Masters in Engineering Management - top colleges, requirements and more

Technology plays a significant role in any business. Over the years, globalization has made them inseparable. As a result, business and technology have become an integral part of each other. They, in a way, complete each other.

The primary objective of MEM is to take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates out of their science labs and integrate their technology with business education. 

To meet these needs, universities have combined these two areas and have customized a one-of-a-kind Programme named MEM (Master's of Engineering Management). MEM is specially designed for those students who are interested in both, technology and management. 

This course is perfect for engineering students interested in technology leadership, industrial management, and tech entrepreneurship. This degree enables an engineer to work at the managerial level.

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • What is MEM?
  • MEM Curriculum
  • What will you learn in an MEM programme?
  • Subjects Covered by MEM
  • Eligibility
  • Pre-requisites
  • How to select a university for MEM?
  • How much does it cost to study a MEM?
  • Why pursue MEM?
  • Top colleges to study MEM
  • How to apply for a scholarship?
  • Job profiles. 
  • Top companies hiring MEM graduates
  • FAQs

What is MEM?

MEM is a combination of business and technology. This course is designed to adhere to the ever-changing global world of business needs. Every company likes its employees to be tech-savvy. And who is better tech-savvy than the engineers themselves?

When it comes to MEM, it is a distinctive combination of management education specially curated to suit the rapidly changing face of global business. As acknowledged by all of us, technology is now a fundamental need of many industries, making it a must-have skill for technocrats and the management that leads them. Acknowledging the need for such blended talents, business schools have designed a unique Masters degree, the MEM.

MEM Curriculum

Master's in Engineering Management is a multi-disciplinary course based on data analytics, machine learning, product management, product design, operations, and supply chain management.

The curriculum of MEM is designed based on the students' existing knowledge of technology with just the right amount of business knowledge. The duration of this course is 12 months in most of the universities, although it varies within 12-24 months. Over the course of a year, students are taught both graduate-level technical courses and core management courses. In addition, they can further their expertise by specializing in specific electives. 

It is an application-based curriculum. It focuses on practise more than theory. In other words, in this course, you will not only learn the required skills, but you will also get several opportunities to implement them. For example, an internship is incorporated in the programme for all the students to further their practical awareness.

Master's in Engineering Management is specially designed for those engineering students looking to work at an administrative/ managerial level without getting totally detached from the field of technology.

What will you learn in an MEM programme?

➔     If you are an engineer looking to speed up your career opportunities and grade up yourself to an enterprise-level leadership role, this course is for you.

➔     The MEM will help you grasp advanced management techniques used by highly skilled professionals and industrial leaders. 

➔     It is ideal for you if you are:

        ◆     Commencing your career and looking forward to speed up your progress.

       ◆     An ambitious professional with considerable industry experience.

       ◆     Have some management experience or are new to a management role and looking forward to building up your skills.

Subjects covered by MEM Courses

Engineering ManagementProduct DevelopmentTechnical Entrepreneurship
Decision ToolsOperation ManagementNegotiation
Accounting For EngineersManagerial AnalyticsMarketing Issues
Strategic MarketingProject ManagementFinancial Management
Leadership and Organizational BehaviourSupply Chain ManagementOrganizing for Innovation


❖     Eligibility

❖     Any engineering student can apply. (Fresh graduates can apply too.)

❖     STEM Background is mandatory. You must have a basic understanding of the subjects you would study in MEM.

❖     Maintain a good GPA in your undergraduate course.

❖     GMAT and GRE scores are commonly required to evaluate student aptitude. In some universities, including Cornell University, GRE scores are optional for 2022 applicants.

❖     Most schools require proof of English language proficiency. Usually, TOEFL.

❖     MEM programmes are not as stringent about work experience, but some universities, like MIT, have minimum criteria in this regard.


Here are some basic requirements for international students to get into any university-

  1. Payment of the application fee - The universities need to make sure that you paid the application fee, for this sometimes you are required to submit the receipt.
  2. Letter of Recommendations - A letter of recommendation is a reference letter, often written by a senior (professional LOR) or a professor (academic LOR). Letters of recommendation are also called reference letter, letter of reference, or simply, reference.
  3. GRE, SAT, or GMAT, are required in some universities of Europe.
  4. TOEFL or IELTS - Any one of these two tests are required by the colleges to check your proficiency in English.
  5. Undergraduate Transcripts - Transcripts of Bachelor's Degree is mandatory to get into foreign universities. They assess your overall performance based on your electives/courses.
  6. Bachelor's certificate (If available)
  7. SSC/10th or equivalent
  8. 12th/intermediate or any equivalent certificates
  9. Letter of Motivation - It is also known as Statement of Purpose. This letter gives the students an opportunity to ace their application. A statement of purpose or essay is needed by the colleges to assess the personality of the applicant. They also make sure whether your goals and the applied course are aligned or not. If they find no alignment between the two, you would probably not get selected.
  10. Bank Statement - It might seem strange that colleges require your bank statements, but they need it to make sure that you have funds to bear your living expenses besides tuition fee. Therefore, it can also be called proof of funds.
  11. Study certificate or Job Certificate - You need to submit the certificate of any course you pursued apart from your school and Undergraduate degree. In addition, though you do not need work experience for MEM in most universities, if you have any internship or work experience, it can enhance your chances of getting into your dream school.
  12. Copy of Passport - The Photocopy of the first and the last page of your passport is also required.
  13. Proof of extracurriculars - You would also need to share the significant extra-curricular activities you participated in or organized. If you led a team or organized an event like a college fest, please submit the certificate.

How to select a university for MEM?

