PGDM in Europe with Eligibility Requirement

In Europe, a PGDM is a one-year full-time degree program that might be research-based, course-based, or a mix of the two. Most institutions in Europe that offer PGDM programs provide a wide range of specialties, subjects, and courses to select from. This helps overseas candidates locate a program that meets their needs.

Depending on the University, pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM in Europe might cost between 20,000 and 45,000 GBP each year (19.98-44.4 lakh INR).

The institutions provide a pool of awards and scholarships for overseas students to study in Europe from which to pick. These can be waived up to 100% of tuition expenses, making PGDM in Europe not only a wonderful but also a viable option for them.

International candidates who want to study PGDM in Europe must take an English proficiency exam. GMAT or GRE scores are also required for admission to the majority of postgraduate courses in Europe.

To apply for PGDM in European universities, applicants should have finished a three to four-year bachelor's degree in any discipline field with a minimum of 70% to 80%.

Why Should You Go For A Post Graduate Diploma In Europe

A PGDM in Europe can be pursued after completing undergraduate studies, which may assist individuals in improving their prospects of acquiring jobs in Europe.

A full-time PGDM program qualifies the candidate for a post-study employment visa with a one-year stay back. Immigrating to Europe is another option offered to overseas students studying for two-year PG diploma degrees.

Should You Go For One or Two-year PG Diploma in Europe?

One-year postgraduate diploma in Europe:

In Europe, a one-year postgraduate diploma with two semesters costs roughly 14,000 to 23,000 GBP per year (13.98-22.98 lakh INR). The one-year PGDM courses in Europe equip candidates with the necessary abilities to improve their employment prospects in their specific chosen profession.

Two-Year Postgraduate Diploma in Europe:

This program consists of three to four semesters, and a two-year PGDM program in Europe can cost between 21,000 and 36,000 GBP (21,900-35,900 INR). Candidates can combine two one-year PGDM programs to create a two-year PGDM program.

Top Courses in PGDM in Europe

The following are by far the most popular PGDM programs in Europe among foreign applicants:

  • Supply-chain Management: This specialization focuses on understanding the industrial process. The programs cost approximately 9 lakh INR in total.
  • Project Management: Many project management courses are available in Europe for roughly 11 lakh INR.
  • Global Business Management: The entire cost of the programs is roughly 10 lakh INR, and they are only offered in colleges that accept overseas students.
  • Marketing: This concentration focuses on marketing and offers employment chances in the business sector. The program costs approximately 9 lakh INR.
  • Human Resource Management: This program costs between 8 and 13 lakhs at various European colleges.

Top Universities for PGDM Courses in Europe

International students interested in studying PGDM in Europe can select between full-time and part-time programs. The following are the best universities in Europe that offer PGDM programs:

Sheffield University

International students can choose from 225 postgraduate degrees and over 260 undergraduate programs at the University of Sheffield.

For admission to undergraduate programs, Indian students must have 75-80 percent in Class XII, and for admission to postgraduate programs, a bachelor's degree with at least 60 percent from a reputable university is necessary.

The University of Sheffield accepts graduate applications twice a year, in February and in September. Graduate degree fees vary depending on the program but are normally between 19,050 and 24,450 GBP (19-24.5 lakh INR).

The institution provides 75 Undergraduate Merit Scholarships, which pay 50% of tuition expenses for students who get 60% or above on their UG degree.

It also provides 125 Postgraduate Taught Merit Scholarships, which cover 25% of the tuition price. Furthermore, based on their eligibility, students can apply for foreign scholarships to study in Europe.

With clearance from their particular department, students can complete one placement year (at least 38 weeks) in their degree program.

As one of the world's top-100 universities, the school offers a variety of scholarships. Ph.D. is now the University's highest-paid degree, with an average yearly income of 99,000 GBP (99.17 lakh INR).

University of Dundee

The University of Dundee, which has ten schools and departments, has roughly 18,000 university students. The institution, which is ranked among the top 1% of universities in Europe, provides 500+ programs in more than 30 topic areas.

The University of Dundee is well-known for its courses in Medicine, Forensic Science, Pharmacy, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology, according to QS rankings.

International students make up 22 percent of the overall enrollment, demonstrating the University's attractiveness and variety. The University's reputation is additionally strengthened by its outstanding student satisfaction record of 89.1 percent (International Student Barometer, 2019).

