MBA in UK without GMAT

Globalization has faded the notion of international boundaries making it possible for people to connect anywhere, anytime in the world. Technological advancements are accredited for this, as cell phones, handy tablets, sleek laptops, with wireless connectivity have connected people across the world. In situations like the current pandemic- COVID-19, Omicron, and whatnot, it is the technology that has held the world together. It has rescued businesses and people to deliver services across the world. The UK has some of the best MBA colleges in world

With globalization comes diversity, while it makes a work environment richer in its culture and varied in terms of talent, it becomes difficult to manage and communicate with the manpower with such diverse nature. For this reason, companies hire highly qualified individuals who are perfectly able to manage their business operations and human resources effectively and efficiently. 


MBA programs play an essential role in creating these potential future leaders. The MBA curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of these big companies that require efficient leaders/ managers to expedite their business ventures. Students often opt for MBA in finance specialization

MBA is Masters in Business Administration, a post-graduate program that focuses on imparting soft skills, such as leadership, and problem-solving acumen in individuals. The core courses that most MBA programs cover are as follows-

  • Accounting
  • Applied Statistics
  • Human Resources
  • Business Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Business law
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance
  • Managerial Economics
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Supply-chain Management
  • Operations Management

Why study MBA in UK?

UK is the second most reputed country in terms of its education quality. It is the dream of every student to study in the UK. Out of all the programs that UK offers- management courses like MBA, MiM etc are the most sought-after by the students. Furthermore, the degrees earned from the schools of the UK are cherished by employers. Specifically for MBA students, who get lucrative job offers as soon as they graduate. MBA in computer science is one of the popular programs in the UK.

Master in Strategic Marketing, MA in Leadership in Education, Master's in International Business, MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc. are some of the popular courses offered by the UK.

A ton of students aspire to pursue MBA from UK universities, however, unable to meet the GMAT criterion they do not go through with it. Although the GMAT is considered important to test the aptitude of the candidates, before welcoming them abroad, it does not mean that the aspirants who do not meet this requirement, are undeserving. Due to this, many universities consider the applications even without the GMAT. Sounds too-good-to-be-true, doesn’t it? Let me tell you that it is accurate! Now you can make your dream of studying MBA in UK without GMAT come true.

MBA in UK without GMAT Eligibility

Well, if the colleges waive off the GMAT requirements, what do they consider while selecting a candidate? Here are the prerequisites to study MBA in UK without GMAT-

  • Bachelor’s degree - You need a minimum of 60% in your bachelor’s to study MBA in UK without GMAT. However, we must not forget that when it comes to GPA/ Undergraduate scores, the more the merrier. Though you are eligible to apply for an MBA in UK with a 60% score, the universities will first consider the applicant with a higher score.
  • English Proficiency Proof/Test- Most Universities prefer a 6.5 or above score in IELTS
  • Work Experience - You will need at least 2-3 years of work experience to study MBA in UK without GMAT 

The above are the most important criteria for an MBA in UK without GMAT, as if you do not meet any of these criteria, the universities would ask you to submit your GMAT scores.


Some exams test your proficiency in English, and others are competitive / aptitude tests.

Language Proficiency tests.

Any one of the following tests is required to study or migrate to any English-speaking country. These tests are accepted in over 11000 universities in 190 countries.

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)  

Work Experience - A minimum of three years of work experience is required to study MBA in UK without GMAT. If you have a remarkable profile and 5 years of work experience your candidature in the UK is certain. So, please do not compromise the quality of your application.

Documents Required

  • CV
  • Essays
  • LOR
  • Student Visa
  • Receipts of the Payment of the application fee - 
  • At least 2 Letters Of Recommendation 
  • Bachelor’s Transcripts 
  • Bachelor's certificate (If applicable)
  • SSC/10th or equivalent
  • 12th/intermediate or any equivalent certificates
  • Letter of Motivation Statement of Purpose
  • Bank Statement/ Proof of funds
  • Study certificate or Job Certificate 
  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of extracurriculars

Should you apply for an MBA in UK without GMAT?

To decide this, make a list of the schools you are interested in, then figure out how much time you have. After this, decide whether or not you can fit GMAT into your schedule- including its preparation, exam, result. If you have enough time and the schools are targeting mandate GMAT, then you should go for it. Students often opt for MBA in Digital Marketing

On the other hand, if you are a working individual who does not have time for GMAT, you should consider applying without it. For this make sure that you make your profile stand out.

In another case, if you have already taken the GMAT but scores do not meet the minimum requirements of your targeted schools, you should consider MBA in UK without GMAT. 

Why Pursue MBA in UK?

  • Evergreen profession - No matter what an organization does, it cannot be done without effective management. Since ancient times, management has been an integral part of every activity and it will remain so.
  • Get Quality Education- UK stands among the top educational destinations as it fully equips its students with all the skills and mindset to tackle the corporate world with the utmost confidence.
  • Experience Cultural Diversity- Over 50 percent of the students studying in the UK belong to different nationalities, hence they bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table. This accelerates the growth of the mind of the pupils of the schools in the UK.
  • Enhance employment potential - Recruiters are not unaware of the quality of education that UK imparts on its students, therefore they highly value the degrees like MBA in UK.
  • Strong Alumni Connection - At the colleges of the UK you can join Alumni Club, these clubs help you connect with the diverse alumni of UK universities, adding to your network.
  • Top research infrastructure- Over 30% of the UK universities are among those referred to as ‘ world leading’ and 40 % as ‘ internationally excellent’; this is because these universities provide top research facilities to their students and do not compromise with the infrastructure.
  • Burgeoning demand for Managers - With Globalization and businesses trying to expand themselves, not only the requirement for managers is on the rise, rather employers hire the new age managers- who are tech-savvy, understand globalization, are capable of tackling its challenges, etc.
  • Accelerates hiring - Since the companies are looking for fresh perspectives in the management field, you will be employed as soon as you get your degree of MBA in UK without GMAT.
  • A lucrative course - Besides speeding up your employability, MBA in UK without GMAT also helps you to relish salary packages. 
  • Short-term Courses - While other countries offer MBA courses of 2-4 years long, MBA in UK without GMAT ranges from 12-21 months based on the university you have chosen.

