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Data science refers to the process of collecting, storing, segregating, and analyzing data which serves as a valuable resource for organizations to use in data-driven decision making.

It is often used by highly skilled computing professionals who have excellent technical knowledge and expertise.

It exists everywhere; every interaction in any technological domain includes a set of data. It is one of the fascinating sectors to be a part of in today's modern world. Data is the key to power in this age of information.

So get your mindset on Data Science?

But can't get a good idea of where to get the best exposure and knowledge. You have landed at this place oozing with confusion about which college to choose and everything about Data Science that will help you choose the best option for you.

Then worry not! We have got that covered for you.


From the best colleges and admission criteria to scholarships and job opportunities, we'll provide you with every little detail that you need to make the right choice for you. So, get ready to begin your inspiring data science in Canada journey with us.

Suppose you're looking to become a data science wizard, a Master of technology, and process those humongous numbers with ease. Then Canada is the most sought-after study abroad destination for you. From the most suitable environment to unmatched education, Canada will offer you the best of the best in everything.

Scope of Data Science In Future

Data science is an up-and-coming field with huge scope, and for a good reason, it presents a major step toward the advancements in computers and their learnings.

The demand for data scientists is at an all-time high, and this surge is due to the evolving technology that generates huge amounts of data, aka big data.

Data is like the future fuel to every organization, and we are now entering the age of information data is the strongest weapon at the disposal of any organization.

The one who wins the data war will rule over the top of their industry. Gathering and collecting data is crucial for retailers because they can use that information to determine how to influence our purchasing habits. This helps them exercise major control over us through their buying power.

Let's look at a few major points that direct toward the successful future of data science.

Companies don't yet know how to handle the amount of data they collect:


Businesses and companies are collecting various types of data regularly, from transactions to website interactions. To be able to analyze and categorize this information, they need help from data scientists.

By handling the data correctly and efficiently, these professionals have the power to make their employers much more productive.

This is an ever-evolving field:

The biggest problem with most of the job profiles today is that they have no room for growth and are not future-ready. And they face the same scenario as dinosaurs did when there was the meteor strike, you guessed it right! They perish.

But lucky for us, the field of data science has an unimaginable scope of growth. A career in data science is likely to be rewarding and lucrative, with many job opportunities in the future.

Data science roles carry the potential probability of becoming more specific, which will allow you to choose a specialization that best suits your interests.

Rise of Data Presence:

Data is like a mirror image of the universe. It never ends and always keeps expanding. This increasing rate of data growth leads to an increase in demand for data scientists.

Blockchain & Data Science:

I guess everyone here is familiar with bitcoin? So technological creation deals with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Data security will be true to its function in this aspect as detailed transactions will be secured and made a note of.

If big data flourishes, then the Internet of Things (IoT) will witness growth too and gain popularity. Edge computing will be responsible for dealing with data issues and addressing them.

These will not let the data science field die for a long time. And make sure that the chart of growth for data scientists keeps going higher and higher.

Masters in Data Science in Canada vs the USA


The most heated debate in the context of studying abroad.

Do you know which is better? Not otherwise, why would you be here?

No worries, we are here, but unlike other pages, we won't try to sell you a particular state. Let's give you the most simple and easy answer. They both are amazing options if you want to pursue a master's in data science.

But each of the countries comes with a set of pros and cons. We'll list them out for you and then leave it for you to decide, based on your priority that which of them suits you best.



i) The biggest reason people prefer to go to the USA is for the abundance of opportunities present.

The USA is termed as "land of opportunities'', and it stands true to its name, as the amount of opportunities that are present in the USA for a data scientist is way higher than that of Canada.

ii) Reputation building is also one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to study in the USA. The USA has a well-reputed name in the global scenario.

If you are qualified in the US, then most of the companies in other companies will view you highly. And this plays a good role in what opportunities you'll get to choose from.

iii) The education and exposure provided by the college, provided you choose a good college, is also exceptionally good.


i) The cost of studying is really out the roof. Studying in the US provides great opportunities for sure. But the cost it bears is equally high.

The standard of living is high there, which automatically gives rise to the high cost of living. Also, the tuition fees are very high. So put together, it is a comparatively expensive experience studying in the USA.

ii) Less immigrant-friendly. The USA is comparatively less immigrant-friendly than Canada, both in terms of the living environment as well as immigration laws.

iii) Getting a Job permit is hard in the US. You'll have to go through too much hassle to just get your hands on the work permit if you are an immigrant.



i) The competition is comparatively less as compared to the USA, which makes it an equal opportunity capital to the US.

ii)Canada is very immigrant-friendly. From getting the VISA and immigration law to the present atmosphere in Canada, everything perfectly lines up for an immigrant in Canada, especially if you are from India, as the number of Indian immigrants present in Canada is high.

iii) It's good for your pocket. Education and cost of living are comparatively much less in Canada than in the USA.

