Top TOEFL Books for Preparation

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Even if you are already attending a TOEFL course or creating your practice exams, there are a few compelling reasons you should add books to your TOEFL preparation. First, books are flexible study aids that help you with your grammar, vocabulary and other parts of test preparation.

There are innumerable (many) excellent books on everything related to the TOEFL because it is such a well-known test, from speaking themes to note-taking techniques.

Any study method you may choose will benefit from books. You can study alone, with a tutor, or take a TOEFL course. But in any situation, you will unquestionably require a TOEFL textbook and many extra resources to assist you.

Numerous books regarding the TOEFL have been written in languages other than English. Hence, you can locate a course book with explanations written in your tongue.

This can be quite helpful for pupils with intermediate or lower English proficiency. Additionally, many guides may be sold in your neighbourhood bookstores and be available in your native tongue.

Here are a few examples of topics that TOEFL books might touch on:

  • Structure and format tests
  • Evaluation of language abilities
  • Specific drills and subjects to polish your writing, reading, and grammar
  • Vocabulary

What sort of TOEFL book should you seek for then?

TOEFL study guides

These books prepare you for every part of the exam and cover all its facets. This style of TOEFL textbook is excellent for general study purposes. Pick one of these and rely on it for your entire test preparation, regardless of the other books you utilise.

“ETS Official TOEFL Test Guide, The Official TOEFL Test Guide, Fourth Edition

This is the official textbook made available by the testing company. It offers the most recent information on the TOEFL and its prerequisites and is updated pretty frequently. Therefore, this is your best bet when you want the most pertinent and helpful information.

“Cracking the TOEFL iBT, 2016-17 Edition.

Every year, this book is updated. It is a comprehensive tool for TOEFL preparation that includes good speaking and listening exercises and wise test-taking guidance. If CDs are no longer your preferred format, the book provides access to online practices and MP3 file downloads.

“TOEFL iBT Premier 2016-2017 with 4 Practice Tests

The practice tests are the main benefit of this excellent academic resource from Kaplan. Every textbook offers sample questions and mini-tests; however, this TOEFL book has the most available practice exams. You also receive training films and the typical CD/MP3 resources!

Specialised TOEFL Books

Each of these books focuses on a particular area of the TOEFL and your test-day preparation. Some of them, for instance, concentrate on the Reading, Writing (Independent and Integrated), Listening, or Speaking sections of the test.

They might also offer help with other isolated TOEFL content-related issues. Consider purchasing some of the speciality TOEFL books if you need to concentrate on a particular skill, like reading or writing.

“Official TOEFL iBT® Tests Volume 2.

Once you've done enough studying, you may put your heart and soul to the test with this book! This book should be near the top of our list of recommendations even if it is best used for weekly and monthly progress reviews because it offers five accurate tests in addition to the three you get in the official ETS textbook.

“Practice Exercises for the TOEFL with MP3 CD,” 8th EditionEdition

You must practise, practise, and practise some more after knowing what to expect from the TOEFL. More than 1,000 unique activities, including model essays and speaking problem responses, are included in this study guide for all test portions. There is also a comprehensive practice test, in case you already have too many of these.

“Essential Words for the TOEFL,” 6th EditionEdition

This book focuses on the crucial vocabulary abilities that every TOEFL applicant should possess. The book emphasises 500 keywords to help you perform well on the test. This book is best utilised as an additional vocabulary resource rather than a primary one because vocabulary building is a highly individualised subject.

“240 Speaking Topics: with Sample Answers.”

This book focuses on the crucial vocabulary abilities that every TOEFL applicant should possess. The book emphasises 500 keywords to help you perform well on the test.

“Speaking Topics for BC 240 with Sample Responses, Volume 2 (120 Speaking Topics)” The substance of the books mentioned above is identical, so choose one or the other to hone your communication and writing skills.

You only need to decide on one based on your needs and not use both simultaneously. For instance, do you require more writing practice? Or do you need to speak more often?

Studying independently for these two TOEFL portions can be challenging, but each book can be a tremendous help. Each book offers more than a hundred subjects you can use for both writing and speaking. The subjects have all been taken from the latest TOEFL exams.

Additionally, the book includes sample essays, effective essay summaries, and numerous illustrations of sophisticated and grammatically sound sentences. Both your writing and spoken communication skills will improve as a result.

This book is best utilised as a supplemental rather than a primary vocabulary resource because vocabulary growth is a highly individualised subject - no two students are alike in what they know and do not know. Everyone knows a different set of words.


Indeed, the TOEFL doesn't include a distinct grammar section. However, grammar is crucial for achieving excellent marks in writing and speaking. Unfortunately, there is never enough grammar practice.

“TOEFL Grammar Guide: 23 Grammar Rules You Must Know to Guarantee Your Success on the TOEFL Exam!”

23 Grammar Rules You Must Understand To Pass The TOEFL Exam! The TOEFL Grammar Guide. In addition to being simple to understand, this book primarily addresses TOEFL grammar questions. It addresses English grammar rules crucial for the test in a clear, logical manner.

“The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation”

Now in its 11th Edition, this is one of the most widely used grammar manuals, and it is clear why everyone enjoys using it. It is clear, understandable, and relatively brief. All of the grammatical rules are pretty simple and not overly elaborate. In addition to discussing and explaining all the grammar principles, it also provides many examples, exercises and tests.

“The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need A One-Stop Source for Every Writing Assignment.”

This book is a beautiful resource for resolving your grammatical issues when writing TOEFL essays because it explains grammar while keeping writing tasks in mind. It is simple to understand and covers various writing activities, including articles.

“Practice Makes Perfect: English Grammar for ESL Learners,” 2nd Edition: With 100 Exercises.

Look for materials designed exclusively for non-native English speakers when you need a little additional assistance with your English language study.

The book consists of ESL students most typical problems with English grammar and uses concrete examples and understandable language to explain ideas.


Numerous publications are available for ESL students, as well as thousands of books on the TOEFL. So, how do you decide which is best for you?

You can do this easily by determining your needs, such as: What are your areas of weakness? What are the things you need to research more? What portions of the TOEFL practice examinations are the most challenging for you?

Finding a book on a specific topic related to the English language is one of the simplest methods to learn more about it. In addition, using a textbook could strengthen your English while preparing for the test.

Books are inexpensive and readily available online these days. Therefore, they are a tempting option if you prefer to study alone or lack the funds to enrol in an entire course.

Start with the books mentioned above, and you're sure to find one that will be helpful for your TOEFL trip!

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