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NJIT MS in CS Fees and Scholarships:

Understanding the Costs

Living Expenses:

  • Accommodation: When it comes to housing options at NJIT, students have choices ranging from on-campus dormitories to off-campus apartments. On-campus housing provides convenience and a strong campus community but may come at a higher cost. Off-campus apartments, while potentially more affordable, require careful research to find the right fit. Rent estimates can vary greatly depending on location and the number of roommates. To find affordable housing, students can explore roommate options and consider housing within a reasonable commuting distance from campus.
  • Food Expense: Budgeting for meals is a crucial part of managing NJIT MS in CS fees. NJIT offers on-campus dining options with meal plans that cater to different preferences and budgets. Alternatively, students can explore nearby restaurants and grocery stores for cost-effective meal options. Meal planning and cooking at home can also help save on food expenses.
  • Transportation Cost: The cost of transportation largely depends on whether students choose to live on or off-campus. On-campus students may not incur significant transportation expenses as they can easily walk to classes. Off-campus students may need to budget for public transportation, gas, or parking fees. NJIT's location in Newark, New Jersey, provides access to various transportation options, including buses, trains, and shuttles. Managed mindfully can save you some for your NJIT MS in CS fees.
  • Utility Cost: Utility costs, including electricity, water, and internet, can vary based on housing arrangements. On-campus housing typically includes utilities as part of the rent. Off-campus students will need to budget separately for these expenses. Choosing energy-efficient appliances and practicing conservation can help reduce utility costs.

NJIT MS in CS Tuition and Application Fees:

  • Tuition Fees: The NJIT MS in CS fees for tuition provide a foundation for understanding the financial commitment. It's important to note that tuition costs may vary for in-state and out-of-state students. Additionally, NJIT offers a variety of payment plans and financial aid options to assist students in managing their tuition expenses.
  • Application Fees: Prospective students need to be aware of the NJIT MS in CS fees for application and the associated application process. This fee covers the cost of processing applications and is a standard procedure when applying to graduate programs.

Scholarships for Excellence

  • NJIT MS in CS Global Excellence Scholarship: The NJIT MS in CS Global Excellence Scholarship is designed to recognize and reward international students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements. This scholarship helps alleviate the NJIT MS in CS fees burden of pursuing higher education abroad. Applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria and adhere to application deadlines to be considered for this financial support.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: NJIT is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. The Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship aims to attract students from various backgrounds and cultures, offering NJIT MS in CS fees assistance to deserving international students who bring unique perspectives to the NJIT MS in CS program.
  • International Graduate Research Fellowship: For students passionate about research, the International Graduate Research Fellowship provides funding opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research projects within the NJIT MS in CS program. It encourages international students to contribute to advancements in computer science while pursuing their master's degree.
  • NJIT MS in CS Women in Technology Scholarship: NJIT MS in CS fees department is dedicated to promoting gender diversity in technology fields. The Women in Technology Scholarship supports female international students enrolled in the NJIT MS in CS program, encouraging their participation and leadership in the tech industry.
  • Global Leaders Scholarship: The Global Leaders Scholarship recognizes the potential of international students as future leaders. This scholarship offers financial assistance to outstanding candidates joining the NJIT MS in CS program. It aims to empower these students to excel academically and make a positive impact in their respective communities.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships: NJIT offers a range of merit-based scholarships for international students. These scholarships take into account academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and potential contributions to the NJIT MS in CS program. They provide a platform for high-achieving students to excel and thrive in their studies.

ROI on Your Investment

Analyzing the potential return on investment (ROI) for NJIT MS in CS fees is a crucial step in making an informed decision. Graduates of the program can expect competitive salaries, with an average of $98,283. This figure demonstrates the program's ability to prepare students for successful careers in the field of computer science. The program's curriculum equips graduates with the knowledge and skills sought after by employers, making them valuable assets in the job market.

Part-Time Jobs and Earnings Potential

Teaching Assistantship:

NJIT provides opportunities for students to work as teaching assistants (TAs) during their studies. These positions offer not only NJIT MS in CS fees support but also valuable teaching and leadership experience. TAs assist professors in conducting classes, grading assignments, and providing support to fellow students. In return, they receive compensation, which contributes to covering their expenses.


Internships are a vital component of the MS in CS program at NJIT. They offer students the chance to gain real-world experience in a professional setting. Many tech companies provide paid internships, allowing students to earn while learning. These internships often lead to full-time job offers upon graduation, enhancing the ROI of the degree.

Research Assistantship:

Students with a passion for research can explore research assistantship opportunities within the program. Research assistantships provide funding for students to work on research projects under the guidance of faculty members. Not only do these positions offer financial support, but they also contribute to the development of valuable research skills and also help to ease NJIT MS in CS fees.

Freelancing and Remote Work:

The tech industry offers a wide range of opportunities for freelancing and remote work. Graduates of NJIT MS in CS program can leverage their skills to work on freelance projects or secure remote positions. These options provide flexibility in terms of work location and may lead to attractive earnings.


In conclusion, pursuing an MS in CS at NJIT is an investment in your future that opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

Understanding the NJIT MS in CS fees associated with your education, exploring available scholarships, and considering your potential earnings are essential steps in making a well-informed decision.

NJIT is not only dedicated to academic excellence but also committed to supporting your journey toward becoming a successful professional in the field of computer science.

By carefully planning your NJIT MS in CS fees, taking advantage of scholarships, and considering your future earning potential, you can embark on this educational journey with confidence and pave the way for a successful career in the dynamic world of computer science.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the tuition fees for the MS in Computer Science program at NJIT?

The tuition fees for the MS in Computer Science program at NJIT amount to $34,326. It’s important to note that tuition costs may vary for in-state and out-of-state students.

Yes, there is an application fee of $75 when applying to NJIT MS in Computer Science program. This fee covers the cost of processing applications and is a standard procedure for graduate program applications.

Yes, NJIT offers several scholarships for international students, including the NJIT MS in CS Global Excellence Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship, International Graduate Research Fellowship, NJIT MS in CS Women in Technology Scholarship, Global Leaders Scholarship, and various merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are designed to recognize academic excellence and support international students in pursuing their education.

To apply for scholarships at NJIT, you should carefully review the specific eligibility requirements and application deadlines for each scholarship opportunity offered by the university. Typically, the application process for scholarships requires submitting relevant documents, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose (SOP). Make sure to prepare your scholarship applications diligently to increase your chances of receiving financial aid.

Graduates of NJIT MS in Computer Science program can expect an average salary of approximately $98,283. This figure reflects the program’s success in preparing students for successful careers in the field of computer science, making them highly sought after by employers.

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