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MBAN and MBA programs in business analytics are available at Canadian postsecondary institutions. MBAN, a master's in business analytics course, and MBA programs with a concentration in business analytics are available. Students may take the MS in Business Analytics at Canadian colleges for a tuition fee of between 20,000 and 50,000 USD. This translates to 36.81 million INR for Indian students. To get admission to Master's in business analytics programs, international students must have a GPA of 3.0 (83-86%) and a GMAT score. Business Analytics students in Canada may pursue a wide range of occupations after graduation. A postgraduate in business analytics from Canada can earn between 70,000 and 100,000 USD annually.

Best Canadian Universities for Masters in Business Analytics

Some of Canada's top universities and business colleges offer graduate programs in business analytics. The following universities/colleges are listed in order of preference, along with the program specializations, fees, and Cost of living expenses:

World RankingUniversity/CollegeProgram     Fees in USD

Cost of Living

(in USD)

#34UBC Sauder School of BusinessMasters of Business Analytics42,00012,700
#72McMaster DeGroote School of Business     MBA Business Analytics30,2508,000
#136University of AlbertaMBA Business Analytics43,00015,000
#137HEC UniversityMS in Data Science and Business Analytics20,353-20,7305,000
#201-250Western Ivey Business SchoolMS in Business Analytics51,60015,000
#401-500York Schulich School of BusinessMasters of Business Analytics38,5007,600
#501-600Carleton UniversityMS Business Analytics (collaborative masters)38,5006,050-10,100


Why Enroll for a Master in Business Analytics in Canada?

The following reasons why pursuing a Master of Business Analytics degree in Canada is beneficial are listed below.

  • According to QS World University Rankings, three of Canada's eight universities that offer Master of Business Analytics programs are listed in the world's top 100, 2022. 
    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business analytics-related jobs are expected to increase by 110,000 by 2026.
  • MBAN degree holders can earn an average of $230,000 annually, according to the GMAC survey 2018. Because 71% of employers will recruit business school graduates for analytical positions, MBAN or similar degrees will be required for 52% of those recruits. 

Description of the MS in Business Analytics programs

Graduates of computer science, data analytics, or individuals with a background in statistical mathematics may apply to one- to two-year programs for a master's degree in business analytics. Big data analytics, predictive modeling, supply chain analytics, data visualization, energy analytics, and programming for analytics are among the main topics covered. Other specialties within the MBA programs include customer analytics, operations analytics, people analytics, and accounting analytics.

Admissions for Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

International students who want to study in Canada must meet a few common requirements for admission. But the application procedure for master's programs in Canada differs from one school to the next. For information on the admission portals and forms, applicants may go to the programs page on the institution's official website. Most institutions advise international candidates to apply for the autumn semester. The following are the deadlines for the MS in Business Analytics programs in Canada:

McMasterMar 1
HEC MontrealMar 15

Apr 15

Nov 15

UWOSept 28
York University

Oct 7

Nov 25


Carleton UniversityCurrently Open (Sept)
UBCOct 26

Eligibility for a Master in Business Analytics in Canada

The following list includes the general requirements for admission to business analytics programs in Canada:

  • Candidates should hold a Bachelor's degree, preferably one that is four years long and includes statistics, algebra, and calculus as required courses. They should also have practical expertise in computer programming and data analytics.
  • A GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0, together with a GRE or GMAT score and the results of other English proficiency exams like the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc., indicate that the percentage score should fall between 76 and 81 percent and a letter grade of B or above.