Admission to the University of Dundee opens in early September and is somewhat difficult. Admission applications are reviewed holistically. Thus everything matters, from academic grades to recommendation letters.

The 2020 SURVEY revealed that over 96.2 percent of University of Dundee graduates find work or pursue further education within six months of graduation. University graduates earn up to 150,000 GBP a year in industries such as healthcare, software development, legal departments, and finance.

University of Glasgow

The Institution of Glasgow is Scotland's most distinguished University, and the Good University Guide has named it Scottish University of the Year in 2022. Every year, students from over 140 nations apply to Glasgow University's many programs.

The admission rate for the University of Glasgow is 74.3 percent, and it now houses over 34,000 students. Glasgow University admitted almost 1000 Indian students in the previous academic year.

If the pattern of Indian enrolment is examined, the numbers are increasing over time. With 1,070 admissions, the academic year 2022 marks the greatest Indian student enrollment at the University of Glasgow.

Tuition costs for international students may cost up to 41 lakhs per year. Aside from that, the cost of living in Europe is estimated to be approximately 15 lakhs each year. Students can apply for University of Glasgow scholarships, which provide cost exemptions of up to 9.6 lakhs per year.

The University of Glasgow claims to have a 95.9 percent employment rate. MBA graduates from Glasgow University are highly marketable, with an average starting income of 46,000 GBP (43.46 lakhs). Companies such as Amazon, HSBC, Lenovo, NHS, Clintech, and many others are looking for Glasgow grads.

University of East Anglia

The Institution of East Anglia, founded in 1960 and commencing its first batch three years later with the slogan "do different," is a public research-oriented university that offers over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to students from all over the world.

The University of East Anglia is a founding member of the Norwich Research Park, one of Europe's largest concentrations of researchers in the subjects of environment, health, and plant science.

UEA has around 16,872 students enrolled in various courses, including approximately 2,820 international students. The University of East Anglia is well-known for developing the semester system of small-group instruction.

The college was ranked 25 by The Times in 2020 and was included in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2020. If you are interested in research, you are in for a treat because the institution was ranked #10 in Europe for research excellence.

The University of the West of England

The University of the West of England is a public university with four campuses: the main campus in Frenchay, City Campus, Glenside Campus, and Gloucester Campus. It is one of Europe's most popular colleges.

The institution now has 31,877 students enrolled, including 22,927 undergraduates and 8,950 graduate students. There are 1,406 EU students and 3,867 international students within the student body.

The University's five colleges, which include business and law, environment and technology, arts, creative industries and education, health and applied sciences, and associate faculty, provide approximately 600 courses.

It obtained an overall student satisfaction rate of 88 percent in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2020, placing it second in England and seventh in Europe. It is also Gold-rated in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for providing students with superior teaching and learning programs.

In the Guardian University League Tables 2021, the University advanced seven places to rank 21st in Europe, the highest among the post-1992 founded schools.

University of Bath

Bath University is ranked among the top ten institutions in Europe for research innovation and teaching excellence. The University of Bath, ranked #166 in the QS World University 2022, provides around 190 undergraduate degrees and a wide selection of postgraduate courses to students.

According to the National Student Survey (NSS) 2020, the University of Bath has a student satisfaction percentage of 88.3 percent.

Admission to the University of Bath is highly difficult for Engineering, Humanities, Management, Science, and Social Sciences courses. Approximately 5,000 international students are now enrolled in UG or PG programs at the University.

International students seeking admission to the institution must have a Class XII grade point average of 80-85 percent and a UG grade point average of at least 60 percent.

Non-native English speakers must have an IELTS score of 7.0 (or an equivalent TOEFL/PTE score). Admitted students must pay an annual fee of 18,900 to 37,500 GBP to continue their education.

The University of Bath is one of the top 20 employable institutions in the United Kingdom because of its well-established career service program.

University graduates earn between 50,000 and 80,000 GBP on average. Deloitte, EY, BAE Systems Inc., WS Atkins Consultants Ltd., and Civica Europe Ltd. are among the biggest employers.

According to the QS Working Rankings 2022, the University of Bath is placed #166, a substantial increase from #173 in 2021.

University of Kent

The University of Kent is a public, semi-collegiate research university in Kent, England. The University has around 6,000 students on its main campus in Canterbury, as well as a campus in Medway and European postgraduate centers in Brussels and Paris.

