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The competitive globe, global career prospects, and top-notch educational system have made studying abroad a dream for many students. But because some kids are from nations where English is not the primary language, this desire is frequently not realized. The English proficiency exam is one of the main elements in the eligibility requirements of colleges offering education at the international level during the admissions process.

Australian educational institutions need you to pass an English proficiency test to enroll in any undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or Ph.D. program. IELTS is one such test that offers a simple, clear path to your goal. Your ability to speak and write in English will be evaluated in the exam. Additionally, you may concentrate on developing yourself in an environment where English is spoken.

However, there are several options available to you if you wish to study in Australia but are unable to take the IELTS exam or do not have the required score. First and foremost, many colleges do not request that you present documentation proving that you passed the IELTS test.

This post is for you if, for whatever reason, you desire to enroll in a reputable educational institution in Australia but are unable to take the IELTS exam.

Does Australia require IELTS?

The majority of Australian colleges provide admission based on predetermined standards, such as passing the IELTS test. IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic are additional divisions of the test. To enroll in a university, students must take the IELTS Academic exam. On the other hand, broad education aids in achieving immigration goals.

Whether you want to work or study, you must fulfill a certain condition. Therefore, you must always check which exam is appropriate for you before scheduling one. Simply said, IELTS Academic is required by the majority of Australian institutions/universities for enrollment in any UG or PG study, while IELTS General Training is accepted by some employers, immigration agencies, and businesses.

Who Can Attend University in Australia Without IELTS?

A few colleges in Australia let applicants enroll without providing documentation of language competency. However, because English is the primary language of teaching at the majority of local colleges, it will be required for students to demonstrate their language proficiency in other ways. The primary exceptions offered are for candidates who are willing to enroll in language preparation classes before starting their first semester and for those who have completed their previous education in English. Only capable pupils who can demonstrate that they will master the language by evidence of their prior academic success are given the latter choice.

Students who choose to enroll in Australia without taking the IELTS include:

  • Those who finished secondary school in Australia or another English-speaking nation.
  • Those who scored 169 or above on the CAE or CPE certification exam.
  • Applicants with a PTE total score of 50.
  • Those who have finished at least five years of education in nations like Ireland, Canada, South Africa, or New Zealand.
  • Students who have worked either full- or part-time for three years in an environment where speaking English was necessary.

One should be aware of whether their Australian student visa requirements include an IELTS score while thinking about universities without an IELTS requirement. In such circumstances, it is necessary to pass the language exam regardless of whether the university has an IELTS requirement.

How to Enroll in a Course in Australia Without an IELTS Score

It is not as simple to get into an Australian institution as it may appear, and it gets considerably more challenging without an IELTS submission. Additionally, it could be upsetting for individuals who weren't able to get the minimal IELTS score needed to enroll in an Australian institution. IELTS scores are one option, but there are several more that applicants to Australia may take into account.

Many Australian institutions have a specific English language program for overseas students, allowing them to apply without needing to submit an IELTS score. To enhance their English language abilities and get admission to the program of their choice, all overseas students may choose to enroll in such courses.
Other choices include the Overseas Baccalaureate Program, which exempts international students from submitting their IELTS scores. It is essentially a two-year diploma program offered at several Australian institutions.
By submitting documentation of work experience in a company where English was the primary language, students may also be eligible for admission to the University of Queensland without having taken the IELTS exam. Five years of work experience are required as a minimum.
Some of Australia's leading institutions also provide non-English speaking students with a unique route program. Along with helping the candidate's English, the program offers a straight route to the program for which they applied.
Many Australian colleges also need additional exams like the TOEFL as a substitute for the IELTS. Proof of English language proficiency includes PTE, OET, CAE, and CPE.

Australian student eligibility requirements without IELTS

Students who intend to apply to Australia must provide proof of their English language skills. Test results from the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, as well as a certificate stating the language of teaching, might serve as proof. Many international students who have studied English for more than three years at their previous educational institution can utilise this certificate; nevertheless, the university decides whether or not you are qualified to apply for it.

Academic Requirements: International students are required to meet the institution's minimal academic requirements for each programme at each entrance level. The prerequisites for enrolment vary depending on the course.

Essential requirements such as LORs, SOPs, evidence of financial resources, enrollment confirmation, a genuine temporary applicant, and health insurance,

Australia Student Visa Without IELTS

To pursue higher education in Australia, international students must first apply for an Australian Student Visa. The cost of the visa and its general prerequisites are as follows:

Students must be registered in an Australian program of study and submit a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) that verifies their eligibility to enroll at the university and acknowledges their acceptance of their seat.
Need to get overseas student healthcare coverage (OSHC)
Students applying for visas must also provide documentation of their English language skills. Students must submit a test result from an English language assessment that has been authorized by the Department to do so.
International students from some nations are excused from submitting English language proof, although administrators have the right to request documentation at any point throughout the application process.

