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As you begin the registration process for MBA schools, one of the most important factors evaluated for admission is your GMAT score.

This graduate admission test for MBA candidates can be quite difficult, necessitating much studying and meticulous planning. How you prepare for the GMAT can greatly influence your entrance into the institution of your desires and future.

If you're thinking about how and where to start GMAT preparation, it's time to look into the best GMAT prep books, which will provide you with the knowledge and practice you need to succeed. Examine the top ten GMAT study books listed below and select the one that best suits your learning style.

Once you've decided to advance your career, the next obvious step is to begin studying for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). There are several resources accessible for GMAT preparation. GMAT study materials and online GMAT forums are available to assist you in preparing yourself for the exam.

Because there are so many publications on the market, it cannot be easy to choose which book or resource is best for GMAT preparation.

This essay will discuss the finest GMAT preparation books for passing the Graduate Management Admission Test. We have compiled a thorough list of the finest GMAT study books to help you stand out.

Strenuous practice sessions and perseverance will help you develop the necessary skills to get a good GMAT score. With so many exam prep books available, choosing the appropriate one becomes much more challenging.

How to Study for the GMAT

It is essential to plan to perform well on the GMAT. And finding a good GMAT prep book should be part of that plan, especially if you're going to do your prep without taking a course. With this complete GMAT study guide list, you may get a good start on preparation for the GMAT and study topics and actual GMAT questions.

One of the most effective approaches to preparing for the GMAT is to find areas in which you have difficulty and increase your study time.

Make a specific, attainable study program and adhere to it. Use practice exams to become acquainted with the testing structure and question kinds. Several excellent GMAT prep courses are available if you feel that you want more than what books can provide.

Mastering the concepts required for admission to an MBA school requires dedication and hard effort. You may learn much about test-taking tactics, topic sections, time management, and confidence-boosting strategies by arming yourself with the greatest test prep books.

With these finest test prep books, you'll learn all you need to know to prepare for the GMAT thoroughly. When you empower yourself with the materials you need to study for the GMAT exam, you can reach your goals and then get into the top MBA program of your choice.

Important Factors To Determine GMAT Books And Resources

These crucial elements will assist you in selecting the best GMAT exam prep book or resource:

  • Creating the Ideal Strategy: It is not simply about answering difficult questionnaires; after reading the book, you should develop an effective plan to stay ahead of the competition. It might be determining the priority part to solve first, or it could be connected to time management. These abilities will undoubtedly come in helpful around test time. You may also use GMAT preparation suggestions from professionals to make the most of your time.
  • Practising the Correct Collection of Questions: Because the GMAT exam follows a precise pattern, you must practice the correct questions to pass the exam with a good score.
  • Explanations with Detailed Answers: The GMAT test book must include answer keys so students can comprehend the right strategy for answering various problems. The answer keys should provide extensive explanations for the right response so that the aspirant understands the subject.

What makes a good GMAT Prep Book?

Here are some things to consider when purchasing GMAT books:

  • It should incorporate strategies: After finishing the book, you must be able to devise a plan for passing the GMAT exam. Furthermore, topics connected to a part should be addressed so that you have a foundation. As a result, search for publications that give a thorough explanation.
  • Make certain that the item is of high quality. Check Amazon for customer reviews before placing your order.
  • Search for books that offer high-quality practice questions that are not redundant and are regularly updated.
  • Check to see if the book matches the GMAT pattern.
  • Some books, such as Manhattan and PowerScore, are recognised for their Verbal portion, whereas others are famed for their Quant section (Kaplan). Some contain practice questions, while others only include the method. Thus, choose your GMAT books based on your study strategy.
  • Most essential, don't rely just on one resource. Consider using alternative study materials such as digital GMAT prep classes, forums, flashcards, etc.

Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus

As one of the top GMAT study materials, Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus provides ambitious MBA students with lots of exam practice. This GMAT preparation book includes six online practice exams as well as videos to assist you in improving your test-taking methods.

