PGDM in Business Analytics in Canada

The one- to two-year PG Diploma in Business Analytics program in Canada is increasingly gaining popularity among applicants from abroad. This is where business analytics plays a part in helping firms make the most of this data. The program is highly sought after by overseas students wishing to pursue higher education in Canada because of this and many other factors. Some of the best PGDM courses are in Canada.

  • For this program, additional test results like the GMAT or GRE are not necessary.
  • In Canada, there is no prerequisite for a PGDM in Business Analytics. Students with a 2-year UG diploma or an equivalent, however, are required to show proof of at least 2 years of work experience.
  • It is advised to have a basic understanding of R, Python, SAS, and Excel in addition to topics from linear algebra, statistics, and calculus.
  • For a PGDM in Business Analytics at the best Canadian universities, the annual tuition ranges from roughly 9,400 to 44,000 CAD (roughly 10 to 40 lakhs INR).
  • With a beginning wage package of 39,000 to 50,000 CAD per year, the course is undoubtedly becoming the demand of the hour due to its shorter duration and ease on the wallet.

14,800 new jobs are anticipated to be added in Canada in the next ten years, which would multiply work chances for Canadian students who have a PG Diploma in Business Analytics (Job Bank Canada). Some of the states in the nation that are anticipated to produce the highest career possibilities in the field include Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Why Choose Canada for a PG Diploma in Business Analytics?

  • Rising work prospects: According to a report by Job Bank Canada, the nation is anticipated to create 14,800 new positions in the field of business analytics between 2019 and 2028, on top of the 43,900 employment chances that are now available (in 2018).
  • Demand-supply equilibrium: Up until 2028, business analytics in Canada is predicted to maintain a steady demand-supply equilibrium with about 15,000 new positions for 15,400 job seekers (Canadian Occupational Projections System).
  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics programs in Canada typically last 12 to 14 months, but they are highly sought after for jobs that are in great demand.
  • High-paying jobs in Canada: In Canada, the beginning wage for a candidate with higher education in the field of business analytics is roughly between 27.60 and 68.38 CAD per hour, or between 53,000 and 150,000 CAD per year with experience.

Canadian Program Structure for Business Analytics

Take a look at the program structure for business analyst courses in Canada provided below if you want to study for a postgraduate diploma in the subject that leads to a job in the same industry.

Program Format

In Canada, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics curriculum typically lasts one to two years. Given that the PGDM in Business Analytics in Canada does not require professional experience, this postgraduate degree will open up a wealth of work prospects for you.

Curriculum for a Program

The 1-2 year PG Diploma in Business Analytics program in Canada equips students with the knowledge, abilities, and practical experience they need to understand how and when statistical analysis meets business insights. Students often choose MS in Business Analytics in Canada if not PGDM. The program offers in-depth training in ideas like big data, statistical and predictive modeling, visualization, and data storytelling. It is specifically designed for candidates interested in discovering answers to significant business problems.

When looking to study in Canada, students who are looking for a short-term course after their undergraduate degree or who wish to concurrently enroll in two master's programs (degree and diploma) can choose this course in particular.

A desirable student wanting to enroll in the program should have some of the following key skills:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills in English.
  • Knowledge of time management and the ability to operate under pressure.
  • Possess the ability to think critically.
  • Should be analytical and inquisitive.
  • Consider themselves potential team captains or important members of the squad.
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems quickly.
  • Enthusiastic about learning about the marketing research sector.

Alternatives in Canada for Business Analytics

In Canada, one of the various options for studying the subject is to earn a diploma in business analytics. Other options include a UG degree, which is seen as being similar to professional experience, and a master's degree, which will provide you with the same, if not greater, skill set.

Canadian PG Diploma in Business Analytics: Highlights of the Curriculum

  Duration  1 to 2 years
  EligibilityA diploma or a bachelor's degree in a comparable discipline; Resume, LORs, and SOP
  Exams Required  IELTS (6.5) or TOEFL (60 to 90)
  Work Experience  1-2 years (recommended; required for undergraduates with a two-year diploma)
  Tuition Fees  9,400 to 44,000 CAD
  Job Role Available  Business Developer, Executive Financial Services, Marketing Specialist, Senior Business Analyst.
  Top Recruiters  HSBC Bank Canada, Accenture, IBM, Centro, BMW group, Amazon
  Salaries at Fresher level  39,000 CAD per year


Best Canadian universities providing PG degrees in Business Analytics

One of the more sought-after options for students interested in short courses while considering international study is the PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada. The top universities in the nation offering the program, along with their method and length, are shown in the table below.