Step-by-step process to enroll in school in Australia without taking the IELTS exam 

There are a few colleges in Australia where students who failed the IELTS exam can pursue their dreams without having to worry about their English proficiency. Without IELTS, you can pursue both bachelor's and master's degrees in Australia. Check out the procedure first here:

Step 1: IELTS-Free Application Process for Study in Australia

Do some research on Australian universities and make a short list of the courses you wish to apply for. On the university website, you should review the university rankings and the eligibility requirements.

Look at each university and decide which is best for you academically and professionally.

For the colleges in Australia that you have chosen, you must submit an online application. To apply, you will need your passport, previous academic transcripts, LORs, SOPs, and proof of work experience, among other things.

Step 2: Video or Skype interviews

Following the shortlisting of your profile, video interviews are conducted to evaluate your English language proficiency. Additionally, it reveals how keen you are to be admitted to the university. You must effectively complete this interview in the best possible way if you want your admission to Australian universities without IELTS to be verified.

Step 3: Costs of Tuition and Other Education in Australia:

If your interview goes well, the Australian institution you've applied to will send you a letter of admission. It is confirmation that you have been accepted into the program in which you expressed interest.

It's now time to pay the first year's tuition for your program. Check to see if you qualify for any scholarships before you pay the tuition.

Step 4: Obtain an Australia student visa without taking the IELTS

You can apply for a student visa online. You must provide the following paperwork:

  • An authentic passport
  • Photographs 2
  • enrollment confirmation form (COE)
  • receipt for overseas health insurance
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Academic Transcripts

Universities that don't require IELTS.

In a small number of Australian colleges, IELTS is not a must. However, the prerequisites for waiving language competency requirements vary depending on the institution. Depending on the nation in which the applicant completed their prior education, some colleges may waive the requirement, while others may impose a PTE or other proficiency exam requirement. The colleges on the list that don't need applicants to demonstrate their language skills include:

Victoria University

If an applicant has completed a prior educational qualification in the English language, this university does not ask them to provide proof of language competency. As alternatives to IELTS, they also recognize PTE, CAE, and the First Certificate in English under Cambridge English.

University of Technology Swinburne

As an alternative to the IELTS, the Swinburne University of Technology recognizes English proficiency exams including PTE Academic, CEF, and VCE English. To make up for their lack of language skills, this school also permits students to engage in English preparation courses before the start of their primary course. To prepare for the exam, candidates can enroll in either the 50-week General English program or the 50-week English for Academic Purposes program.

The Queensland University

When it comes to demonstrating one's English skills, this university is one of the most accommodating. Candidates who can demonstrate that they studied exclusively in English in their previous schooling, have another English certification, or have worked in an environment where English is the primary language will not be required to submit an IELTS score.

High-achieving candidates will be excluded from the IELTS requirement if they are willing to enroll in English preparation programs at this university that last one or two semesters. Those who pass the first semester with excellent English grades won't need to take the prerequisite course again.

The New South Wales University

Although IELTS is not required to enroll at this university, most applicants will need to pass other English language exams like PTE, CAE, or CPE. In addition, students can contact the institution to find out if their credentials are sufficient to relieve them from the IELTS requirement. The applicant will need to provide documentation of their prior English test results or evidence that they have worked full- or part-time in an English-speaking workplace for at least two years.

The Southern Queensland University

If an applicant cannot demonstrate their language skills, this university's sole choice is to require them to take a pre-admission English course. Although the preparatory course cannot be done concurrently with the program they have selected, it must be successfully finished for them to be admitted to the institution.

Bond University

Candidates may demonstrate their English language competency to Bond University in methods other than by submitting IELTS results, including by completing other exams like C1 advanced or PTE. International students who finished their secondary school in a facility where English was the primary language of instruction or who studied in nations like Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, etc. are also accepted by the university.

The University of South Australia

Candidates applying to this university can submit either their IELTS results or alternative evidence of language competencies like CAE, CPE, and PTE. They also recognize students who have completed the Level 4 of the CELUSA English Program. Candidates who had their prior education in Australia are exempt from demonstrating their language ability.

Macquarie University

Since they have distinct language requirements for various degrees, this university is picky about the degree of English language proficiency the applicant possesses. Candidates with outstanding academic records in their fields of study will be given conditional admission, following which they can enroll in an English language preparation course at the Macquarie University English Language Center.

The Adelaide University

The University of Adelaide will first need you to enroll in a language preparation course, which typically lasts for a full academic year or two semesters if your application is strong other than your proficiency in English. An exam to gauge your progress in English is administered after each semester. By the conclusion of the first semester, you can skip the second if you demonstrate exceptional abilities. But keep in mind that you won't be able to study for your normal course if you don't pass the final tests.


The eligibility requirements frequently change over time and even for various programs, so be sure to double-check the specifics with the university admissions office.

We work with over 60 universities if you wish to study in Australia. We can assist you in obtaining financial aid, on-site profile reviews with university admissions officers, and even waivers of application fees. You only need to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

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