Top Finance Companies to keep on your target list

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Financial institutions play an essential role in our lives. Besides credit and insurance, they provide us with many other services. Globally, there are about 2,500 financial institutions. Some of these include household names such as Bank of America and Citigroup.

Today, businesses are extremely fragile. They have to invest large amounts of money in staying afloat constantly. Aside from managing money, proper accounting techniques can also help organizations thrive. It is a broad field covering various aspects such as economics, accounting, and stock markets. There are also various paths to becoming successful finance professional.

Finance is an exciting industry that is constantly expanding. There are many reasons people want to work in it, and it's one of the most rewarding job opportunities out there. With this industry's continuous growth, finance professionals are becoming more sought after by employers.

Here are the top 15 finance companies to keep on your target list

  • Berkshire Hathaway is an American holding company founded by Warren Buffett, one of the largest corporations in the US during the early 21st century. It traces its origin back to two Massachusetts textile companies established in 1888. In 1955, it merged with Berkshire Fine Spinning Associates and became Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. Buffett built Berkshire Hathaway by buying stocks in undervalued companies. He then allowed the managers of the subsidiaries to have more autonomy.

Over the years, Berkshire purchased various insurance companies. Some of these include National Indemnity Company and General Reinsurance Company. Aside from these, the company also owns various other businesses, such as the Scott Fetzer Company and the Benjamin Moore Group. In 2010, Berkshire purchased the railroad BNSF Railway for about $44 billion. This acquisition was the largest ever made by the company. Aside from stocks, Berkshire also holds significant stakes in other companies that it doesn't control. For instance, it has a significant stake in the Coca-Cola Company.

  • Visa Inc. is an American multinational financial services corporation based in Foster City, California.

Visa is the world's leader in digital payments. Through its innovative network, VisaNet, they connect people, businesses, and economies to thrive. The company's unrelenting focus on innovation is driving the future of commerce as it helps people and businesses transact seamlessly on any device. It is impressive that their secure and reliable global payments through advanced processing network, VisaNet, can handle more than 65,000 transaction messages per second.

The company connects consumers, businesses, banks, and governments established in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

  • J.P. Morgan is a leading financial services firm offering a wide range of products and services to consumers and businesses. In addition, the firm's investment banking division provides advice on corporate strategy, structure, and capital raising.

It has more than 100 offices in more than 100 countries. As part of their commitment to serving the communities in which they operate, they aim to deploy over $1 billion in philanthropic capital by 2023.

The firm operates through Consumer and Community Banking, Corporate and Investment Banking, Commercial banking, and asset and wealth management.

The Corporate and Investment Bank provides a comprehensive suite of investment banking and trading services to a global client base. In addition, the Commercial Banking segment offers a variety of financial solutions.

  • Bank of America is a financial services corporation in the US. It was formed through the acquisition of Bank of America by Nationsbank in 1998. Bank of Italy was established in San Francisco in 1904 by Amadeo Peter Giannini. It eventually became known as Bank of America. In 1958, it issued the first bank credit card.

In 1968, Bank of America was organized as a holding company. It became one of the largest interstate banks in the US in 1983.

After buying Pacific Security Corporation in 1991, it became the first bank in the US to offer coast-to-shore banking. It expanded its operations by acquiring other financial firms in the following years. In 2004, it acquired National Processing, which helped expand its credit-card business. In 2006, it merged with MBNA Corporation to form Bank of America, which became the leading issuer of credit cards.

  • Mastercard Inc. is a multinational financial services firm headquartered in the US in its Global Operations HQ in New York. Mastercard processes transactions between banks and merchants throughout the world using its "Mastercard" brand debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Before its IPO, Mastercard Worldwide was a member of over 25,000 financial institutions. Mastercard was initially established as Interbank in 1966 and Master Charge in 1969.
  • PayPal Holdings, Inc. 

Paypal is an American financial technology company that enables people to send and receive money online. It processes transactions for online merchants and other commercial users. It was established as Confinity in 1998. 

In 2002, it went public through an IPO. Later that year, it was spun off from eBay and became an independent company. As a result, it was the 134th most valuable US corporation in 2021.

For more than two decades, PayPal has been at the forefront of the digital payment revolution. Its platform enables consumers and merchants to transact in more than 200 markets.

  • ICBC- China Industrial & Commercial Bank is a leading commercial bank in China. The company was founded on January 1, 1984, headquartered in Beijing, China. It provides various financial services such as loans, treasury operations, and investment banking. 

The Personal Banking segment provides various types of financial services to individual customers. The Treasury Operations segment carries out money market transactions and foreign exchange transactions. The Others segment includes various assets and liabilities that cannot be allocated to a specific segment.

  • China Merchants Bank is a leading financial institution in China that provides various financial services to its customers. The bank is one of the Country's most prominent financial groups.

It has 144 million retail customers and more than 95.3 million active credit cards. It also offers online banking through its various apps and services. 

  • Morgan Stanley is an American financial firm that provides various financial services to corporations, governments, and individuals. With offices in more than 40 countries, it has approximately 60,000 employees. 