Universities    Program    Duration (years)    Mode
    Langara College    Post-Graduate Data Analytics Diploma and Work Experience2N/A
    Langara College    Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics2N/A
    Douglas College    Post Degree Diploma in Data Analytics1N/A
    Georgian College    Advanced Diploma in Business Administration3



    Georgian College    Advanced Diploma in Business Administration3



    Université de Saint-Boniface    Diploma in Business Administration 3


    SAIT - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology    Diploma in Business Administration 2



    Centennial College    Advanced Diploma In Business Administration3


    Toronto School of Management    Diploma in Business Management2


    Toronto School of Management    Diploma in Business Management Co-op2


    Winston College    Diploma of Business Administration & Co-op    N/A


    College Nordique Francophone    Diploma in Business Administration2


    Saskatoon Business College    Business Administration    N/A


    Biztech College (Health Sciences, Business & Technology)    Applied Business Administration    N/A


    Simon Fraser University - Beedie School of Business    Graduate Diploma in Business Administration2


    Georgian College    Advanced Diploma in Business Administration-Accounting     3



    Université de Saint-Boniface    Diploma in Business Administration2


    SAIT - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology    Diploma in Business Administration2


    Toronto School of Management    Diploma in Business Administration Co-op    N/A



Canadian PG Diploma in Business Analytics Admissions

Every university in Canada has a different set of prerequisites for admission to the PG Diploma in Business Analytics program. Below is a comprehensive list of criteria, including application dates, tests needed to study in Canada, pertinent test scores, and necessary paperwork.

Admission requirements for the PG Diploma in Business Analytics program in Canada

While the majority of the program's fundamental requirements differ between universities, the following list contains some typical criteria for admission to the PG Diploma in Business Analytics program in Canada.

  • A three-year honors degree or diploma in business or a closely connected subject, or its equivalent.
    65% or a minimum GPA of 3.0 (varies for different institutes).
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores demonstrating English competence are required for applicants from non-native English-speaking nations.
  • Two years of work experience are strongly advised. Most people that accept 2-year undergrad diploma courses require it as a condition.
  • Clarification of goals.
  • Recommendation letters (2 to 3; preferably a mix of academic and professional).
  • Updated curriculum vitae or resume.
  • It is advised that you have prior knowledge of business systems, statistics, computer software, and computer programming.
  • The evaluation of numeracy abilities may be an additional criterion.

Candidates must meet the requirements for the language to pursue a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in French in Canada.

Eligibility for a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada

Almost all Canadian universities that provide admission to students seeking a PG Diploma in Business Analytics adhere to their eligibility and GPA requirements. The following table includes a list of some of the institutes and their requirements.

  Universities  Admission Requirements
  Mcmaster University  Diploma or equivalent degree; CV; LORs (2); SOP
  University Of Montreal  French or English High School Diploma with a minimum 60%
  Cape Breton University  Min 65% (60% for Indian applicants)
  University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)  a 3.0 GPA or above (minimum 2.0 in English);
  Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology  3 courses in digital media and IT through NAIT with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or equivalent
  Cambrian College  a diploma or degree in a related subject, and knowledge with Microsoft Excel
  Centennial College

Degree of advanced diploma (3.0 or above);

2-year work experience and Resume (for 2-y diploma courses with 75% or above);

Assessment of numeracy skills might be required

  St. Clair College

  possessing a degree or certificate in the relevant discipline and having experience working (recommended)

  St Lawrence College

  2-3 year college diploma or degree

  Algonquin College

  Business, information systems, computer science, or engineering degree or diploma

Criteria for Student Visas in Canada

When enrolling in a course lasting more than six months, international students must also apply for a study permit and a visa to study in Canada. You can easily get them by speaking with the closest Canadian Embassy. A candidate should apply for a Canadian visa as soon as possible after receiving an offer letter.

The procedure for getting immigration paperwork varies depending on many variables, including visa offices, the nation from where the applicant is applying, and the candidate's general profile, among others, and can take up to a year to complete. There are two ways to apply: online and on paper.

