Masters in Human Resource Management in Canada

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The two-year Master in Human Resource Management (MHRM) degree is offered by some of the best universities in Canada.

The bright side of getting a Human Resource Management degree is that there will always be a need for HR experts in Canada's ruthlessly shifting employment market for international students. You are needed as an HR professional by practically all businesses, regardless of industry.

The whole program's tuition ranges from 15,000 to 82,000 Canadian dollars. The course cost for Indian students ranges from 9 Lac to 47.3 Lac. According to Job Bank Canada, you will get an average salary of 89,440 CAD (51.46 Lac) a year as a human resource manager.

An MBA-HR and an MS in Human Resources Management (MHRM) are different. Although both programs may be finished in two years, an MBA program has substantially higher tuition costs.

A Master's in Human Resource Management program is less expensive to enrol in than an MBA degree. You should expect to pay roughly 30,000 CAD per year for MHRM tuition at top Canadian colleges, even though attending a top business school in Canada can cost you over 50,000 CAD in education alone.

Top Canadian Universities for Human Resource Management Masters Degrees

The table below lists the best universities in Canada where students may pursue a master's degree in human resource management in 2021.


UniversityMasters level Program/ DurationTotal Program Fees (in INR)
University of Toronto2 years Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resources47.3 Lac
Queens UniversityMasters of Industrial Relations/ 1 yr20.5 Lac
York UniversityMaster of Human Resource Management/ 2 yrs22.6 Lac
University of WindsorMIM- Human Resources Management/ 2 yrs26.15 Lac
University of ReginaMaster of Human Resource Management/ 2 yrs18 Lac
Centennial CollegeHuman Resources Management (Optional Co-op)/ 1 yr9.4 Lac
Humber CollegeGraduate Certificate Human Resource Management/ 1 yr10 Lac
Algonquin College1 year Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Ontario College9 Lac
Conestoga CollegeManagement of Human Resources (Optional Co-op) OCGC/ 1 year9.9 Lac
Camosun CollegePost-Degree Diploma in Business Administration - Human Resource Management & Leadership/ 2 yrs12.8 Lac

Why Choose Canada to Complete a Master in Human Resource Management?


  • Human resources and recruiting officers may make up to 89,440 CAD (51.46 Lac) yearly, according to
  • Between 2019 and 2028, there will likely be 12400 more job vacancies for Human Resources and Recruitment Officers, but there will also likely be 14200 more job seekers to fill them.
  • The package, which includes accommodation, transportation, and other incentives, is worth 108,000 CAD (62.14 Lac) for freshly graduated MHRM students in Canada from prestigious institutions. You must also be aware that persons with the same amount of work experience but different educational backgrounds receive different salaries. This wage rises with experience accumulated during years on the job. You receive 25% for a bachelor's or a diploma.

Course Highlights for a Master in Human Resource Management in Canada

Duration1 to 2 years
Eligibilitya bachelor's degree with at least four years of study and upper second-class status from an accredited institution of higher learning
Exams requiredTOEFL/ IELTS
Fees9 to 47.3 Lac (INR)
Job ProfilesManager of human resources, training and development specialist, and recruiter
Salaries offered50 Lac to 62 Lac (INR)

Admission to a Canadian master's program in human resource management

Although the minimum score criteria may vary depending on the program, we have included the minimum requirements for the best institutions in Canada that offer a master's degree in human resource management.

Application for Admission to MHRM in Canada


UniversityApplication Fee (in CAD)Application Deadline (for the 2021 intake)
University of Toronto1251-Mar-2020
Queens University150Rolling applications are accepted until the admissions season is complete.
York University100April 15, 2021
University of Windsor95Fall term- March 1
University of Regina100

March 1 for September start

July 1 for January start

October 1 for May start

Centennial College95March 25, 2021
Humber College75February 1, 2021
Algonquin College95February 1, 2021
Conestoga College100

Winter term-February 19, 2021

Spring term- June 18, 2021

Camosun College100

Fall term (September) — June 30, 2021

Winter term (January) — October 3, 2021

Summer term (May) — February 28, 20215555

Canadian Masters in Human Resource Management Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following basic requirements for a master's in Human Resource Management at one of Canada's top universities:


  • A three-year bachelor's degree with a minimum grade point average of 70% in any field.
    Scores for the English Language
  • Statement of Purpose from the relevant university for studying MHRM
  • Two positive letters of recommendation
  • a positive meeting with a representative of the appropriate university
  • If asked, a CV (maximum of 1,000 words, listing HR education, courses and experience)
  • Work experience demonstrating a solid understanding of human resource management, often earned through coursework leading to the CHRP credential and HR experience (recommended but not optional)
  • Student Visa with a valid passport

Unlike an MBA in Canada, you are not needed to submit GMAT results to pursue a master's in human resource management.

Student Visa for Canadian Universities

Since the MHRM program lasts more than six months, you must apply for a student visa to study in Canada. The fundamental actions to apply for a student visa in Canada are:

  • admission letter from an esteemed Canadian institution
  • Answer the questions on the CIC website about why you wish to study in Canada and include the
  • necessary information to demonstrate your eligibility for a Canadian student visa.
  • After demonstrating your eligibility, you'll be given a checklist code with which you'll need to submit an
  • online application. This code is only suitable for two months.
  • The checklist code is necessary for creating a MyCIC account, where you will upload the required
  • paperwork and pay the 150 CAD visa application cost.
  • You are prepared to make an appointment for the visa interview at the nearby visa office.

