The Ultimate Guide to MBA in UK

With more than 5 lakhs students entering from the world every year, the UK has become the second most prominent country when it comes to education.

Most students dream of studying in the UK.

Its rich cultural diversity is the main reason why students are leaning towards the UK. They get to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, share experiences, and gain new and better perspectives, thus broadening their horizon of knowledge. This also helps them in making connections and building networks around the world. 

UK degrees have worldwide recognition and are highly valued by the top companies/employers.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why MBA?
  • Why Pursue MBA from the UK?
  • How much does it cost to study in the UK?
  • Benefits of studying MBA from the UK
  • MBA Specialisations
    • MBA in Finance
    • MBA in Human Resources
    • MBA International Business
    • MBA in General Management
    • MBA in Marketing
    • MBA in Business Analytics
    • MBA in Operations Management
    • MBA in Consulting
  • MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainability
  • Eligibility
  • Documents required
  • How to select University to study MBA in UK?
  • Job Profiles
  • Top companies hiring MBA graduates in the UK
  • Conclusion

Why MBA?

MBA is a globally accepted degree. The MBA curriculum is designed in such a way that it completely prepares its candidates for the real corporate world, its aggressive projects imbibe the ultimate leadership qualities to cope in the real world. Most students prefer to study in the UK.

Why pursue MBA from the UK?

The UK is the second most preferred study destination for students across the globe. It has numerous colleges in the top 100 colleges of the world, four of which are in the top 10.

The institutions of the UK equip students with the latest tools and techniques used in this domain, this helps a professional staying connected with the working environment even during their academic period. 

The duration of this course is 2 years in almost every country but in the UK, it is completed in a span of 1 year. This is another reason why students prefer to study here. This allows them to quickly return to work and better than ever. Not only this, but its short duration also saves a significant amount of living expenses, it reduces the living cost by 50%. This is another reason why experienced candidates who wish to add to their academic qualifications in less time are more attracted to the UK. 

How much does it Cost to Study MBA in UK?

The UK is not a cheap country to live in. Studying here is also an expensive affair. Before selecting a college, considering all the possible expenses and planning them effectively can solve this problem. A study abroad consultant can help in solving this problem. 

ExpensesCost in GBP (Approx.)
Food180-252 per month
Books/ cost materials30 per month
Mobile bill15-22 per month
Gym Membership32-45 per month
Clothing35-55 per month
Entertainment10-14 (cost of a cinema ticket)


The above expenses highly depend on your lifestyle.

Benefits of studying MBA in UK

  • Short-duration – While most universities of the world have designed this program for 2-3 years, the UK’s curriculum sets its alumni to conquer the world within a year.
  • Diminished cost of living – Since the course lasts only a year, it reduces the living cost by 50%.
  • Scholarships – Student can nullify their cost of studying and living in the UK by winning scholarships. The UK provides scholarships for all the programs and MBA is considered one of the most prestigious among them. It is not easy to win a scholarship, but the right amount of guidance and proving your deservance through your application can make it happen. ‘Chevening Scholarship’ is among the top scholarships in the United Kingdom. It is a fully-funded scholarship which means that it covers university tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants and allowances to cover essential expenditure.
  • Minimum work experience required - Though most universities require work experience for MBA programs, many universities do not mandate it. Some of them are Anglia Ruskin University, Bangor University, University of Bedfordshire, Cardiff University, and Cardiff Metropolitan University. So, if you are a fresher looking to upskill yourself to kick start your career there are an ample number of universities you can apply to.
  • Learn from the professionals - The faculty at the universities like LBS, Oxford, Cambridge are practitioners themselves which is an additional benefit and further affirms that the professors here actually know what they are talking about. Their experience helps the students understand the actual working environment of a business/organization.

MBA Specializations

    • Specializations
    • MBA in Finance
    • MBA in Human Resources
    • MBA International Business
    • MBA in General Management
    • MBA in Marketing
    • MBA in Business Analytics
    • MBA in Operations Management
    • MBA in Consulting
    • MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainability

MBA in Finance 

Masters of business administration in finance is a specialization of MBA. It is designed for the people interested to know the management of the finances of an organization, for example, capital investment. In this course, the aspirants learn to analyze company reports, forecast business trends, maximize stock values, minimize financial risks, maximize profitability, etc.

This course equips you with the practical knowledge of finance in various institutions. It means that you would have enough knowledge and the ability to get a job in the corporate sector govt. sector, or start your own firm. 

The scope of this course is wide as you can get jobs in multiple sectors like banking, markets, real estate, hospitality, etc. This field is the best in terms of gaining exposure to the different sectors. 

