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Why study In Canada?

One of the foremost reasons that students choose to study in Canada is because the high quality of education. The degrees provided are globally recognized, with the added advantage of immigration opportunities. Canada Is known for the focus on research and development. Not only this, but tuition fee in Canada is a bit cheaper than most of the colleges in US or UK. In Canada you’ll find people from different diversities, following different cultures and lifestyles. When in Canada, you get an opportunity to work apart from your studies. While you study, you can also earn side by side some source of income for yourself. 

Best courses to be considered to study In Canada:


Master of Business Administration in Canada is a 2 years degree program with many career options. MBA from top business schools in Canada is an added advantage to the path of your future. Studying an MBA degree program in Canada will cost you somewhere around 16,000 USD to 80,000 USD depending on the choice of your institution.


The most popular opted course in Canada is Master’s In management, it is one of the replacements of MBA. The students who pursue MIM are basically looking for something in the managerial roles and want to explore the field of management. Canada is very well known for its business school and industry-oriented program structure. MIM is a shorter course than MBA, it is completed within 1 year.


Master’s in finance is another popular course among the international students to explore key areas of finance. The amount of duration of these degree is 1 year, and to do an MFIN degree program, 35,000 USD is needed approximately. 


Masters in engineering management in Canada is for about 1 year, depending upon the universities and curriculum. People from engineering background usually go for this degree to kickstart their career. Its an exclusive program for the students belonging to the engineering background, it is specifically designed for them. 

Top UniversityTop CollegeTop CourseTuition Fees
University of TorontoRotman School of ManagementMBA44,587 USD
McGill UniversityDesautels Faculty of ManagementMBA34,970 USD
York UniversitySchulich School of BusinessMBA39,030 USD
University of MontrealDepartment of BusinessMBA36,750 USD
University of CalgaryHaskayne School of BusinessMBA53,116 USD
University of ManitobaAsper School of BusinessMBA27,919 USD
University of OttawaTelfer School of ManagementMBA51,000 USD
University of CalgaryHaskayne School of BusinessMaster of Management$3,876.00
University of British ColumbiaSauder School BusinessMaster of Management$44,262.61
University of VictoriaGustavson School of BusinessMaster of ManagementINR 19,01,900
University of Alberta MEMINR 5,60,739
University of Windser MEMINR 13,25,478
University of Ottawa MEMINR 20,85,594
Ontario Tech University MEMINR 14,67,330
University of Toronto MFIN32,895 USD
York University MFIN59,388 USD
Concordia University MFIN27,825 USD

Cost of Living in Canada

If you have plans of coming to Canada for higher studies, the average cost for accommodation is around $6,000-$7,500. Living expenses might cost you $11,300, and Transportation would be $60-$85. The most commendable thing about living in Canada is Indian students get to work for 20 hours per week during their academic period and full-time during their vacations. By doing this, they get to earn and bear the expenses that come their way. 

The average cost of living in Canada is estimated to be around 12,000 CAD per year for an international student; this includes accommodation, books, Transportation and many such essential commodities. 

Average Tuition Fees for Masters in Canada 

Studying for a master’s degree in Canada would cost you an average of 2,500 – 17,000 CAD. It depends on which school are you going for, the top schools like University of Toronto or Western University are on the higher side around 25,000-35,000 CAD, whereas Brandon University or University of Manitoba are on the lower side 6,000-8,000 CAD. 

Canada Scholarship 

Various scholarships are available for international students in Canada to create a positive influence and attract more students to study abroad. Some students want to pursue higher studies abroad, but they can’t afford the cost; that is when a Scholarship helps. If you are a bright student and have scored tremendously in your academics, there are higher chances of you bagging a scholarship from the top universities in Canada. 

Top Universities offering Scholarships

University of Waterloo

It offers scholarships for international students, be it Undergraduate/Masters/PhD. The scholarship is valued at up to  $10,000. There is a step-by-step process to fill the application form, don’t forget to check the university’s website.

McGill University 

It offers scholarships for international students, be it Undergraduate/Masters/PhD. The scholarship is valued at up to   $8,500. There is a step-by-step process to fill the application form, don’t forget to check the university’s website.

SheBegan International Scholarship for Women

This is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. It is Offered to undergraduate/masters/PhD students. The scholarship degree sponsorship from the US $18,000 to the US $ 32,000, monthly stipend, health insurance and many more benefits.

You can visit the university’s website and check about the scholarship and its deadlines.

Students VISA process

Once you have secured admission to the institute of your choice, the next step is to apply for a Canada Study Visa. A valid study permit is essential for international students to study in the institution. You can apply for it online or on paper and fulfil specific requirements mentioned on the website (Official website of Government of Canada). Documents required through the process:

  • Valid Passport 
  • Attested copies of 10th and 12th 
  • Proof of Admission to the institution- Acceptance letter 
  • Financial Proof
  • English language proficiency test 

Students Loan in Canada 

Students who wish to study in Canada but are short of funds can apply for education loans from banks. It’s a time-consuming process, and to avoid any last-minute mishaps, it is better to get it done in time. Some research is required beforehand to choose which bank to choose for the loan. You must submit certain documents and fulfil some casualties for the loan application. There are specific rules which include the student being of the age 18 or above, should be an Indian citizen, must have secured admission in recognized university or college and a professional course. 

It is advised to go through the loan details and the bank you choose to take the loan from.

Part-Time Jobs for Students In Canada 


If you have the plans to work with research institutes, this job is perfect for you. To brush up your skills and adding an oomph to resume, a job as a researcher will pay you CAD 30- CAD 40 per hour. This will help you upskill and apply for higher positions when you are done with your education.


Canada has people from different countries. Apart from English, French and Hindi have the most popular slab there. Being a translator, you can help people interact with each other, assist conversations, translate documents, offer your translating services for oral or written material. You can earn something from CAD 14 to CAD 50, depending on the client and the workload. 


It’s a fun job to do sitting on your home premises or wherever you want to do it. A freelancer can be in any field, writing, graphic designing, web designing and many more. The most popular freelancing position is that of a writer; if you are an ardent lover of writing and editing, this job is most suitable for you—a great way to gain experience and add to your resume. The average amount that one earns is ((CAD$25.60/hour).


If you are interested in certain subjects and would like to share the knowledge you have, this job might be a good fit for you. You can tutor elementary school students at the university/college level, depending on how much you can do—a great way to upscale your skillset. The average amount that one earns is (CAD$15.00–CAD$20.00/hour).


You’ll see students working in a coffee shop, consuming their free time, and earning money. Though it is one of the lower-paying jobs, students have the flexibility to work according to their schedules, and coffee shops love hiring students for the same. The average amount that one earns is (CAD$11.41/hour).

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