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The University of Birmingham MS in computer science is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence and research achievements. With a rich history spanning over a century, it offers a diverse range of programs and a vibrant campus community. Located in the heart of England, the university provides students with access to top-notch facilities and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Tuition Fees 

Enrolling in the University of Birmingham's Master's in Computer Science, with a tuition of £31,410, combines in-depth academic study and real-world application, preparing students for leadership in the tech industry. Recognizing this financial investment is crucial for those ready to tackle the challenges of this vibrant field.

Time  DurationAverage Fee
Full time€20,000-€35,000 per year

Living Expenses

Living expenses encompass daily costs like housing, food, transportation, and personal items. Alongside tuition fees, students should budget for these expenses. In the UK, the average annual living cost is about £15,000-£25,000. Effective financial planning is crucial for managing these expenses while studying.

  • Accommodation: The variation in housing costs reflects the differences in living expenses between bustling cities like Paris and quieter towns or rural areas.
  • Food: The cost of food in France can vary depending on personal preferences and dining habits.
  • Transportation: France's extensive public transportation system is often convenient and budget-friendly for students.
  • Utilities: In addition to housing and food, students should consider utility bills like electricity, water, and internet services as part of their living expenses.
ExpensesAverage Cost (per week)
Accommodation £130- £155
Food £50- £70
Transportation £30- £40
Utilities £145- £180

Financial Aid and Scholarships 

Financial aid and scholarships are essential resources that help students afford the costs of education. They provide assistance with tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses, making education more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

Here is the list of financial aid and scholarships options for students :

1. Bank Loans or Personal Savings:

For funding a Master's in Computer Science, students often rely on bank loans or personal savings. Financial institutions offer student loan options tailored for educational purposes, featuring lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms. Additionally, using personal savings can help ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

Reduced interest charges on loansLong-term financial commitments
Adjustability in repayment schedulesPotential difficulties in loan repayment and future financial goals
Provides funds for living expensesReliance on post-graduation employment for loan repayment
Quick access to education expensesAccumulation of interest on borrowed amount

2. Education Loan:

If you're planning to study abroad from another country, you can get special loans just for students. These loans are made specifically to help with school expenses like tuition, accommodation, and other essentials. They allow you to concentrate on your studies without stressing about finances.

3. Government grants:

Government grants for Master's in Computer Science students at the University of Birmingham can provide financial support for academic endeavors. These grants, often offered by government agencies or educational institutions, vary in availability based on nationality, residency status, and academic performance. It's best to consult the university's financial aid office or relevant authorities to determine eligibility.

4. Scholarship

International students at the University of Birmingham can benefit from various scholarships. These scholarships are significant because they help cover essential expenses like tuition fees and living costs. They are offered to ensure that students from different backgrounds have the opportunity to study at the university, fostering a diverse and vibrant student community.

Here is the list of some Popular scholarships which can help you to pursue further study abroad :

  • GREAT Scholarships 
  • Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students 
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship 
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships 
  • Inlaks Scholarships 



Committing to a Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham is an investment in a future brimming with opportunity. Despite the significant tuition, the university ensures a rich educational journey complemented by financial aid and scholarships. The real value of this education transcends the immediate skills and knowledge, opening doors to endless possibilities.








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