Job Profiles

  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Credit Manager

MBA in Human Resource

Human Resource (HR) or Human Resource Management (HRM) is the management of people within an organization. You must consider MBA in Human Resources if you like interacting with people, listening to them, solving their problems. Apart from making sure that the employees within the organization are satisfied, an HR manager also has to make sure to design and implement the required strategies to maximize employee performance. The job of an HR manager has been given the #4 ranking when it comes to the most preferred and in-demand jobs. It is in demand because…The most preferred colleges when it comes to MBA in Human Resource are Coventry University, University of Bedfordshire, University of Sunderland, Heriot-Watt University, and Edinburgh Napier University.

MBA International Business

MBA in International Business provides all the relevant information about the operations of the businesses across borders, for example, import-export of goods, provide various services like-banking, insurance, finance, construction, etc. However, to carry out all the functions smoothly businesses need to be prepared with the paperwork required to associate with different countries. MBA International Business will provide you with all the necessary information with which you can anticipate barriers like communication, technology, etc. in advance. London School of International Business, Hult international business school, London school of international business studies, Leeds University Business School are the choice of most of the students.

MBA in General management

MBA in General Management is the most widely popular course around the world. It explores the realms of management deeply. Through this program, students are instilled with all the necessary life skills like problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, business management, leadership, and many more. This course is designed in such a way that the choice of electives gives students knowledge about their specific area of interest, in this way this course is flexible as well. The wide horizon of this course does not allow it to be single-focused. This further widens the work culture of the candidates who graduated in this course, as it covers all the domains of management. It also enhances career choices as compared to a specialized degree. The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Warwick Business School are the best considered for this program.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is the most sought-after and among the top management degrees. Marketing is an extremely rich domain. The skills that this degree imparts are required in the two most important functions of an organization/business- first is fetching the clients/customers and second is spreading the business across borders. This course focuses on market research, advertising, branding, and international markets. Apart from learning about sales and marketing strategies you would also learn the basics of general management. Studying marketing in the UK would equip you with insider knowledge of current marketing and sales strategies, which will eventually pave your way to reach your goal.

If Technology has influenced any domain of the business the most it has to be marketing. Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the most widely approachable mediums for each individual, therefore promoting a business on these platforms adds a significant amount to the revenue. 

MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analysis prepares you for predicting future problems that might arise in a business environment and planning to anticipate them in advance. In this course, you would learn to analyze and interpret data to solve business problems. Through this course, students can gain the skillset required to work in a wide range of industries such as management consulting, financial services, technology, and healthcare. If you are a problem-solver interested in data, you can do wonders in this field.  The University of Manchester, University of Warwick, University of Strathclyde, Lancaster University, University of Loughborough are the best schools of study MBA in Business Analytics.

MBA in Operations Management 

Operations Management ensures the optimum utilization of resources. It designs and controls the process of production of goods and services, manages the quality, etc.  It is also concerned with redesigning the business operations to meet the changing needs of industrialization. It covers a broad range of sectors such as banking systems, hospitals, companies, working with suppliers, and technology. The MBA program specializing in Operations Management teaches the formulation and implementation of the strategies to facilitate the required changes within an organization. 

MBA in Consulting

MBA in Consulting is a whole different field in itself. There is no course named MBA in Consulting rather, it goes by different names like MBA in Strategic Management, MBA in leadership, MBA in Applied Integrated Management, MBA in Organizational Change. If you are interested in working with a consultancy firm or want to open your consultancy firm then this course is the right choice for you.  In the UK, the following are the most preferred colleges and programs when it comes to MBA in Consulting -

University NameLocationProgram NameDuration (in months)Fees (Approx.) (£)
University of Cambridge – Judge Business SchoolCambridgeMasters in Business Administration1259,000
University of West LondonLondonMasters in Business Administration Consultancy for Innovation and Change1822,500


MBA in Environmental Management & Sustainability

Every MBA course in one or the other way trains its students to foresee the challenges that might befall in a business environment and rectify the situation beforehand. In this program, students will learn about the environmental challenges that a business faces and might face in the future and how to address them. Like any other MBA degree, this one also brings lucrative job offers with itself. However, it is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world, as your inputs can make a positive impact on the world. Your ideas and practices would sustain the environment and therefore make it a better place. 