Documents needed for a student visa for Canada

  • current passport
  • letter of acceptance from a reputable Canadian university
  • Financial justification for your stay in Canada: 10,000 Canadian dollars every year, which can be presented as a bank statement or a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Canadian financial institution willing to participate.
  • two photos in passport size
  • Immigration Medical Checkup (IME)
  • Score on the English Language Proficiency Exam
  • Statement of Purpose for a Letter of Intent to Study in Canada

Language Requirements for a Master in Human Resource Management in Canada

UniversityScore Requirements
University of Toronto

TOEFL PBT- 600 and 5 on the English writing test

TOEFL iBT- 100

Queens University



IELTS - 7.0

York University


IELTS- 7.5

University of Windsor


IELTS- 7.0

University of Regina

TOEFL- 86 

IELTS- 6.5

Centennial College


IELTS- 6.5

Humber College


IELTS- 6.5

Algonquin College

IELTS- 6.5,

TOEFL (iBT)- 88

Conestoga College

IELTS- 6.5,


Camosun College

IELTS- 6.5,


The expense of an MHRM program in Canada

It is a must for overseas applicants to have a rough idea of the cost of living in Canada to live comfortably abroad.

The actual expenditures to be considered while applying to any institution may be divided into pre-arrival charges, program tuition fees, and cost of living.

Costs before arrival

A table listing the significant one-time expenditures associated with studying abroad for an international student is provided below.


Type of ExpenseCost (in CAD)Equivalent Costs in INR
Program Application Fees75 - 150*4,315 - 8,630
Visa Application Fees235**13,168
Health Insurance13,132737,000
IELTS Fees25014,010
TOEFL Fees210-45011,768 - 25,218
Airfare600 - 1,00033,600 - 672,485

Tuition for a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management in Canada

The cost of attending college might vary from 9 Lac INR to 47.3 Lac INR annually. The prices, however, can be significantly reduced if you apply for financial help and are approved. Following are the costs involved in pursuing the price:


UniversityTotal Program (in CAD)
University of Toronto82,000
Queens University35,560
York University39,200
University of Windsor45,368
University of Regina31,400
Centennial College16,211
Humber College17,537
Algonquin College15,732
Conestoga College17,165
Camosun College22,260

Canada's Cost of Living

All the costs you will incur after you are in Canada are included in the cost of living there. These cover the price of lodging, food, books, supplies, transportation, and other expenses related to being a student.


Type of ExpenseCost (in CAD)Equivalent Costs in INR
Books & Supplies2000112,080
Food Expenses100 (weekly)5,600 (weekly)
Self-Driven Vehicle8,500- 13,000 (annually)476,700- 729,000 (annually)
Monthly Metropass1468,188
Accommodation5,000-13,000 (annually)280,200 - 728,500 (annually)

International candidates should be aware that the kind of student housing selected will significantly impact the cost of lodging in Canada.

Scholarships for Masters in Human Resource Management in Canada

A logical management student would always explore financial opportunities when considering studying in Canada. Here are some options for financing a master's degree in human resource management in Canada:


Name of the ScholarshipEligibilityBenefit for the International Student
Ranjit Kumar Graduate FellowshipUniversity of Toronto graduate student from abroadUp to $5,000: one recipient annually
Entrance Award by Queens UniversityWhen graduate applicants earn tri-council prizes from the federal government, Queen's immediately considers them for a top-up award.5,000 CAD
BrokerFish International Student ScholarshipEach and every foreign student attending a Canadian university1000 USD on Health Insurance Expenses
UWindsor Open Entrance ScholarshipThe University of Windsor automatically accepts international students.Variable (disclosed after admission)
Debesh Kamal ScholarshipInternational students under the age of 30 who have sufficient funds to meet additional costsUpto 1 Lac (INR)
Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarshipenrolled as a full-time Master's or doctorate student at York UniversityUp to 2 awards of up to 8,000 CAD
The COVID-19 International Returner bursary AwardStudents from other countries attend Centennial College500 CAD - 1,500 CAD

International Entrance Scholarship

Humber CollegeCAD 2,000 off students tuition fees over the course of their first year of studies
Debra Marshall Human Resources Management Graduate AwardA Conestoga College student enrolled in the Human Resources Management program who is in its second trimester750 CAD
Academic Advancement ScholarshipInternational student with a current study permission enrolled at Camosun CollegeUp to 5 awards of up to 1,000 CAD

Alternative Sources of Funding for Canadian Universities

Loans for Private Students

For many overseas students, obtaining an educational loan from a private bank is essential and typically their last option. Almost all of the country's leading national banks, including SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB, and Bank of India, offer educational loans to Indian students. These banks may provide up to 85% of the program price for studying in Canada.

Work while you learn:

Many prestigious Canadian institutions offer work-study programs to help students supplement their income. This is a fantastic option for overseas students with student visas.

Most Canadian institutions allow full-time students to work up to 10 hours a week, including paid jobs. A study permit often limits paid employment for overseas students to no more than 20 hours per week.

Jobs in Canada after earning a master's in human resource management

Any organisation in any industry may benefit from having a human resource management master's degree. The work involves selecting, educating, and advancing the abilities of individuals. Following completion of an MHRM degree from a prestigious university, jobs in Canada include:


Human resources officerTraining and development officer
Office managerCareers adviser
Recruitment consultantManagement consultant
Talent agentHuman Resource Manager
Occupational psychologistHigher education lecturer
Life CoachEmployee Relations Manager

The following table displays salaries and job titles for those with a master's in human resource management from Canada:


Job ProfileAverage Salary offered/ year (in CAD)
HR Manager68,000
HR Coordinator50,000
HR Generalist54,000
HR Assistant38,000
HR Administrator42,000
HR Business Partner82,000

After graduating from a master's degree program at one of Canada's best universities, you are qualified for the maximum compensation packages given by the company. In addition to your talents, the program you studied at and the university you attended is also crucial throughout the interview process.

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