The company was initially formed by J.P. Morgan & Co.'s Henry Sturgis Morgan and Harold Stanley in 1935. The first significant financial firm split into two following the Glass-Steagall Act.

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm that provides various products and services to its customers. It operates through three business segments: Investment Management, Institutional Securities, and Wealth Management.

The Investment Management segment offers various investment advisory services, such as brokerage and investment management. These include mutual funds, fixed-income securities, foreign currencies, and various alternative investments.

  • Wells Fargo and company- William George Fargo and Henry Wells established Wells Fargo & Company in 1852. In California, the company handled the purchase and sale of gold dust and the transportation of other goods. In the following decade, the company expanded into the staging of freight. It operated various routes from Missouri to the Far West.

In 1866, Wells Fargo became the largest stagecoach company in the world. Despite the transcontinental railroad's completion in 1869, Wells Fargo continued to provide service in areas that did not have railroads.

In 1905, Wells Fargo's banking operations were separated from their express operations and merged with a bank in Nevada. In 1923, the bank merged with another institution to form Wells Fargo Bank & Trust Co.

In 1960, the company was formed after it merged with another bank. The resulting holding company became Wells Fargo & Company, and it became one of the Country's largest banks. With over 5,000 branches in the US, Wells Fargo Bank became a leader in the financial services industry.

  • China Construction Bank is a leading financial institution in China that provides a variety of financial services to its corporate and personal customers. The bank operates through four segments: Corporate Banking, Treasury, Personal Banking, and Others. It is one of the Country's four major banks. In 2015, it was the second-largest bank in the world. The bank has over 13,000 domestic branches and is also one of the Country's largest international financial organisations.

The Personal Banking segment offers various loans and deposit-taking services to its customers. In addition, the Treasury division provides various types of financial services.

The Others segment includes the company's equity investments and revenues and its assets and liabilities.

  • China Agricultural Bank is a leading bank in China that provides various financial services and products. It operates through five segments: Corporate Banking, Treasury Operations, Investment, and Others.

The Personal Banking segment offers various financial services to its customers. In addition, the Treasury Operations segment engages in money market and debt instruments transactions.

On October 13, 2021, China Agricultural Bank officially signed the UN's Principles for Responsible Banking. As a result, the bank became a member of the UNEP FI, which aims to promote green finance and build a sustainable development framework.

  • AIA Group is a Hong Kong-based holding company that provides life insurance. It operates in various countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong. The company was founded by Cornelius Vander Starr in 1919 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. In 2013, it became the official shirt sponsor of the English Premier League. 
  • Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian multinational bank with approximately 86,000+ employees globally. It is the Country's largest bank by market capitalization. Founded in 1864 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the bank's personal and business banking operations are carried out in Canada under the Royal Bank of Canada and Banque Royal in French. In the US, it operates under the name RBC Bank.

The bank has more than 130 branches in the Caribbean, and it provides a variety of financial services to its clients. Its global investment and corporate banking division and its merchant banking unit are known as RBC Capital Markets.

  • Ping An Insurance is China's first insurance company that integrated securities, banking, asset management, and annuity services. It was founded in 1988.

Ping An is a leading financial services firm that provides various financial products and services to more than 35 million individual and corporate customers. It has approximately 40,000 staff members and over 3,000 branch offices.

Through its partnership with Swiss Life Network, Ping An Insurance can now offer multinational corporations a variety of group health and life insurance products.

Popular job roles in Finance companies
Job rolesAverage salary (USA) excluding benefits
Accountant (CPA)$63,651
Accounts Assistant$38,671
Budget Analyst$58,628
Chief Finance Officer$1,28,144
Finance Administrator$46,900
Finance Associate$58,952
Finance Manager$88,511
Financial Analyst$58,935
Treasury Analyst$55,898


Finance companies offer lucrative career options in India, as well. For example, non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) contribute a considerable portion of India's infrastructure projects because they tackle high risks and require large amounts of funds.

Role of NBFCs in India

Non-Banking Financial Companies are establishments that offer various financial services without meeting the requirements of a bank. These are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and provide banking services like loans, credit facilities, TFCs, retirement planning, investing and stocking in the money market.  In 1964, RBI acquired regulatory and supervisory powers over NBFCs with the insertion of Chapter III-B in the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 ('RBI Act').

NBFCs are not allowed to take deposits from the general public. Instead, they provide various financial services such as loans and insurance. Organizations like these play a vital role in the economy, offering their services in urban and rural areas and granting loans to help new ventures thrive.

NBFCs have become very important to the Country's Gross Domestic Product as they contribute a significant portion of the Country's total output. Moreover, most people prefer NBFCs due to their ability to provide fast and efficient financial services. In addition, the flexibility of NBFCs' operations has allowed them to assume systemic stability that could impact the stability of the whole economy.