This GMAT preparation guide offers digital access to video lectures and internet resources intended particularly for students studying for the GMAT, making it one of the top GMAT prep books.

You will access over 1,200 practice questions with full explanations using this GMAT prep book. This GMAT prep book covers all GMAT material areas, study advice and tactics for arranging your GMAT preparation.

The six full-length GMAT practice tests use the same interface as the official GMAT exam to teach students about the exam flow and the questions they will be asked on GMAT exam day.

This GMAT practice book also includes a quiz bank with 200 GMAT problems. You can personalise your GMAT study schedule by choosing issues based on subject and content area. Kaplan's qualified instructors edited, updated, and evaluated every GMAT topic on the practice exams.

Manhattan Prep All the GMAT

The Manhattan Prep All the GMAT is an enhanced GMAT study guide that combines 10 GMAT textbooks into three GMAT prep books, providing an upgrade from the previous GMAT prep book.

All GMAT packages offer access to online supplementary materials and a training syllabus to help you plan your GMAT study strategy and score higher on the GMAT.

This study guide, one of the top GMAT prep books, contains two special e-books that cover more challenging subjects and six full-length adaptive practice exams.

This GMAT prep book comes with an online GMAT navigator that has a GMAT question navigator with complete solutions and explanations for each question.

The computer adaptive GMAT practice exams provide you with hands-on experience navigating the topic and question styles, giving you a simple GMAT study guide that will help you raise your total score.

This GMAT prep book likewise divides the GMAT curriculum areas into mathematical, integrated reasoning, and essay guides, as well as a verbal guide. By arming yourself with these resources, you may improve your GMAT toolbox and be more prepared for this graduate school admission exam.

Manhattan Prep wins the award for best GMAT prep book. This whole package (available on is a very thorough reference to the entire GMAT. Learn the basics underlying the questions, not simply a lot of cool gimmicks, so you won't be floundering around on exam day, depending only on guessing tactics.

The seventh version (available for purchase on Manhattan's website) consolidated all three Verbal and Quant volumes into large topic textbooks (All the Verbal and All the Quant), with portions that were previously divided into distinct books now restructured as "units" in their respective book.

The useful GMAT Roadmap (its book) is now gone, whereas IR and Essay maintain their book in every accessible edition. In either edition, the arrangement of the units and books remains the same, making either a good choice in terms of substance.

The seventh edition offers a few benefits. It's a much better-organized collection, and the book's formatting is much clearer, making for a more enjoyable studying experience.

While most practice problems remain the same, the phrasing on around 20% of the questions (particularly PS) has been changed to make them look more GMAT-like. In our opinion, this gives it a distinct advantage over the sixth edition.

However, the 6th edition is divided into ten volumes rather than a complete bundle, which means that if you want to enhance one component, you may choose your topic a la carte, only purchasing the books you require.

This leads us to another point: not all Manhattan books are created equal! The Quant content is generally of greater quality than the Verbal material. The Quant content is slightly tougher than what you'll find on the exam; however, the Verbal problems are notably simpler.

The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep

The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep, billed as the all-in-one GMAT preparation package, contains complete GMAT study material, free online GMAT resources, extensive subject reviews, and six computer-adaptive GMAT practice exams.

This comprehensive GMAT prep book covers all GMAT topics, including integrated reasoning ability, verbal, writing, and math. You'll also like the chapter summaries, a quick reference GMAT preparation guide.

The Princeton Review GMAT prep book contains six full-length GMAT practice exams, thorough answers for each GMAT topic, and a score report to track your progress.

The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep also includes video lectures from specialists to aid with time management and GMAT preparation programs.

With diagnostic warm-ups and over 180 GMAT practice problems organised by complexity, you'll get all the GMAT preparation you need. Online exercises addressing every area of GMAT topic information are included in each exam portion.