Application Requirements for the Canadian Masters in Business Analytics

There are many papers that applicants for master's programs must provide with their application. Below is a summary of the specifics regarding the documents needed for admission to the Masters in Business Analytics programs in Canada:

  • Transcripts: Previous institutions' diplomas, grade reports, and other papers must be supplied. Applicants may be required to provide actual transcripts by some colleges. Although some institutions need verified original copies of the transcripts, others do not.
  • International academic or professional candidates from non-native English-speaking nations are required to provide proof of language competency. Candidates may provide their results from standardized language exams. The following basic prerequisites must be met to pursue MS Business Analytics in Canada:
  1. IELTS: 7.0 (with a band score of 6.5 each). A cumulative score of 6.5 is the minimum accepted by Carleton University.
  2. 100 on the TOEFL iBT. A total score of 87 is the minimum accepted by Carleton University.
  3. Letters of Recommendation must be submitted by candidates for the MS in Business Analytics. Most institutions want two to three LORs.
  4. Resume/CV: It is necessary to apply along with an updated professional résumé.
  5. Supporting records Some extra materials that can be needed for admissions include a statement of intent and personal essays.

Master of Business Analytics without GMAT in Canada

One of the criteria for enrolling in a Master's program in business analytics in Canada is the GMAT. However, under exceptional circumstances, certain colleges could remove the GMAT requirement. Excellent academic candidates may be admitted to the business analytics programs without taking the GMAT. International candidates should make sure to get in touch with the relevant universities for information.

All university applications are evaluated comprehensively. LORs, interviews, and GRE/GMAT scores all have a significant impact on admissions. The decisions are made public between two and six months after they are made.

Costs of a Master's in Business Analytics in Canada

The minimal financial resources needed to finance their studies for the first year are required of international candidates wishing to study in Canada. Three categories may be used to broadly group the expenses associated with studying for overseas students. Pre-arrival expenses, educational expenditures, and daily living expenses are these. The price of a master's in Business Analytics program in Canada varies depending on the university.

Pre-arrival expenses

A table listing the one-time significant expenditures associated with studying abroad for an international student is provided below.

Type of ExpenseCost (USD)
Program Application Fees75-113*
Visa Application Fees235**
Health Insurance10,000
IELTS Fees185-190
TOEFL Fees160-250
GRE Fees205-230
GMAT Fees250


Scholarships for a Master in Business Analytics in Canada

Numerous scholarships are available for international students participating in the MBAN and MBA with Business Analytics concentrations. 

UniversityScholarshipAmount Offered (USD) (Approx)
University of British ColumbiaAsia Top Talent Scholarship International Talent Scholarship3780-7565 7565-11350
University of Alberta*No specific scholarships available.NA
Carleton UniversityMerit Scholarships756-9080
York Schulich School of BusinessMerit-based Entrance Award and International Student AwardVariable
Western Ivey Business SchoolMerit-based Awards15,129
HEC MontrealEntrance ScholarshipVaries
McGill UniversityVarious Entrance Scholarships are available Scotiabank Fellowship3700-7500 3782
McMaster UniversityProvost Entrance Scholarship and The Woo Family International Entrance Scholarship5673 2300

Jobs for Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

Candidates from outside Canada are eligible to work there with a Canadian Work Permit. Following is a list of some of the occupations one may pursue in Canada with an MS in Business Analytics, along with the proposed median earnings. Deloitte, CIBC, Air Canada, KPMG, and other well-known firms are just a few of the ones that regularly recruit graduates with a Master's in Business Analytics degree.

The popularity of big data-related employment in Canada is helping programs for masters in business analytics to grow rapidly. For well-known colleges like UBC, there has been an increase in the number of applications submitted and applicants who have been awarded admission.

Students can get employment in industries including financial services, retail, media, travel, healthcare, etc. with a postgraduate degree in business analytics. Students with a background in statistical mathematics may be interested in the MS in business analytics programs due to the lucrative median salary of 50,000–70,000 USD at the entry-level.


In conclusion, obtaining a Master's graduate degree in Business Analytics from Canada will introduce you to a vast array of prospects. This is an excellent course to take into your further education if you are an international student from India who is passionate about expanding enterprises via data-driven decision-making.

We hope that this extensive guide will help you get a sense of the best colleges in Canada that offer business analytics programs.

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