The institution has been awarded Gold in the Europe Government's Teaching Excellence Framework, the highest ranking, for its great teaching, world-leading research, safe and friendly study places, and excellent student experience.

Kent has around 15,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 postgraduate students. International students make up about 22% of the overall student population, representing 158 different nations. In the Research Excellence Framework, 97 percent of Kent's research was assessed to be of international quality.

The institution is notably European, with 41% of academic and research personnel coming from outside Europe, making it a popular choice for students studying abroad in Europe.

Kent is also a part of the Santander Network, an association of European universities that promotes social and economic development. An MBA is the highest-paying degree at Kent University, with alums earning an average income of $115,000.

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University offers international students 150 undergraduate and around 100 graduate programs. Distance learning is also available at the graduate and postgraduate levels at the University.

Students from 144 nations and territories enhance Leeds Beckett University's cultural variety. Every year, many international students are attracted by the excellent dining, shopping, and entertainment facilities, as well as the high level of education.

International students should expect to spend 14,000 GBP (14.2 lakh INR) on undergraduate studies and 15,000 GBP (15.2 lakh INR) on graduate programs. In addition, the foundation programs cost 12,500 GBP (12.6 lakh INR) in tuition.

Europe's average annual cost of living is 1207 GBP (1.222 lakh INR). However, attendance is at least 3,000 GBP (3 lakh INR) less expensive than the average cost of studying in Europe.

Leeds Beckett University is spending 200 million pounds on university facilities, including one million pounds on clinical skills. The complex features Olympic-level sports facilities, James-accredited performance venues, and a music studio.

It also has cutting-edge suites and sophisticated studios for students of many disciplines. The institution houses 28,000 students and offers housing for all students. Students may select their rooms and use amenities like wifi and 24-hour maintenance support, which are all included in the fee.

The institution provides a variety of scholarships to freshmen depending on their program of study, place of origin, and academic performance. Undergraduate Indian students receive 1000 GBP (one lakh INR) per year, whereas postgraduate students receive 3000 GBP (three lakh INR) per year.

Leeds Beckett University prepares students for work through placement opportunities in a variety of subject fields.

Some of the top organizations recruiting Leeds graduates include Microsoft, Apple, Challenger Sports, Barclays Services Corp, and Liberty Mutual Group. This University's students earn an average yearly salary of 89,100 GBP each year.

University of Brighton

The University of Brighton has nearly 500 programs spread throughout its 18 academic departments. The programs are available at the University's four campuses in Brighton and Eastbourne.

The cost of studying at the University of Brighton is 13,000 EUR. However, the professional doctorate program is a bit more expensive, costing 16,956 EUR to follow a schedule. The institution provides scholarships throughout Europe for students, and students with academic success can get advantages of up to 2,500 GBP.

Graduates of the University of Brighton earn an average yearly income ranging from 29,000 to 81,000 GBP. In addition, 91.6 percent of graduates worked or studied within 15 months after finishing their education.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University has been driving innovation since 1843 and has three campuses. NTU now has approximately 33,000 students, with 7.7 percent coming from outside and 93 percent of its alumni recommending it to prospective students.

For an international student, undergraduate studies at NTU cost 14,500 GBP, while postgraduate tuition varies by degree and ranges from 14,100 to 18,500 GBP.

This amounts to around 14-18 lakh INR every year. Aside from tuition, students are responsible for controlling their costs while living in university housing or off-campus.

According to student reviews, Nottingham Trent receives an 8/10 for placements. This is backed by the fact that 97% of university graduates find work within six months of graduation.

According to Times Higher Education, it is one of the top 20 institutions in Europe for student experience. In the previous decade, the University has invested over 450 million GBP in changing and improving its buildings and infrastructure.

Nottingham Trent University is ranked 57th in the Times Higher Education Influence rankings (2020) for its commitment to research and global impact.

Why PGDM in Europe?

Most short professional courses in Europe, such as Graduate Certificate, PG Diploma, PGDM, and so on, allow applicants to gain crucial industry-related skills while studying. Some of the primary motivations for seeking a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from Europe are as follows:

  • The majority of the leading institutions, including the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, are ranked in the top ten by Times Higher Education.
  • These are more job-oriented courses that help applicants develop management abilities in the workplace.
  • PGDM programs in Europe allow students to work in a variety of sectors in addition to their jobs.
  • Universities in Europe provide a variety of scholarships and grants to help students pay for their education.

