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The University of Birmingham, UK, with its academic greatness and solid research programs, is a place of preference for many students. The Master in Science (MSc) program in Computer Science at Birmingham is designed to make students who aim at having advanced proficiency and expertise in computer science.

The university of birmingham ms in cs fees could be different for the students either international or local. Usually, the overseas students are charged much more than the UK and EU students. It must be added that postgraduate programs fees, including MS in Computer Science fees, may be subject to change. 

University of Birmingham MS in CS: Tuition fees

The university of Birmingham ms in cs fees are subjected to the student’s residency status. For the academic year 2024-25, international students normally pay more than local students from the UK/EU. Current fee schedule for 2024 can be retrieved either from our official website or from the office of admissions.

For the university of Birmingham ms in cs fees by 2024-25 is £31,410. Students are to pay tuition fees at the beginning of an academic year or course commencement, whichever comes later. These fees encompass a variety of academic expenses where they include tuition, examinations, enrollment, and some student facilities. 

Top Computer Science school Fees

The university of birmingham ms in cs fees has significant variations worldwide, with prestigious institutions often imposing higher charges. Computer science fees reflect the diverse range of resources and services provided by the university. Specifically, they can vary from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of pounds over the duration of the entire program.

University  Total Tuition Fees
  University of Oxford  £32,760
  Imperial College London  £39,400
  University College London (UCL)  £35,000
  University of Edinburgh  £38,500
  University of Manchester£33,000
  University of Warwick   £33,340

MS in CS in University of Warwick Cost: Living Expenses 

While choosing to become a student at the University of Birmingham one should thoroughly consider tuition fees and living costs in order to handle money properly.

If you are international student, you need to make safe that you have sufficient funds to pay the tuition fees and living expenses during the course prior applying for the visa. If you can’t obtain an official letter from a sponsor stating that all fees and living costs will be covered then you need to show that you have enough funds on your own. 

DescriptionCost (per week)

Top 5 Universities Offering Affordable MS in CS in UK

Let us look at some of the amazing universities in the UK that offer masters in Computer Science studies: 

University of Oxford:

One of the most famous for its high academic standing, Oxford University is proud of the committed Computer Science department. Offered with a choice of four programs, students can be part of this lively learning environment. Moreover, the university arranges interactive activities encouraging interaction between people with similar interests from different worlds.

Imperial College London:

The Imperial College London is outstanding from the standpoint of Computer Science. The institution offers variety of Master's programs for complete IT industry specific training. Tuition fees of Imperial College London is a bit more than university of birmingham ms in cs fees. 

University College London (UCL):

UCL provides an unparalleled learning experience in Computer Science combining technical knowledge and necessary social skills - teamwork and communication. Students thrive in an education which gives them a balance of theoretical lectures and practical exercises.

University of Edinburgh:

For the people interested in studying in Scotland, the University of Edinburgh offers specializations in degree courses as either full-time or part-time courses in Computer Science. Distinguished for the expertise of its computer systems, the institution delivers an innovative study plan covering lectures, tutorials, practical work and various activities.

University of Cambridge:

Being a leading university, the University of Cambridge provides a Master's degree program in Computer Science with a major emphasis on research. There are five modules and a research project component that students undergo. These include lectures, seminars, practicals and reading clubs which offers a diverse way of learning making it an excellent journey into the world of computers.

University of Warwick:

Being known for its academic achievements, the University of Warwick introduces a Master in Computer Science to empower students to benefit of the latest science. The curriculum provides an overview of a number of advanced topics, and students undergo a supportive learning experience as well as get access to top of the line equipment.


The University of Birmingham's Master of Science program in Computer Science offers a pathway to advanced proficiency and expertise in the field. It's crucial for international students to consider tuition fees and living costs, ensuring sufficient funds for their academic journey. The university of birmingham ms in cs fees enhance its competitive edge, making it an attractive choice for aspiring scholars worldwide.

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