Top Universities to Study MBA in UK without GMAT

Let us talk briefly about the top 3 colleges where you can study MBA in UK without GMAT.

MBA in UK without GMAT at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University provides an international business environment to its MBA students that enhances their understanding of the modern business world. MBA in UK without GMAT at Birmingham City University is 1-2 years duration depending on the curriculum your choose to study. You are eligible for MBA in UK without GMAT even if you scored 5-6 CGPA in your bachelor's degree. Apart from that, proof of language proficiency is mandatory-

  • If you do not have IELTS/TOEFL scores you would be required to submit a letter of recommendation that supports your application, proving your proficiency in English

This University is not stringent about the work experience, although it may enhance your chances of getting admission, you are eligible to apply without it as well.

MBA in UK without GMAT at Middlesex University

The meticulous MBA curriculum of this university enables you to shine like a star by excelling in every aspect of the business. A student enrolled in MBA at Middlesex University would not only get an MBA degree but also a diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership.

The duration of an MBA in UK without GMAT at Middlesex University is 12 months. You are required to have a bachelor's degree with at least 5 CGPA. For English language proficiency, either submit your IELTS/ TOEFL or supplement it with a letter of recommendation.

MBA in UK without GMAT at Cranfield School Of Management

The MBA curriculum offered by the Cranfield School Of Management brushes up your skill sets by theory, practical tools and strategies. It is a tailor-made program that helps you stand out from the crowd.

The duration of this program is just 12 months. You are expected to have work experience of at least three years, furthermore, proof of English language proficiency is essential as well. 

Other top colleges to Study MBA in UK without GMAT-




University of ReadingSouthern EnglandMBA35,00012
University of Central LancashirePreston, EnglandMBA,MIM13,50024
Birmingham City Business SchoolBirmingham, EnglandMBA30,45012-21
Middlesex UniversityBirmingham, EnglandMBA,MIM18,00012
Lancaster University Management SchoolLancaster, EnglandMBA33,00012
Durham University Business SchoolDurham, EnglandMBA,MIM

Cranfield School of ManagementCranfield, EnglandMBA,MIM34,000-39,00013
Warwick School of BusinessCoventry, EnglandMBA, MEM45,95012
HULT International Business SchoolLondonMBA




What would you learn in MBA in UK?

You would learn a no. of skills and technical knowledge in MBA in UK without GMAT, however, the most common skills that you will gain are as follows-

  • Effective communication - Since a manager needs to communicate across different departments via different mediums he has to have effective communication skills and the rigorous MBA curriculum would provide you proper assistance in excelling this skill.
  • Problem-solving - Every single person on this planet faces a problem, however, the way they approach it differs. It ultimately determines the success (professional life) and happiness (personal life) of a person. MBA in UK would prepare you for any problems that may befall you in the corporate world.
  • Time Management - Managing time is the primary need of management. This is because if you are not able to manage time every other function of the management would inevitably get hampered as it would not be done in time. 

Top recruiters & Salary packages after MBA in UK without GMAT

Pursuing MBA in UK without GMAT does not hinder your chances of placement, if anything it would accelerate your pace of getting employed. This is because, it is not easy to get a into MBA in UK without GMAT and if you crack it, then that means you have a splendid profile, stamped by the UK college. Here are the job opportunities awaiting you at the UK after MBA without GMAT-

Amazon51,000- 122,000Finance Manager
Deloitte62,356Manager, Financial Markets
NFU Mutual27,250HR Graduate Scheme
TPP45,000Communications & Marketing
Nestle30,000Marketing Graduate
Chase People25,000- 30,000Medical Sales- East of England
Egress27,000Business Development Representative
TPP45,000Commercial Manager
NFU Mutual27,000- 29,500Financial Services Sales Graduate Scheme
Wine Intelligence Ltd26,000-32,000Research Analyst



With an unparalleled international mix of students, faculty, and employment possibilities, UK business schools provide MBA programmes that are tailored to students of every academic level, financial need, and professional desire.
Students with strong first degrees and promising career starts will be able to benefit from learning how businesses operate while also establishing a network of contacts that will be beneficial in the long run because the UK is home to some of the best business schools in the world in terms of teaching quality and brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I do MBA without GMAT?

Yes, getting an MBA degree without GMAT is possible. As, many business schools around the world allow its students to complete MBA without GMAT.

Some universities do provide GMAT waivers in the UK. It is not necessary to give GMAT.

There are many Universities that allow you to study MBA in UK without GMAT- some of them are University of Edinburgh, the University of Reading, Cranfield School of Management etc.

Top countries that allow you to study MBA without GMAT are UK, Germany, Canada.

Yes, work experience is required to study MBA in UK, but this criterion is not stringent. However, if you wish to study MBA in UK without GMAT, a work experience of minimum of 3 years becomes mandatory.

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