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A student who pursues an ms in supply chain management in USA has the opportunity to study at some of the best colleges and business institutions in the country. Leading US colleges provide MBA, MS, and MEng degrees in supply chain management. The program might last anywhere from nine months to two years, depending on the college and degree type selected. An MS in supply chain management can cost anywhere from 26,000 to 80,000 USD in the USA.

A STEM program in the US called the MS in Supply Chain Management permits overseas students to continue for an additional two years to look for work. After earning your master's degree in supply chain management, you can find employment in major corporations, start-ups, or smaller businesses that handle the purchase and distribution of logistics and resources. Your entry-level salary in the USA for an MS in Supply Chain might range from 52,000 to 117,000 USD. USA also offers immense PGDM programs, international students mostly choose to study PGDM in USA.

Course Highlights for the Masters in Supply Chain Management

Offered course

Master of Supply Chain Management; MS in Supply Chain Management;

MBA in Supply Chain Management ; MBA in Global Supply Chain Management.

  Duration  9 months – 2 years.
   Type  Full-Time; Part-Time; Online mode.
  Admission Requirements

  Bachelor’s Degree; GMAT/GRE scores;

Work Experience is preferred but not mandatory.

  Fees  USD 34,761 – USD 104,992
  Job Prospect

  Logistic Analyst; Global Logistics Manager;

Transportation Director; Supply Chain Analyst;

Supply Chain Manager; Procurement Analyst/Purchasing Manager;

Annual Average Salaries (per year)  52,645 USD – 117,930 USD .

Why Do MS Supply Chain Management Programs in the USA?

  • You should be aware that the US has a distinguished history as a study destination, hosting close to 10 lakh foreign students. 37% of American jobs, according to the Harvard Business Review, are in the supply chain.
  • The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a supply chain management master's degree will increase wages by 22% in 2022.
  • By 2028, job responsibilities for logisticians and business operations professionals are predicted to grow by 5% and 7%, respectively.
  • According to BLS data, logisticians made a median annual pay of around 74,750 USD, which is more than the typical American.
  • Manufacturing is the industry that hires the most people with an ms in supply chain management in USA, followed by the federal government, technical services, management firms, and wholesale commerce.

Top Universities for Ms in Supply Chain Management in USA

The US colleges that provide an MS in supply chain management are well-known and respected internationally. The best US institutions that offer an MS in supply chain management are included here, along with information about their programs, QS rankings, and total course costs.

Universities/Colleges   Course Name & Duration

Course Fees( in INR)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan   MEng in Supply Chain Management: 10 months

56 lakhs


The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Ross)   Master in Supply Chain Management: 2 years33 lakhs

Carnegie Mellon UniversityMBA in Operations Management (Focus on Supply Chain): 1.9 years.25 lakhs

   University of WisconsinMS in Supply Chain Management: 2 years39 lakhs

   Washington University, St. LoiusMS in Supply Chain Management: 1.6 years60 lakhs

   University of Maryland   MS in Supply Chain Management: 1 year47 lakhs

   Case Western Reserve UniversityMS in Management – Supply Chain Management & Operation Research: 9 months.24 lakhs

   University of Minnesota   MS in Supply Chain Management: 1 year19 lakhs

   University of Colorado   Masters in Supply Chain Management: 10 months.25 lakhs

   Rutgers Business School   MBA in Supply Chain Management: 1 year28 lakhs

Admissions for an MS in Supply Chain Management in USA

A three-year bachelor's student cannot enroll for an ms in supply chain management in USA because international candidates wanting to continue their degree in the United States must have completed at least 16 years of school (10+2+4). To demonstrate that you have completed 16 years of study, you will need to produce proof of an additional year of education in the form of a diploma or certificate. For students applying to the MS in Supply Chain Management program in the United States, a bachelor's degree and a GRE/GMAT score are also prerequisites.

When Should You Apply for an American MS in Supply Chain Management in USA?

There are two main admission seasons for students looking to enrol at US universities: the fall and spring. However, certain colleges could admit foreign students for the summer session.

Fall Session:

  • The fall semester begins at the end of August and runs until January.
  • Most colleges will let you take classes this semester.
  • The majority of scholarships are available this semester.

Spring Session:

  • It begins in January and runs until May.
  • This semester, fewer applications are being submitted.
  • Admission dates for numerous colleges for the forthcoming semester have been modified because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Students are strongly advised to visit the university website for more information.

Admission to the Ms in Supply Chain Management in USA

Each university in the US that offers an MS in Supply Chain Management has different criteria for GPA, GRE/GMAT scores, and English language competency. The prerequisites for several tests to apply for the program in the US are shown below in tabular form:

Documentation Requirements for MS in Supply Chain Management in USA

  • Mark sheets, degrees, and transcripts from prior colleges.
  • LORs: A minimum of two letters of recommendation must be submitted with the application.
  • If your overall application is lacking in one of the requirements but you have a LOR from a recommendation with a name in the supply chain business, you may still be admitted.
  • SOP/Personal Statement: A written statement that details your accomplishments, objectives, and reasons for selecting the program and the university.
  • US visa for students
  • Evidence of financing
  • Evidence of language ability
  • Other exam results are provided straight from the testing organization.

