Why Cornell University is the first choice of students- 7 Reasons why it should be yours too

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Cornell University is one of the top-ranked academic institutions in the world. It is known for giving its students a lot of academic freedom and choosing from a wide range of courses. In addition, the students can opt for various courses around the college at Cornell University. Furthermore, the university offers a graduate degree in management, engineering, law and medical programs. Thus, providing students with a unique blend of versatile courses. The institute also has a great reputation and offers excellent infrastructure and resources to its students. In this article, we will inform you about why Cornell University is the best choice for you. We will also talk about the eligibility criteria and fee structure.

7 reasons to choose Cornell University

Cornell University offers a lot of things to its students. The institute is known for its diverse courses and has been ranked as one of the best universities. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Cornell University:

  1. Diversity- Cornell University is a great place to live in. Not only does the institute offer great courses, but it also has a diverse campus. As a result, students of numerous fields get the opportunity to study with each other. In addition, the institute has a Multicultural Living Learning Unit, which allows the students to learn and grow with each other. Thus, providing a diverse atmosphere with various courses to choose from.
  2. A big family- Many alumni members and students have said that Cornell University feels like being a part of a big happy family. Over 1000 students studying with each other allow mingling with each other and meeting like-minded people. In addition, the institute has organised various clubs and activities to interact with each other and get to know each other better. Thus, providing students with a family even after leaving their homes for studies.
  3. Infrastructure and resources- Cornell University has breathtaking views and offers great infrastructure. It provides the students with all the facilities they need and offers various programs to develop their field-related subjects. Hence, providing them with all the experience, they need and enhancing their skill sets. Overall, the campus is beautiful and amazing, making this university a great pick.
  4. Mentors- The university provides its students with great mentors and leaders who can provide guidance and inspiration. You might gain some useful insights from some field-related leaders you meet in a convention or seminars. Thus, making Cornell University quite resourceful and rich in culture. An aspiring student can find mentors from various fields, like authors, actors, poets, and politicians.
  5. Faculty- Cornell University has great faculty that will help you throughout your graduation. They will also provide you with guidance with all your academic problems. All the staff and faculty are very caring and polite, thus creating a positive environment. In addition, all the faculties are very versed in their fields and will help you throughout your placement and internships.
  6. Global networking- The diversity in different courses allows the students to form contacts in different fields. Cornell University also has alumni present in various countries. Thus, creating a global network that will help you throughout your life. Having an international network also helps students to gain useful insights and grow in a positive environment.
  7. Rapid growth- if you are still unsure which program you want to enroll in, then this university might be the best choice for you. As the institute provides its students with various courses, they can attend. In addition, after selecting a course, Cornell University provides you with various electives and activities that you can opt for. Thus, contributing to the rapid growth of individuals.

Cornell University Admission Requirements

There are various requirements that an applicant must meet to get admission into Cornell University. The first thing that the institute requires you to do is choose the college or program you want to enroll in. As the university offers various programs, it becomes very diverse. After you are done selecting the college or program you are interested in, submit an official application. This submission can be made using the online portal, filling out the various details, and providing the basic requirements. Before you submit your application, you must give a copy of all your official transcripts and test scores for all the Standardised test exams.

The scores of your English proficiency exam should also be submitted if you are a non-native candidate. Now, after all the formalities are done, submit the application fee and click on apply. Now the only thing that is left is an interview. You should take the interview quite seriously as this is what your admission is going to depend upon. A candidate must prepare thoroughly for the interview so they can showcase their assets and stay confident.

Cornell University Fees

The tuition fee for the university depends upon the college you are opting for and the program you want to enroll in. The tuition fee for Endowed Colleges is $60,286 and $40,382 for State Contract Colleges. You should know that the fee is slightly higher for non-native citizens and is $60,286 for State Contract Colleges. In addition, Cornell University charges $409 as the student activity fee and $420 as the health fee. The cost of living on the campus is $16,396. If a candidate feels they aren’t financially secure to afford the academic fees, they can also apply for a scholarship scheme. 


1- Does Cornell University provide any Scholarships?

Yes, Cornell University does provide need-based scholarships. However, you should also know that there is no minimum or maximum amount offered to the student. In addition, various aid programs and loans are also available for students who do not fall eligible for these scholarship schemes.

2- What is Cornell University famous for?

The university is famous for offering a wide range of courses and a chain of colleges. Thus, allowing a rich culture to prosper and allowing the students to learn and grow. It also has a wide global network that helps out the students throughout their life.

3- Is it hard to get into Cornell University?

Yes, it is a bit hard to get into Cornell University as it has a very low acceptance rate of 10.9%. An applicant should meet all the eligibility criteria and admission requirements to get considered for admission.


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