The following list of essential documents must be submitted with your permission application:

  • Request for a Study Permit.
  • A letter of approval.
  • Scores from standardized exams like the TOEFL, IELTS, or IELTS (6.5 or equivalent).
  • Evidence of financial assistance.
  • Passport pictures
  • Genuine passport

For students to be granted a student visa, they must also show up for a visa interview at the closest Canadian Embassy. It is a crucial step in the application process and one of the main causes of Canadian visa denials. When requesting a visa, applicants should be in good health and be able to convincingly demonstrate to the immigration official their intention to depart the nation for their home country.

Cost of a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada

Before applying to a program, a student who wants to study abroad must essentially organize their expenses and budget. The breakdown of the cost of living in Canada is provided in further detail below.

Costs Before Arrival

The following is a list of initial expenses for students who have chosen to pursue their higher education in Canada:

  Fees  Cost (in CAD)
  Program Application Fees  75 to 150
  Visa Application Fees  150 (for Indian applicants)
  Health Insurance  10,000
  IELTS Fees  185-190
  TOEFL Fees  160-250
  Airfare  450-1400


Cost of a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada

The cost of a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada varies depending on the length and type of the program and is mainly university specific. Between 9,400 to 44,000 CAD is the basic projected cost of the course for which a tuition deposit is required. The fact that the courses start at only 9,000 is a huge relief for students who are struggling to pay for a full-time master's degree in Canada.

The cost of a PG Diploma in Business Analytics for Indian Students in Canada is:

  University  Tuition Fee (per year)
  Mcmaster University  12,273
  University Of Montreal  23,888
  Cape Breton University  10,090
  University Of Calgary (Haskayne School Of Business)  13,094
  Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology  22,242
  Cambrian College  21,801
  Centennial College  21,454
  St Lawrence College  57,101
  Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning  21,552
  Durham College  17,289
  Algonquin College  26,250
  St. Clair College  39,882


Canada's Cost of Living

The following table lists additional costs that a candidate will pay as post-arrival expenses when pursuing a PG Diploma in Business Analytics in Canada.

  Type of Expenditure  Cost (in CAD, per month
  Book and Supplies  100 to 120
  Housing/Accommodation  1,300 to 3,500
  Food  250 to 300
  Transportation  156 to 200
  Utilities  500
  Internet and Cable  120 to 160
  Gas and Electricity  80 to 120
  Entertainment  100 to 200
  Living expenses Guarantee Fund  Min 10,000 per year


Scholarships for Canadian Business Analytics Students

To make life in Canada more attainable for overseas students who are studying thousands of miles away from home and to lessen their financial burden. It is advisable to apply for scholarship programs that may lessen the financial difficulties students have about tuition costs. The following is a list of scholarship options available in Canada for PG Diploma work in business analytics:

   Name   Eligibility   Value (in CAD)
   Global Business Leader of Tomorrow   Awarded to applicants with the potential to drive positive organizational change   10,000-15,000
   Accelerated Career Scholarship   For Applicants with exceptional career potential   5000-10,000
   International Talent Scholarship   Awarded to MBAN students   5000-10,000
   IBPOC Scholarship   For students who identify as Indigenous, Black, or Person of colour   5000-10,000
   McMaster University Scholarship   Merit-Based Scholarship   Partial Funding


Careers and the Purpose of Business Analytics in Canada

The vast array of career opportunities with high-paying wages available to students who obtain a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics in Canada is one of the main reasons Canada is named among the finest countries by students all over the world to study Business Analytics. A list of employment connected to graduates from business analytics colleges in Canada can be found in the table below:

  Job Title  Annual average salary of business analyst in Canada (CAD)
  Business Economist  69,729
  Business Intelligence Analyst  64,765
  Business Analyst  77,982
  Data Analyst/People Analyst  58,593
  Business Transformation Consultant  88,980-101,541
  Senior Business Insights Analyst  139,952
  Engagement Manager  77,368



Businesses all around the world want to take advantage of the potential presented by the massive amount of data being generated every minute, and this is where the work of the business analyst comes into play. The way businesses are conducted around the world is anticipated to change as a result of this new area, which will also bring a wave of change and limitless prospects for Canadian students interested in the global market. Therefore, if you are still considering pursuing your further education abroad, a PG in Business Analytics in Canada may be the perfect program for you.

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