This can be a major factor to consider before moving anywhere abroad to study as education in another country can be very expensive. So take this heavily into account before deciding your final destination.


i) Cold weather is one of the hardest things to cope with when studying in Canada. If you're sick most of the time, then it's very distracting when you are pursuing a higher study.

So, keep this in mind at all times that the weather in Canada can get unbearably cold for some people.

ii) Really expensive telecommunication industry is also one major drawback of studying in India. Due to the lack of competitiveness in the telecom industry there, the rates for communication and data packages are high.

So, amongst the following advantages and disadvantages mentioned for both the countries to pursue your Data Science Degree, you decide which are the ones that affect you the most. By giving your thought, you'll be able to figure out an option that will prove more fruitful to you.

Top Colleges for Masters In Data Science in Canada


If you are an international student interested in studying Master's level Data Science degree in Canada, you can apply to the following top universities:


S. No

University Name


Program Duration

Annual Tuition Fees

1.The University of British ColumbiaMasters in Data Science10 months28.8 Lakhs INR
2.Ryerson UniversityMasters in Data Science and Analytics1 Year18.7 Lakhs INR
3.University of TorontoMasters of Science in Allied Computing- Data Science1 Year36.8 Lakhs INR
4.Carleton UniversityMasters in Computer Science- Data Science (collaborative masters)2 Years9.9 Lakhs INR
5.University of WaterlooMS Data Science and Artificial Intelligence1 Year 4 Months28.2 Lakhs INR
6.HEC MontrealMS Data Science and Business Analytics2 Lakhs15.3 Lakhs INR
7.University of CalgaryMS Data Science and Analytics1 Year 4 Months7.8 Lakhs INR
8.Thompson Rivers UniversityMS Data Science2 Years20.2 Lakhs INR

Admission Criteria for Data Science in Canadian Universities

The eligibility criteria for being able to pursue a Master's in Data Science in Canada go as follows:

  1. You should have a four-year bachelor's degree in engineering, computer sciences, business analytics, economics, statistics, or any other related field.

  2. Applicants to this program must possess a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.33, which is equivalent to 73-76% or a B on the grade scale for Indian students.

  3. Also, most Universities in Canada ask for a minimum of 6.5 overall minimum for any post-graduate course. So, we'll recommend you try and maintain that average.

Apart from these, different universities have different qualification criteria for a Master's in Data Science. We'll list out some top universities in Canada and, along with them, the qualification criteria that one needs to fulfill to be able to apply to those universities.


University of British Columbia

Professional experience (optional but desirable), 65% or 8 on a 10-point scale in UG degree.

University of Toronto

77-79% or B+ grade in bachelor

Carleton University

GRE/GMAT score

Ryerson University

B grade or a score of 73-76%

University of Waterloo

Average of 78% or B+ grade, 1 year of senior-level experience in statistics or CS.

HEC Montreal

GMAT- 600, GRE, TAGE MAGE- 300

French language proficiency: TEF/TCF- B2 to C1 level

VISA Requirements for Canada


Before getting your VISA for Canada, you need to get your hands on the study permit. For better understanding, a study permit is a document issued by the Canadian immigration authorities that let you study in Canada. It also allows you to enroll in Designated Learning Institutions.

After ensuring that you applied to a Designated Learning Institution in Canada, you need to prove the below things first to be eligible for the student VISA.

  • Proof of being accepted by a Designated Learning Institution.
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to pay your tuition fees and manage the living expenses as well.
  • There should be proof of your clean background. You should not have any criminal history. To prove this, you need to have a police verification certificate with you.
  • A health checkup report is also necessary that certifies that you are fit and in good health.
  • You need to have a valid passport.

These are the basic requirements that you'll need to fulfill to get the student VISA for Canada. Also, If your study permit expires before you complete your studies (program), then you have to renew it.

Moreover, you should apply at least 30 days before your current permit expires. Students can submit their applications through mail or online.

Expenditure for Studying Masters in Data Science in Canada

Initial Cost for Masters in Canada:


Type of Expenses

Cost (in USD)

Visa Application Fees & Study Permit$235
Course Application Fees$70 - $140
Health Insurance$10,000
IELTS fees$185 - $195
TOEFL fees$150 - $250
Flight Fare from India$450 - $1400

The Visa Cost defined above also includes Study permit fees as well as biometrics fees.

These are all the expenses you'll have to pay before landing in Canada. After this, your next major expense will be your tuition fees.

Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees that you'll be paid depending on the University you have chosen for pursuing your Master's. The approximate cost for tuition fees is around INR 7,00,000 to INR 25,00,000. Below listed are some of the top universities to pursue masters in data science against the tuition fee for that institute.