The Princeton Review GMAT prep book contains six full-length GMAT practice exams, thorough answers for each GMAT topic, and a score report to track your progress.

The Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep also includes video lectures from specialists to aid with time management and GMAT preparation programs.

With diagnostic warm-ups and over 180 GMAT practice problems organised by complexity, you'll get all the GMAT preparation you need. Online exercises addressing every topic of GMAT topic information are included in each exam portion.

GMAC GMAT Official Guide

All GMAT questions in this prep book are categorised by difficulty level, so you may start with the simple ones and work your way up to the more difficult ones.

This truly helps in increasing your confidence. You’ll feel much more comfortable moving on to the more challenging questions once you have comfortably answered the easy questions.

This GMAT prep book's online tools include flashcards to enable the students to grasp essential concepts. You may also construct your practice exams, designed to track your performance as you go using the provided performance data.

Use the GMAC GMAT Official Guide's useful resources to study on the move or on your own time.

Use GMAT study aids with step-by-step problem-solving instructions to assist pupils in traversing increasingly challenging problems. This GMAT prep guide stresses working smarter rather than harder.

The premium online materials, in my opinion, make this one of the greatest GMAT practice books available. To better prepare for the GMAT test, use the multi-week GMAT study guides and GMAT essay samples.

Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book

The Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book has all the keys to scoring well on the GMAT. This comprehensive GMAT study guide covers all GMAT exam components: verbal, analytical writing, integrated reasoning, and quantitative.

Mometrix provides crucial guidance and recommendations on managing time, goal planning, and tactics for answering all sorts of GMAT problems in this prep guide.

This GMAT preparation guide includes a vocabulary part and also sections on GMAT processes and concepts. With the online tools, there are step-by-step video lessons and a question bank function that gives extensive insights into each GMAT question.

These explanations were especially useful in comprehending what I did wrong while offering an opportunity to praise what I did correctly. For analytical writing, you'll discover advice on formal writing, argumentative and persuasive writing, writing preparation, and how to develop a strong thesis.

This GMAT prep book's integrated reasoning part goes through related questions, clear and suitable writing, logical arrangement, and synthesising information from images.

In the quantitative portion of this GMAT study guide, you will cover mathematical operations, equations, functions, polynomials, and probability. The verbal piece discusses cause and effect, literary purpose, passage kinds, and implications.

The Mometrix Test Preparation GMAT Prep Book includes links to online review videos where professionals explain the ideas making it one of the finest. With this GMAT prep book, you may study at your speed and with the assistance of professionals.

GMAC GMAT Official Guide Bundle 2022

It provides customers exclusive online access to the same questions as in the books. Users can access an additional 58 integrated reasoning problems. The original GMAT book also includes over 200 never-before-seen questions.

It also offers 900 previous test questions with thorough solution explanations. Users may use this to practice with genuine questions from the last GMAT exams and maximise their study time. Users can also create their practice exams using the questions in the instructions.

One disadvantage of this book is that it does not provide full-length test questions. This guide, on the other hand, provides consumers with an advantage by giving genuine exam questions.

The graduate management admissions council's (GMAC) official GMAT handbook is divided into three sections: easy, medium, and difficult.

The OG is a great book when you run out of online GMAT prep material. Indeed, some say that GMAT OG material is the true bible of GMAT prep, while the remainder is merely Apocrypha.

After all, the primary OG textbook and its two companion volumes that concentrate on Verbal and Quant are created by smart individuals (GMAC) who write the GMAT exam questions.

You can achieve an elite score utilising any version of the OGs; however, newer versions of the GMAT OG are recommended. In contrast, the previous volumes contain practice tests and formatting explanations that do not reflect the revisions in the April 2018 test.

For example, the OG 2022 includes 50 more practice questions than the 2021 edition, whereas the 2021 version has 70 different questions than the 2020 version. As a result, the 2020 edition has 100 additional questions than the 2019 edition.

