have to provide test results of their English proficiency exams.

Application Deadline for London Business School MBA Program

There are three rounds given for the London Business School MBA program. The deadline for the first round of applications is on 11th September. For the second round, the deadline is on 5th January. The deadline for the third round is 4th March, and finally, for the fourth round, the deadline is on 27th April. Every applicant should abide by these dates as the institute takes the deadline very seriously. Hence, making it very important to fill out all your applications by the deadline to avoid any rejections.

London Business School MBA Fees structure

The fee structure varies from course to course. As the London Business School MBA program offers various studies, you should be aware of a bunch of fee structures. The executive MBA costs around $1,46,828 per annum. Master and management course costs around $51,972 per annum. For the M.B.A course, the fee is $1,31,684. If you think you are not financially secure to pay these fees, you can apply for a scholarship scheme. You should try and research the eligibility criteria for these schemes to get accepted.


1- Ways to get into the London Business School MBA program?

The process to get into the LBA MBA program is pretty simple. A candidate needs to apply for the official online portal. Then submit all the necessary documents and test scores of your exams. Finally, submit your CV and letter of recommendation and wait for the application result. You should abide by all the eligibility criteria and application requirements to get screened through the rest of the applicants.

2- Fees for the London Business School MBA program?

The fee structure might vary from course to course. The fees for the MBA program is $1,31,684 per annum. If you are planning to get admitted into the institute, you should also consider the living cost in the UK. If you think you will not pay the tuition fee, try and apply for a scholarship scheme. 

3- Is it hard to get into London Business School MBA?

It is pretty hard to get enrolled in the London Business School MBA program. The acceptance rate for this course is around 10% to 20%. You should abide by all the eligibility criteria and application requirements to stand a chance amongst other candidates.


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