Top 5 NBFCs in India

  1. Power Finance Corporation Limited- Incorporated on July 16, 1986, Power Finance Corporation Ltd. is a Schedule-A Maharatna CPSE and is a leading Non-Banking Financial Corporation in the Country.  Rajeev Sharma is the Chairman & Managing Director of the company. PFC's registered office is located in New Delhi, and regional offices are located in Mumbai and Chennai
  2. Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited- Shriram Transport Finance Company, is India's most significant commercial vehicle finance industry player. It offers financing for used trucks and SMEs through its network of over 1,600 branches. With a market share of about 20%-25% in pre-owned trucks, Shriram Transport Finance is also a leading player in the new truck financing market.
  3. Bajaj Finance Limited- Bajaj Finserv was established in 2007 and part of the Bajaj group. It has over 2,000 branches across the Country. One of the most diversified financing companies provides services like wealth advisory, lending money, and general insurance.
  4. Mahindra Finance- It was originally a captive financier of Mahindra UVs. It now offers a full suite of financial solutions to the under-served rural markets. Their product portfolio includes vehicle finance, mainly focused on passenger and utility vehicles, offering construction equipment and SMEs finance. With a presence in every state and a network of over 1380 branches, Mahindra Finance is a leading player in the automobile finance industry. Since its inception, the company has been serving the financial needs of millions of individuals in rural India. Through its extensive network and innovative financial solutions, it has been able to create a positive change in the lives of its customers.
  5. Muthoot Finance Ltd- India's first NBFC started as a small loan firm in 1888. It is a leader in the gold loan market and offers various financial services such as foreign exchange, money transfers, and wealth management. It has a network of over 4,400 branches across India. Aside from gold coins, the company also offers home loans.

Top career options in Finance in India

1. Investment Banking- Investment banking is a great career option for people with a passion for finance. It's one of the most lucrative fields in the industry and can offer an excellent salary.
If you're a passionate investor and are looking to follow in the footsteps of Warren Buffett, then investment banking may be the career for you.

This role will involve working on various financial projects for a large organization. As an investment banker, you'll be responsible for analyzing and making decisions on various factors. Networking is critical if you're looking for a job in an investment bank. Big firms often hire interns and former employees.

Requirement- A bachelor's degree in finance is usually required for entry-level roles. However, some individuals may prefer to specialize in other areas of finance.

2. Corporate Finance- If you love numbers and are good at managing money, then corporate finance might be the right fit for you. Incorporate finance, various roles are available depending on your interests and education qualifications. Usually, companies hire finance professionals to help manage the company's financial operations. They'll also provide advice and guidance on improving the efficiency of the company's workforce. The duties of a corporate financer include analyzing the company's returns on investments and coming up with strategies to maximize the company's returns.

Requirements- As a corporate finance professional, you'll likely work with various financial firms or investment banks to help companies start or expand. Aspirants may obtain a bachelor's degree in finance or related fields, then pursue a post-graduate MBA degree in finance.

3. Public accountant- Accounting is a broad area of practice that involves keeping track of various financial transactions for businesses and private entities. This role works by keeping a record of all the company's activities and transactions. As an auditor, you'll help companies make sound financial decisions by monitoring their investments and operations. Although there will always be private and commercial clients for a public accounting firm, many people prefer to work for large firms.

Requirements- To become a licensed accountant, a bachelor's degree in Commerce or Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting is a good step before completing their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification, which is recognized internationally. Alternatively, a CPA can pair their certification with an MBA in Finance or an MBA in Commerce.

4. Portfolio management- This is a great combination of science and commerce. It is an overall look at a client's or company's investments. A company's portfolio is often focused on identifying and taking advantage of the company's weaknesses and opportunities in various international and domestic markets.

Requirements- After graduating from a finance-related discipline, you can work as a portfolio manager by securing a master's degree in Economics or Business Administration. To become a portfolio manager in some companies, you may also need a master's degree in Economics or an MBA.

5. Financial Planning- Are you a person who enjoys planning for the future? Financial planners help individuals and companies formulate strategies that will allow them to secure their future financial goals. Financial planning involves analyzing a customer's financial situation and developing a plan that fits their individual needs. It can help them achieve their goals in various areas such as saving and investing.

Requirements- Before becoming a financial professional, one must have a bachelor's degree in various fields such as finance or business administration. This level of education is necessary to establish a career in this field. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification is vital to building a career in financial planning and is recognized internationally.

6. Stockbroking- This is a highly lucrative career option that many finance students take up. It involves buying and selling stocks of companies. In addition, a stockbroker advises clients about the various factors that affect the stock market, such as volatility and price.

Requirements- To become a stockbroker, you need to complete a bachelor's degree in commerce or economics. After that, you can pursue a master's degree in finance. There are also various courses offered by National Stock Exchange(NSE) to help you become a successful stockbroker.

7. Risk management- To minimize risk, firms need to implement a strategy to maximize returns. A risk management professional can help minimize uncertainty and make informed decisions. They also use math and statistics to help their clients develop a strategy and business model that fits their vision and mission.

Requirements- Risk management students should pursue a bachelor's degree. However, many people who work in this field usually earn an MBA after completing a specialized risk management course.

The finance industry is constantly adapting to the changes brought about by the various factors that have changed its operation. These changes require more technical expertise and make the job hunt more exciting than ever before.

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