Eligibility for PGDM in Europe

International candidates seeking admission to Postgraduate Diploma Management programs in Europe must meet several stringent standards.

Candidates for PGDM in Europe must have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from a recognized university. The following are among the essential qualifying criteria for admission to PGDM programs in Europe.

Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree in a comparable field from a recognized university.

  • Bachelor's degree must have a minimum of 70% to 80%.
  • Standardized test results
  • GRE or GMAT results
  • Test results for English language proficiency
  • TOEFL iBT: 90 - 100 
  • IELTS: 6.0 - 7.0
  • PTE: 60

The PGDM entrance method in Europe is adaptable. Some of the documents necessary for admission to PGD Management programs are listed below:

  • Official transcript scanned copy
  • Non-English transcripts are translated into English.
  • Europe Standard Operating Procedure
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two to three letters of recommendation from your academic professors are required.
  • Updated resume or curriculum

Europe Student Visa

International students who wish to study at universities in Europe must apply for a Europe student visa. The qualifying requirements are listed below.

  • To study in Europe, candidates must obtain a college admission letter.
  • They must provide proof of sufficient cash to cover tuition, living expenses, etc.
  • Applicants must have a current certificate of health insurance.
  • Students must apply for a study visa for Europe at least three months before the start of their studies.
  • Some required papers for the visa application include evidence of financial stability and a copy of your passport.

PGDM in Europe Costs

International candidates seeking admission to the PGDM program in Europe must present an estimated budget for their studies. The colleges' approximate costs are listed below.

Pre-arrival Charges

The amount of money a student spends on university application costs, visa fees, ELP Test fees, and other such expenses that a student can incur before leaving their native country is listed below:

  • 348 GBP is required for student visas
  • 20 GBP for UCAS
  • IELTS is for 180 GBP
  • TOEFL for 298-918 GBP
  • GMAT for 250 GBP
  • GRE for 166 GBP

Living Expenses For Europe

To live in Europe, one must produce an estimate that includes the majority of the living expenditures of foreign university candidates. Below is the average cost of living in Europe for a student.

  • Accommodation will cost around 5,300 GBP.
  • The cost of transportation is 250 GBP.
  • Basic Utilities cost between 500 and 730 GBP.
  • The course materials cost 400 GBP.
  • 1500 GBP is required for food and household items.

Scholarships for PGDM in Europe

Some institutions in Europe that offer PGD Management programs provide various forms of scholarships and awards to overseas students to help them pay for their studies. The following are some of the most popular PGDM scholarships in Europe:

  • Trinity Hall: Mann Studentship in Sciences: This fellowship is available to overseas students at the University of Oxford. The total sum awarded under this scholarship ranges from 10,000 to 40,000 GBP.
  • Stevenson Funds: Imperial College London offers this grant to overseas students worth around 7,500 GBP.
  • Alumni Scholarship: This is funded by University College London alums and is worth around 10,000 GBP.
  • The John Fisher High-Performance Scholarship provides international students studying at the University of Edinburgh with a tuition fee waiver of 50%.
  • The Norman Spink Scholarship will be awarded to students at King's College London, with the benefit estimated to be roughly 10,000 GBP.
  • Hilde Himmelweit Award: Candidates studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science will be eligible for the scholarship, worth around 2,000 GBP.

Jobs after PGDM in Europe

Candidates who have completed their Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Europe can either hunt for work or further their studies. Candidates who choose to work will receive high pay based on their specialty.

After finishing their PGDM, fresher applicants may expect to earn between 28,000 and 51,000 GBP per year on average. The salaries for various work roles after obtaining their PGDM in Europe are listed below:

  • You may become an HR Officer with an annual income of 32,800 GBP.
  • You may become a Business Manager with an annual income of 29,500 GBP.
  • With an annual income of 29,500 GBP, you may become a Sales And Business Manager.
  • With an annual income of 27,000 GBP, you may become a Business Development Representative.
  • You may become a Commercial Manager with an annual income of 41,000 GBP.
  • You may become a Finance Manager with an annual income of 49,000 GBP.

Once the individual has gained experience on the job, the typical compensation will begin to rise. Candidates might also explore ways to reside in the nation or find work in the Indian market.

Finding the best college can be difficult, and what's more difficult is getting into your dream college. But, with our mentorship, you can get into any college of your liking and achieve scholarships too.

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