  1. Location – When you choose to study abroad, location is the first thing that you should consider. The location of your college determines the cost of living in that particular area or city. It also tells you about the surroundings of the place that you choose to study in to research the people and cultures you'll be interacting with. This will help in adapting to the environment sooner.
  2. Cost of studying - It is no secret that studying abroad can be expensive. If we target public universities, we can bring this cost down to a significant extent. Public universities cost way less than private ones. Although it is not easy to get into public universities,with the right amount of guidance, proper planning, and a good application, it is possible. Another excellent idea for cost saving is that no matter whether you need the money or not, please apply for scholarships and tuition waivers. It not only lessens your burden of cost but also improves your application.
  3. University Rankings- Everyone considers University Rankings before they apply for any course. It is a good approach, but we must apply to other universities to ensure that we do not run out of options.
     Placement in job opportunities - Before you choose the program or course you want to study, please consider the placements and job profiles you can apply for after completing your course.
  4. Internship - When it comes to MEM, internships are a given. All the universities have incorporated internships in their program design, whether you opt for distance learning or regular.

How much does it cost to study MEM? 

The tuition cost of MEM varies between $30,000 to $70,000. It depends on the college that you choose to study in. Besides your tuition fee, you would also have to spend a certain amount for accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses like, healthcare, food, transportation, etc. These costs may vary according to the place you choose to stay at.

Why Pursue MEM?

  1. A program with a vision - MEM program is designed with a future vision. This course would impart such skills and knowledge to its learners that they would always be relevant. Companies would always want tech-savvy individuals, and having significant business knowledge is the cherry on the cake. 
  2. Interact with diverse youth - Since you do not need any work experience to study MEM, the class majority would be in their early 20s. This can allow you to interact with the youth coming from different domains of the world.
  3. Super Fast Hiring - Since this course was designed recently, not many people are aware of it and its advantages. Therefore, the people who choose to pursue it get hired within a span of about 3 months after they complete their degree.
  4. Remunerative - As soon as you graduate, your average salary would range between 65000-90000 USD per annum, depending on the company, location, your skills, and experiences. 
  5. Duration - The duration of this course is about 12 months in most universities. After a year you can get a job and start fetching the money that you spent, back. Also, because of the course's short duration, you would not have to spend a lot of money on your accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Top Colleges To study MEM

UniversityLocationProgram NameTuition (Approx)Duration (in Months)
Cornell UniversityIthaca, New YorkM. Eng$260009-15
Dartmouth CollegeHanover, NHMEM$1800015
Duke UniversityDurham, North CarolinaEngineering Management$29000 12
Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimore, MarylandMSEM$5500012-18
MITCambridge, MassachusettsSDM$3000021
Stanford UniversityStanford, CaliforniaMS&E$4056-6760 15-24


How to apply for a scholarship?

  • Keep a close eye on the deadline - This deadline may not be the same as your other deadlines.
  • Submit your application ASAP - Do not wait for the last date to submit your application for the scholarship. Please submit your application at least 3 days before the deadline to avoid the last hour rush.
  • Check for the eligibility criteria - There are many different scholarships available, all of them have different eligibility criterion. For example, some scholarships are only available to resident students. Please make sure that you fit the criteria before applying.
  • Academic scores - Please keep a check on your academic performance. Universities consider your GPA to decide whether you win the scholarship or not. However, if there is a significant improvement in your GPA, they would still consider your application.
  • Ace your Application - Other than eligibility and GPA, you need to ace your application and prove why they should consider you. You need to convince them that you deserve the scholarship. For this you need to mention your skills and how you stand apart from your contemporaries.
  • Mentioning your leadership experience can seal the deal -If you won any award, certificate, or any other recognition for your leadership skills or any other managerial skills that would be the cherry on the cake.


★     Please check the documents required for scholarship applications, the universities might require some additional documents.

★     Study visa formalities need to be done in time. Colleges need to ensure that you have got a students visa before they grant you scholarships.


Cost/ System analyst64734New York, Illinois, California, San francisco, LA
Operations Manager92484California, New York, Chicago, LA
Technical Manager98672New York, Washington, Chicago, California
Technical Consultant75835New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, California 
Manufacturing and Design Engineer41500Taipei, Taiwan

 Top Companies Hiring MEM Graduates

MEM graduates have the potential to fulfil the requirements that are of the utmost importance, like technology, business. Moreover, the MEM graduates are younger than MBA graduates, which makes their perspective precious, and valued by every company.

  • Amazon
  • Capital One
  • Boeing
  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Infosys
  • Bank Of America
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Facebook
  • Parsons
  • AT&T
  • Boston Scientific
  • Deloitte
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Tesla


What is the full form of MEM?

The full form of MEM is Masters of Engineering Management.

What is MEMPC?-

Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) is a group of universities that have come together to work as a group to promote Engineering and Management programs.

Can engineers work in managerial positions?

Yes, engineers can get opportunities to work at managerial positions, where they can interact with human resources, simultaneously using their IT knowledge to manage operations in a company. This can be done through an MEM degree program. 

Can I pursue a Masters in Engineering management without any prior work experience?

Yes, unlike MBA, an MEM course does not mandate work experience. Therefore, you can apply for this course as soon as you complete your undergraduate degree.

Which are the best countries to study MEM?

America, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Germany are among the best countries to study MEM.

Is there any specific engineering background requirement? 

No, any engineering student can opt for MEM.

How long would it take to get a job after MEM?

It would not take you more than 3 months to get a job after completing your MEM.

What GPA is required to study MEM?

It varies between 2.5 - 3.0. Universities like the Grand Canyon and MIT require 3.0 GPA.

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