Top 15 Books for GRE Exam

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A solid GRE study book may help you ace the GRE test with higher marks. GRE test scores are essential for students because they allow them to demonstrate their understanding of specific courses, which may significantly boost their chances of acceptance into the world's top business schools.

Investing in the top GRE test prep book is the most distinctive approach to acing this exam. These GRE preparation books are inexpensive, cover all relevant areas, and provide sample papers, among other things, to help students improve their abilities and knowledge.

While several GRE test preparation books are available, we have selected the top GRE prep book 2022 for your consideration.

GRE Study Guides

Here are some reviews of GRE prep books, both favorable and harmful, to give you a real sense of the books.

The Third Edition of ETS's The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test

One may have entire confidence in this book because it is directly from the official ETS or house regarding the top GRE prep books. This is the only GRE prep book created by the people who make the test, so if you're thinking about getting only one, this is the one!


  • Four complete genuine tests: two in the book and two online.
  • Hundreds of GRE practice questions to improve your level of knowledge.
  • Access to the newly updated PowerPrep website
  • Access to test-specific knick-knacks directly from the test-makers
  • The book's material is accessible to those with impairments.


Excellent for practice problems but not very useful for explanations. You may want to postpone buying these books till you are proficient in GRE prep if you are new to it and want answers after finishing the practice exams.

Price: 1 060 rupees

Magoosh's GRE Prep

The video explanations are the most beneficial aspect of the GRE prep and are essential for someone just beginning their GRE preparation. It is a 468-page book produced with the help of GRE students and professionals.


  • One hundred thirty new practice tests of quantitative, verbal, and analytical writing with expert-made answer explanations are included in this collection of GRE preparation tactics, simple-to-follow advice, test-day advice, and a study program for the test day.
  • A statistics section lists the degree of difficulty of a practice exam and the proportion of students who do well on that particular set of questions. This gives test takers an indication of how challenging the GRE is.
  • a comprehensive practice exam created by professionals with explanations


  • A distinct GRE AW portion where practicing essays is done
  • There is no midway degree of difficulty; it increases from easy to hard.
  • Price: 2,532.74 Rupees

Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions & Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions from ETS

This book is for you if you wish to extensively practice answering questions after finishing your initial introduction to the various portions of the GRE format. This book of GRE verbal and GRE quantitative questions was created explicitly by ETS.


  • many high-quality GRE verbal and GRE quantitative practice questions
  • The audiobook also includes a part on analytical writing to develop writing abilities.
  • More than 150 verbal and quantitative questions with detailed explanations
  • contain essential test-taking advice and instructional content.
  • Price: 1,110 Rupees

PowerPrep Plus and PowerPrep

These two are made by ETS, a well-known company for their GRE study guides. The PowerPrep Plus products must be purchased, whereas PowerPrep 1 and 2 are free. Each of the premium editions, including PowerPrep Plus, costs $39.95.


  • Practice with the free PowerPrep versions is often encouraged since they will provide a realistic test-taking environment experience.
  • The test-makers carefully selected question types will also be helpful.
  • The PowerPrep premium editions are also very helpful and provide explanation materials.


  • You are essentially paying the GRE fee if you purchase both PowerPrep premium editions.
  • PowerPrep Plus's explanations are relatively brief.

Book of GRE Practice Questions by Manhattan

One of the most outstanding GRE prep books available, with more than 1800 practice questions that likely cover every possible question type. Due to recent updates and additional inclusions, it is now a great purchase.


  • Interact® for GRE, an online interactive platform that offers courses, is part of the upgraded edition.
  • The book includes approaches for individual skill assessment, mixed timed sets, and a quant cheat sheet.
  • Over 1800 test preparation materials
  • Experts created the practice exams, which depict the precise format, methods, types of questions, and style.
  • Price: 1,274 rupees

The GRE Wordbook by Barron (With Audio CD)

This book fell short of the standards of the other GRE preparation books featured here. However, the question types in this book stand out since they give test takers a taste of what to expect on the actual GRE.


  • The GRE verbal section contains problems that are not very simple but need extra effort to solve


  • Not to be utilized as a tool for full-length practice.
  • Price: 325 rupees

Solutions to Real Essay Topics: Vibrant's GRE Analytical Writing Books

Given that very few books are written just for essays, this one is significant because it is intended only for analytical writing. The primary yellow book has 145 sample essays that will provide test-takers a clear understanding of how to compose an essay that complies with the rules.


  • To offer readers a feel of the style, it should provide examples of essays with grades above 6.

Best GRE Study Guides - Section-by-Section

Several novels are recommended for each of the GRE areas, even if many of them didn't make our list of the best books. We have developed a list of the finest GRE books for each exam site to provide you with a better and more comprehensive approach to GRE preparation.

Best books for the quantitative section of the GRE

  • Manhattan 5LB Book of Practice Problems, Volume 1
  • Official ETS Practice GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions
  • The Nova GRE Prep Course's GRE Math Prep Course
  • Kaplan GRE Mathematics Workbook

Best books for the verbal section of the GRE

  • Questions for official ETS GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice 1.
  • Aristotle Prep - GRE Verbal Grail (Good for Reading Comprehension)
  • Kaplan GRE Verbal Workbook, third edition
  • Manhattan 5LB Book of Exercise Issues (Questions harder than the actual GRE)

Best books for the GRE analytical writing section

  • Solutions to Real Essay Topics: GRE Analytical Writing from Vibrant Publishers ( Books 1 and 2)
  • Official ETS GRE Revised General Test Guide

Best Books for GRE Vocabulary Learning

  • Norman Lewis' Word Power Made Simple
  • Barron's Dictionary of 1100 Words You Should Know
  • the GRE vocabulary book from Magoosh
  • Manhattan 500 Advanced Words and Manhattan 500 Essential Words for the GRE

As a result of our mention of a few GRE prep books, test takers won't have to waste time looking for them.

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