Fees (INR)

24.5 lakhs
Ryerson University
12.77 lakhs
U of T
19.82 lakhs
Carleton University
7.8 lakhs
University of Waterloo
11.91 lakhs
HEC Montreal
15.22 lakhs

Cost of Living:


This calculation can go wrong for many as the cost of living varies from person to person because not all of us have the same lifestyle, right?

In this article, we'll shed light on the minimum cost of living in Canada with a good lifestyle for a student.



Cost of Living (USD/year)

Books and Materials (USD/year)

University of British Columbia12,700 1,058
University of Toronto6,050-11,350756
Carleton University6,050-10,100910
Ryerson University6,730-14,300831-7,487
University of Waterloo1,750-3,205756-910
HEC Montreal4968264

We have given you the cost according to the University that you enroll in because the cost will differ according to the region you're living in, and not all regions are equally expensive.

The above costs include Rent for the apartment, food, and beverages, study material required, transportation, etc.

So, these are the three major categories of expenses that you'll have to take care of before deciding to move to Canada for pursuing your master's in data science.

Job Opportunities and Salary Packages

As you already know, the Data Science field is at a boom and provides excellent work opportunities.

But an even greater factor that adds up to this is that the field is exceptionally vast and has various options that you can choose from to specialize in. Every field has a very unique yet familiar touch to it.

Below listed are the most renowned fields, and each opportunity is a really good chance for you to make big money from it.


Job Prospect

Median Salary (USD/year)

Job Prospect

Median Salary (USD/year)

Business Analyst78,574Sr. Data Scientist120,000
Business Intelligence Analyst77638Data Architect81,000
Business Intelligence Developer81945Application Architect110,000
Data Engineer120,000Machine Learning Engineer140,000
Data Scientist107,500Machine learning scientist162,625
Data Analyst60,416Data Mining Engineer80,673

Even if you are not interested in these top fields in Data Science and you think other fields won't make you as good money as these.

Then don't sweat it; whichever field you choose in data science would have good pay. And even if it's comparatively less in the initial phase, the data science field is a long-run game, and the true results of it come out to those who have the patience to wait.

Scholarship Opportunities for Data Science in Canada

International Scholarship for Masters In Data Science:

The University of British Columbia offers an entrance scholarship to its international students enrolling in the Master's program in data science. The scholarship is worth up to 18,874 USD and is offered on a merit basis, which is a very generous amount for a scholarship.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship:

To encourage excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program has been created. The OGS program scholarship is funded by the provincial government, and awards are presented to students, inclusive of the international students, in all disciplines of academic study. It offers somewhere around $1300 per year to students studying in the Ontario Region. The amount offered by every University in this region is the same.

Canada Graduate Scholarships- Master's Program(CGS-M) -

The CGS M Program provides funding that contributes to the development of research skills and assists in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who showcase an exceptional standard of achievement in graduate studies. It offers around $17,500 for one year and is not extendable.

Entrance Scholarship:

A differential Tuition Fees Exemption is an entrance scholarship available to new international applicants. Recipients are eligible for a scholarship amount that varies with the differential tuition of MS programs.

These are some of the most spellbinding scholarships that are offered to immigrant students in Canada. You can apply for these and gain the benefit by performing well.

A Look Inside The Diverse World Of An Immigrant Student

The most astonishing thing for an Indian student moving to Canada is the surrounding environment there. Canada is the most "Indian Friendly" nation in the west.

The Canadian population is filled with gigantic numbers of Indian Migrants living there. So you won't feel like you're away from your country. And for the cherry on top, the immigration laws and regulations in Canada are also very friendly for foreigners.

Due to the heavy presence of Indians in the Canadian region, you can also get a meal suited to Indian taste buds. The people in Canada express true liberty and freedom of thought.

Except for the extremely cold weather, Canada has a welcoming and perfectly well-suited atmosphere for non-native students.

Canada ranks #2 in the countries with the highest quality of life. Which surely gives you the huge assurance that living in Canada is not going to be a hassle for you.

The amenities in Canada are well maintained and provide an annoyance-free experience to the people residing there. From transportation to medical facilities, from food outlets to entertainment places, Canada has made everything conveniently available to everyone living in the nation.


For graduates of computer science or related fields, a Master's in Data Science from Canada is a rewarding program of study. A Master's degree in Data Science will not only assist you in discovering high-paying jobs but will also offer you a thorough grasp of how major corporations such as Amazon and Netflix collect and use data to develop a strong market position.

A Data Science degree from Canada could have numerous notable advantages. Data Science benefits customers as well as enterprises.

Customers gain from viewing more relevant information, while businesses thrive from focusing on the ideal audience. Indeed, appropriate Data Science use has the potential to improve economies and countries alike.

I hope this article has answered all of your questions regarding the Master's in Data Science in Canada.

If you have any further questions, please post them in the comments section below, and we will assist you in any way we can to help you make the best decision possible.

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