Top colleges for MBA in the UK

UniversityLocationDuration (in months)Fees (£)
University of OxfordEngland1265360
London Business SchoolLondon15-1282000
Warwick Business SchoolCoventry, England1245950
University of Cambridge Judge Business SchoolCambridge, England1265850
Imperial College Business SchoolLondon1257200
Strathclyde Business SchoolGlasgow, Scotland1232120
Westminster Business SchoolLondon1219000
Alliance Manchester Business School

Manchester, England

Cass Business School, City University LondonLondon12-2425440-46880
Leeds University Business School

Leeds, England

University of Edinburgh Business SchoolScotland1235900
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon15-2192735
University College LondonLondon1624390
University of Bristol

Bristol, England

University of Bath

Bath, England

Lancaster University

Lancaster, England

CITY, University of LondonLondon12-2425440-46880
Durham University

Durham, England

University of St. AndrewsScotland1218750-24180
Coventry University

Coventry, England

Cardiff University

Cardiff, England

University of Birmingham

Birmingham, England

Loughborough University

Loughborough, England

Heriot-Watt University





  1. Bachelor’s Degree – A three-year bachelor’s degree, like B.A., B. Com., BSc. is required to study MBA in UK.  Some universities require a 4-year degree course, but most of the top universities of the UK do not mandate this criterion.
  2. Work Experience- Most universities require a minimum of three years of work experience. If you have more it could uplift your application.
  3. GMAT – GMAT is mandatory in most UK universities for the MBA program. Many universities do not mandate the GMAT, but these universities comparatively cost more than those which mandate the exam.
  4. TOEFL/IELTS – All UK educational institutions require a good TOEFL/IELTS score. This is because they need to make sure that you are proficient in English, as the UK is an English-speaking country.  Some universities might waive this criterion if you perform outstandingly in your interview, but this is extremely rare so do not depend on this and ace your IELTS.

Documents Required

The basic requirements for international students to get into any university are-

  1. Payment of the application fee – If you did not pay the application fee online, then you need to submit the receipt as proof of your payment.
  2. Letter of Recommendations - A recommendation letter is often written by a senior (professional LOR) or a professor (academic LOR). Letters of recommendation are also called reference letters, letters of reference, or simply, references.
  3. GMAT – You need to submit your GMAT scores. In most colleges, and 80% score is required.
  4. TOEFL or IELTS – The scores of anyone are required.
  5. Undergraduate Transcripts – A transcript of a Bachelor's Degree is mandatory to get into foreign universities. Your overall performance is assessed based on your electives/courses. 
  6. Bachelor's certificate (If available)
  7. SSC/10th or equivalent
  8. 12th/intermediate or any equivalent certificates
  9. Letter of Motivation – A letter of motivation or a statement of purpose, gives AdCom a brief about your career aspirations as well as your personality. The more personalized this document is the more it uplifts your overall application.
  10. Bank Statement – You also need to submit your bank statement. There is a certain amount that should reflect in your account. This amount varies as per the colleges and program/course. It is required to ensure that you are well off to bear your expenses in that particular place.
  11. Study certificate or Job Certificate – It is not mandatory. However, if you have pursued any additional academic courses or training, you need to submit the certificate as proof. This will also add value to your application.
  12. Copy of Passport - The Photocopy of the first and the last page of your passport is also required.
  13. Proof of extracurriculars – If you took part in extra-curricular activities, please submit any certification or recognition you got.
  14. Student Visa – Your visa should be approved before you finally submit all the documents for admission as schools need to make sure that you have a visa before they accept your application.

      Job Profiles                    

Job ProfileSectorAnnual Average Salary in GBP
Finance AnalystFinance30,000-78,000
Finance ManagerFinance40,300-88,700
Finance OfficerFinance30,000-35,000
HR OfficerHuman Resources32,800
HR GraduateHuman Resources28,947
Trainee Nursing Recruitment ConsultantsHuman Resources17,000-24,000
HR PlacementHuman Resources32,000-70,000
Product SpecialistMarketing35,895
Pricing AnalystOperations/ Analytics27,500
Research AnalystOperations/ Analytics26,000-32,000
Communications Troop OfficerOperations32,800
Commercial ManagerOperations45,000
Graduate Business AnalystOperations/ Analytics45,000
Market Research AnalystMarketing34,963
Sales ManagerMarketing47,515
Brand ManagerMarketing28,944 – 36,492
SEO ManagerDigital Marketing40,000-70,000
SEM/PPC ExpertDigital Marketing60,000-93,000
Social Media ManagerDigital Marketing25,000-32,000
Business Development ManagerMarketing41,457


Top Companies hiring MBA graduates in the UK

AmazonVeoliaBabcockWine Intelligence Ltd.
DeloitteGlobe LocumsMichael PageGoldman Sachs
Goodman MansonIBMNestleMcKinsey & Co.
Morgan LawNFU MutualChase PeopleBoston Consulting
AG BARR PLCTPPEgressBarclays


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