USA Student Visa

The steps and paperwork needed to apply for a student visa in the USA are explained below:

  • A bare minimum amount in your bank account to pay your everyday costs and first-year tuition.
  • Financial proof is required.
  • You must also present any documentation supporting any scholarships granted by a university or institute.
  • An I-20 form for an F1 visa will then be sent by the university.
  • You must finish the SEVIS I-901 form before you may register with the global visitor database.
  • F Visa, pay the SEVIS charge.
  • Visit the website to make a visa appointment.
  • After that, you must complete the online DS-160 form. Now print out the same information for the interview.

Cost of an MS in Supply Chain Management in USA

You will have to pay between 34,761 and 104,992 USD to study supply chain management at an American university. In addition, the cost of living in the USA is from USD 3,500 to 4,000 per month. It covers transportation, gas, electricity, and groceries. Pre-Departure Costs, Tuition Fees, and Cost of Living make up the three components of the entire cost of education.

Cost Before Departure

While you're still on your home grounds, some of your costs will start. These include the cost of applications, student visas, tests necessary to study in the United States, flights, etc. We will go through a couple of these in greater depth below:

  Expenses  Fee (INR)
  F1 & J1 Visa  26,213
  Health Insurance in US1,49,794
  IELTS  13,181
  TOEFL  13,481
  GMAT  18,724
  GRE  15,353

 Cost of Living in USA

The cost of living is a significant expense that makes up a significant portion of the budget when predicting it for overseas students. The following information is provided for a few of the costs:


  Cost in INR/month
  Groceries  18,724
  3-course meal89,876
  Public Transport  8,987
  Rented Bike  18,724
  Internet Pass  4,943
  Gas & Electricity  12,358
Books & Learning Material1,49,000
  Homestay  59,917
Dormitory/Student Halls  33,703
Rented apartment89,876

Scholarships for an MS in Supply Chain Management in USA

In the USA, earning an MS in supply chain management may cost anything from 26 to 79 lakhs. For students, this is a heavy burden. Students can pay for these costs by applying for one of the scholarships offered in the USA for overseas students. Some of the well-known student scholarships are listed below:

   Scholarship   University   Amount/Award

MIT Advancing Women Through Education Fellowship

MIT Supply Chain Excellence Award

SCM Departmental fellowships

MIT, Sloan

100 percent Tuition Fellowship

10,000 to 25,000 USD tuition Fellowship

3,000 to 30,000 tuition fellowship


Tepper MBA Scholarship

Tepper School Consortium Fellowship

Tepper Flex Employer Matching Scholarship

Carnegie Mellon University


Almost half of your tuition costs, plus a stipend


Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship –
Spencer T. And ANN W. Olin Fellowship – a 1-year stipend Full tuition fees, and annual travel cost up to USD 600

Washington University, St. Louis

Covers Tuition fee and stipend

Loans from home country

University of Washington


Jobs With an MS in Supply Chain Management in USA

Studying in the USA will increase your employment prospects. In the USA, there is a substantial market for supply chain and logistics experts. The United States Labor Statistics suggests that earning a Master's degree could be advantageous. By 2022, it may cause salaries to increase by 22%.

After earning a master's degree in supply chain management in the USA, the following career titles and wages will be discussed:

  Job Role  Average Annual Salary (in USD)
  Supply Chain Manager  90,000
  Supply Chain Analyst  66,000
  Logistician  85,500
  Operations Manager74,000
Procurement Manager  91,000
  Purchasing Manager  69,000

Work Permit After Studying in the USA

The next major problem after earning a ms in supply chain management in USA is obtaining an H-1B visa, which is needed to work there. To obtain an H-1B visa, you must:

Employment Offer Letter from the Present Employer in the USA

  • The I-129 petition must be submitted by your employer and USA Citizenship.
  • To have the job done without any problem, you might need to engage a lawyer.
  • The Boeing Company, BP, 3M, Amazon, Ford Motor Company, Kohl's, Target, and other well-known employers in the USA are some of the top employers of MS in Supply Chain Management graduates. Not only are these recruiters well-known on a global scale, but they also provide a generous compensation plan. 

Additionally, as American graduate schools are regarded as top-tier educational institutions, earning an MS in supply chain management from one of those countries entitles the holder to employment in any nation of their choosing and the highest salary. MS in supply chain management in USA is the greatest choice for a student wishing to become a logistician or work in the same profession because it enables students to make comfortable median incomes and learn at some of the top institutions in the world.


The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is intended for those who are passionate about the field, have a strong aptitude for mathematics, and desire to start a career in supply chain management. It offers chances for professional advancement in functional fields including planning, logistics, quality assurance, inventory management, distribution, and purchasing in international supply chains. Your knowledge of this industry will grow as a result of pursuing a ms in supply chain management in USA, which will also provide you with the abilities needed to find specialized employment. Reserve an appointment with one of our counselors for thorough advice on realizing your goal of studying abroad.

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