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The cost of a 2-year Master's in Business Analytics degree in Australia ranges from 40,000 to 77,000 AUD. For candidates from India, this is estimated to be 21–38 LPA. A student who has a degree in business analytics is given a variety of analytical abilities for effective company planning. You must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 65% to pursue a master's in business analytics at an Australian university. Some colleges may additionally need GMAT scores when you apply. LORs, SOPs, and resumes are examples of supporting documents that are an essential component of the application. Applications are accepted by Australian universities twice a year in February and July. International students can apply to institutions with ease because many have agents in several other nations.


Masters in Business Analytics: Top Universities for Australia

Some of the top-ranked Australian Universities have added business analytics as one of the primary graduate degrees among the courses they offer in response to the rising demand. Here is a list of Australian universities that offer a master's degree in business analytics. The duration and costs of the programs at these well-known universities are also listed in the table.

National RankingsName of the UniversitiesProgramTotal Program Fees (AUD)
2    University of Melbourne
Monash University
Master of Business Analytics (1 year)55,000
7University of Western AustraliaMaster of Business Analytics (1.5-2 years77,200
9University of Technology SydneyMaster of Business Analytics (1.5 years)61,344
13Macquarie UniversityMaster of Business Analytics (1 year/1.5 years/2 years)38,000 (for 1 year program)
18Deakin UniversityMaster of Business Analytics (1.5- 2 years)70,000
22La Trobe UnivesityMaster of Business Analytics (1.5-2 years)68,800
23Bond University Master of Business Data Analytics (1.5 years)63,760
25Western Sydney UniversityMaster of Business Analytics (2 years)63,640
28Victoria UniversityMaster of Business Analytics (varies)14850/Semester

Why Choose Australia to Study Business Analytics?

  • The Master's in Business Analytics programs at the University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University, two of Australia's most well-known universities, are ranked among the best in the world.
  • According to QS employability rankings, several of the Australian institutions that offer the program are among the best for graduate employability.
  • In Australia, the typical pay scale provided to competent business analytics workers is three times more than the national average.
  • According to Gartner, the Australian market for business analytics has increased by 13.4% during 2017, or around 1,468.20 million AUD.
  • On the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, a PR route course called Business Analytics is included. After earning a master's degree in business analytics from one of the nation's higher education institutions, overseas students may find it easier to get permanent residency in the country due to the need for competent individuals in the industry.

Admissions to the Australian Masters in Business Analytics

The basic requirements for pursuing a master's degree in Australia must also be met by international students who intend to study there, in addition to the university-specific qualifying requirements. When applying to Australian institutions, prospective overseas students should be aware of the following general requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree in mathematics, information systems, engineering, computer science, physics, economics, or finance is required of applicants. Some Australian universities, including Deakin University, may accept applicants without a bachelor's degree in the appropriate field if they meet the requirements listed below:
    • 2 years or more of experience in the field
    • Before applying for an MS in business analytics in Australia, you must complete a certificate or diploma degree in the subject.
  • Candidates must have finished three years of undergraduate coursework, including foundational courses in regression analysis, probability, and mathematical skills.

Eligibility for a Master in Business Analytics in Australia

The best institutions in Australia that offer the program have provided a list of their specific entry criteria below.

UniversityIELTSTOEFLUG degree requirements
University of Melbourne    7.010265%
Monash University6.57965%
University of Western Australia6.58260%
UTS6.579-93Degree in relevant subject
    Macquarie University7.094B Grade or 55%
Deakin University6.579Degree in relevant subject
La Trobe University6.579Degree in relevant subject

Documents Needed for an Australian Master in Business Analytics

The following documents must be submitted by the students before beginning the program to ensure a quick application process. The list of paperwork needed for the course includes

  • Transcripts showing the applicant's most recent degree
  • Outlines of the undergraduate academic curriculum
  • Scores of examinations like the IELTS and TOEFL that are necessary to study in Australia CV and cover letter together
  • Some universities may need letters of recommendation.

On the official portal of the relevant universities, the candidates must upload all required documentation. Following the shortlist of candidates, the university will send the applicant mail to acknowledge the confirmation letter. Once the candidate accepts the confirmation letter, they must respond.

Required Documents for Visa Interview

To study in Australia, prospective international students must apply for a student visa. Here is the list of paperwork needed for an interview for an Australian student visa for those who are studying abroad for a master's degree in business analytics.

  • Confirmation of Enrollment - The applicant must produce the confirmation letter on the chosen program of study that was delivered to the chosen student.
  • The validity of a passport must be at least six months.
  • Visa application fee: To file a visa application, the applicant must pay AUD 620 in fees.
  • academic transcripts or employment history (if required)
  • A minimum of one semester's worth of tuition and round-trip airline tickets to Australia are needed as proof of finances.
  • Health insurance plan: The foreign students' health insurance plan has an annual fee of around AUD 438.
  • Statement of purpose: This document outlines the students' motivations for choosing a specific course of study as well as their goals for the future.
  • passport-sized pictures

Australia's Living Expenses

The cost of pursuing a master's degree in business analytics in Australia mostly depends on the institution offering the program and the location of the school. The Australian Government mandates that students need an additional 20,290 AUD each year, on top of their university tuition, to cover living expenses. Additionally, it implies that lodging costs might range from 5 to 440 AUD each week, depending on the style and location.

Scholarships for an Australian Master of Business Analytics

About 300 million AUD has been spent by the Australian government on scholarships for foreign students. Due to the expensive tuition at Australian colleges, financial help is required. Many scholarships are available for foreign students who want to study in Australia. Several of them are listed below:

  • Australia Awards Scholarships are available to full-time overseas undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Scholarships from the Australian Government Research Training Program are available to students in Australia who are enrolled in research master's or doctoral programs.
  • At a few Australian higher education institutions, there are also a limited number of university-specific scholarships available.

Jobs for Masters in Business Analytics in Australia

  • One of the top paying occupations in the nation is business analytics. The growth rate is anticipated to be 20.2% between 2019 and 2024.
  • Business analysts in Australia make an average of 106,000 AUD per year.
  • In Australia, business analysts receive a 13% pay increase every 15 months.
  • Nearly 80% of business analysts receive bonuses, which can be worth up to 8% of their yearly compensation.
  • After completing any level of degree, international students studying business analytics at prestigious Australian universities have access to a wide range of employment prospects. 

Top Recruiters & Profiles for Masters in Business Analytics Programs in Australia

Australia is well known for its numerous analytics companies in business analytics. Business analytics is a recently developed subject that offers organizations accurate analytical reports as well as the strategies necessary for success in related industries. The graduate with a master's degree in business analytics from Australia may also submit their most recent CV to leading employment portal websites like CareerOne, Adzuna, Seek, Indeed Australia, FlexCareers, GradConnection, and many others.

Australia is one of the finest places to get a master's in business analytics since there are many corporate partnerships amongst colleges there due to the increased need for qualified personnel. Popular partnerships include those between NVIDIA and Monash University, SAS Australia and the University of Melbourne, the IBM Center of Excellence in Business Analytics at Deakin University, and several others. It should go without saying that these partnerships will benefit overseas students pursuing business analytics master's degrees in Australia financially in addition to contributing to closing the supply-demand imbalance.


Graduates of the Masters in Business Analytics program are highly sought after in Australia, where the analytics sector is expanding fast. But picking the best Australian university is not simple. Rankings, visa rules, connections to the sector, expenses, and other variables must all be considered.

Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in making a decision.

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