That seems like the setting for a Quant question in and of itself. Still, the point is that, while the 2022 version is technically the better buy, you can also purchase an older edition, especially if you can save money by doing so, as there is no huge difference between them.

Powerscore Verbal Trilogy Bible

This GMAT Verbal bundle includes three books: critical reasoning, comprehension, and sentence correction. It contains idea files and thorough technique descriptions.

One of the major downsides is the lack of practice questions. As a result, if you wish to study the fundamental principles of the verbal part, this is the book for you.

With the LSAT Critical Reasoning Bible, PowerScore established itself as an LSAT firm. For those unfamiliar with the distinction between the GMAT and the LSAT, the LSAT is just the GMAT Analytical Reasoning part on steroids.

So you can ensure that PowerScore understands one of the toughest GMAT question types. It is great for individuals looking for an intellectual approach to comprehensive reasoning. It also appears reliable, especially compared to Manhattan's extensive reasoning resources.

The most recent version is the 2022 edition. The greatest difference between its 2021 and 2019 predecessors is a larger typeface, which makes it slightly easier to read.

The issue set of questions for each chapter has not changed. As a result, borrowing from a friend or purchasing an older copy will be just as beneficial as buying the most recent version.

The chapters teach how to readily disassemble arguments by recognising their many pieces (premises and conclusions) and how to choose methods for fighting each question type.

The guide will also illustrate the most commonly utilised 'wrong answers' that GMAC uses to fool test-takers. If you don't mind a more intellectual approach to CR technique and like to learn by analysing issues rather than trial and error, this book will be quite useful in your exam prep trip.

Anticipate an in-depth learning aid, and plan on constantly flipping between chapters and the book's extensive glossary. After studying logical fallacies and cognitive traps, you might feel ready for the GMAT or the LSAT.

The GMAT Official Advanced Questions by GMAC

The Advanced Guide collects 300 challenging questions from all examination areas, making it a great extra resource for individuals aiming for 700+ test scores.

The Advanced Guide, released in September 2019, is one of the latest and most useful GMAT tools. Its advantages and disadvantages are identical to that of other GMAC-created resources. You may expect quality question papers.

In the Quant portion, it likewise leans more towards DS questions than PS questions, although the Verbal questions are roughly evenly split between CR, SC, and RC. Throughout the book, the RC has the largest difficulty increase since each question is designed to be extremely challenging.


Do you need more math problems? The GMAT Prep Course at Nova contains much math preparation material and instruction.

The newest version, published in 2021, looks identical to the 2019 edition. You see the difference after comparing the side of the book to the side! In reality, the 2021 version still displays the pre-April 2018 GMAT exam criteria.

Know that this book follows the same study philosophy as Manhattan's resources: it aims to push test-takers with problems that are somewhat more difficult than their apparent difficulty.

Some may appreciate this strategy, which attempts to over-prepare pupils by examining the top bounds of what is assessed on the examination, but it may be discouraging for others.

Total GMAT Math (Jeff Sackmann)

Total GMAC Math by Sackmann fits squarely into a good but unfriendly category. It is an excellent resource for improving your math skills.

It covers a lot of ground, but you'll need a solid foundation to get the most out of this book. If your arithmetic skills are rusty or you need to review the fundamentals, this book may leave you puzzled and afraid rather than enlightened.

The GMAT is attempted by over 200,000 people each year, with just 6% achieving a score of 720 or above. These data points indicate that the GMAT is a difficult exam and that scoring 700+ requires effort. So put yourself in your shoes and start searching for the best tips to get the best scores.

Before purchasing any GMAT preparation book, it is critical to understand what parts the GMAT comprises, the pattern of the exam, and your strengths and weaknesses. Plan your preparation and choose the books you wish to learn from based on this.


GMAT books can be a great tool for those looking for comprehensive test preparation. With a wide array of study guides, practice tests and other materials available, it is important to assess your own individual needs and choose the book that best suits them. With the right book in hand, you can be well on your way to acing the GMAT!


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