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So you have completed your graduation in engineering or Aeronautical Engineering and are planning to go for a master's? Well, I am going to provide you with an overview of my Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

This postgraduate degree is intended for individuals with a background in Aerospace or a comparable engineering subject. The program offers a good mix of theoretical and practical instruction utilizing the most up-to-date methodologies and technologies.

Students' engineering and science backgrounds are supplemented with courses in computational fluid dynamics, Aero acoustic modeling, rotorcraft aerodynamics, flow control, air-breathing hypersonic and ballistic propulsion, and autonomous unmanned air and ground vehicles.

Aerial and spacecraft guidance, navigation, and management, aeroelasticity, materials, nanotechnology, advanced materials, predictive maintenance, computational structural dynamics, and design optimization are all studied.

For any of the Master's degree programs, full-time students should expect to study for around eighteen (18) months.

This MSc aims to generate high-quality graduates with specialized training in aeronautical engineering who will be suited for jobs in engineering firms and consultancies. Aerospace engineering degrees are highly recognized and in high demand across the world.

Engineering and scientific students, and also technical professionals who work in commercial and technical management, are welcome to apply. The curriculum is well for the transition to Aerospace Engineering from other disciplines such as Mechanics, Mathematics, and Physics.


A Master of Aerospace Engineering degree can lead to employment opportunities in civic, defense, and commercial space agencies. The space sector is expanding globally. Previously, Russia and the United States were the only countries having significant space programs; however, this is no longer the case.

You might work in research or on infrastructure projects for your company. Your degree can help you get a job in management. A master's degree qualifies you to teach in a college context, and you can further your study by seeking the highest degree, a Ph.D.

The aircraft sector is in desperate need of professionals. Don't put off enrolling to boost your job. Graduates are equipped to work in the aerospace sector as engineers or research scientists.


The starting salary of a person with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering can easily be $60,000 in the USA and on up. Add in another $5,000 (minimum) for a Master's degree.

Thus if you are planning to take up your master's in Aerospace Engineering from the United States, then you can easily get $70,000 and above per month. After gaining experience your salary can even increase to $225k - $6m. The salary is worth doing a master's in Aerospace Engineering.


To be eligible for applying for a Master's in Aerospace Engineering, you should qualify some eligibility criteria

Applicants for Master's in Aerospace Engineering programs must have earned a bachelor's degree, or the equivalents, with a minimum CGPA of 3.3 on a scale of 4.0 or 7.0 CGPA on a scale of 10. 

Applicants to the M.Eng. (Aero) program must have a bachelor's degree in engineering (or equivalent). Furthermore, if you are planning to apply to universities outside of India, then you should have an IELTS score of 6.0 or above to be considered for admission.

Some universities also demand proficiency in their national language such as French or German to provide you with field experience. Thus you must qualify these criteria.

Required Documents

The online application for acceptance to a postgraduate degree program is the first step. When applying for a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, you must have a few application documents on hand.

Required Application Items: For an entry to be deemed completed and eligible for consideration, the following components must be given.

  • Application
  • A resume consisting of all educational background and work experience
  • Transcripts: Transcripts are only required from colleges where you have earned or will earn a degree, as well as from any other location where you have completed an engineering essential curriculum. Your electronic application should include unofficial electronic transcripts. They should be derived from the institution's papers. A scan of a transcript is highly recommended. An unofficial record or "academic history" issued through an online student portal, on the other hand, may be admissible.
  • Statement of Purpose: A Statement of Purpose should include facts not included in your transcripts or résumé. It should be no more than two pages long and provide a clear description of your motivations for seeking this degree, past preparation, research experience and interests, and goals for completing this degree. Other pertinent information may be supplied as well.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources are necessary. Strong letters will be comprehensive and particular, addressing an individual's professional expertise and research abilities, the applicant's chances of success in graduate-level courses, and the MAE program's relevance/appropriateness for the applicant's future aspirations.

Colleges To Apply To

  • M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering at University of Washington
  • M. Sc. Aeronautical Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • M. Sc. Automotive Engineering at School of Engineering and Technology, UK
  • M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering, University of Bristol
  • M. Sc. Aerospace at University of Malta
  • M. Sc. Aviation at RMIT University
  • M. Sc. Aerial Robotics at University of Bristol
  • M. Sc. Aviation Management at Griffith University
  • M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering at The University of Manchester
  • M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering at University of Nevada

How To Apply

All of the universities have online application portals which are active between their stipulated deadlines. The entire application process is online. You can either contact the college department for assistance regarding your admission or you can approach us.

Before applying to any university, do check their fees and the living expenses of the city. It is also helpful if you look for a place to stay in the city. Thus creating a budget is of utmost importance.

Next, you should look for scholarships or research assistant programs provided by the college. These programs help in reducing your cost of living and even supplement it.

Further, you should get your documents sorted. Ask for a recommendation letter beforehand and draft your Statement of Purpose with keeping the college guidelines in mind. If the university requires language proficiency then look out for test centers around you. All of the universities accept IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Next, start applying with your document and wait till you hear anything from the college.

What To Expect After Applying

Colleges typically do not assess submissions until the deadline has passed. So, if the closing date is August 1, all submissions will be examined only after that date.

By login into the application system, you may check the status of the application. However, if the institution has any questions or reservations about your application, they may approach you as well.

The colleges make every effort to make choices for individuals who reach the prioritized deadline and are eligible. Applicants are normally advised via email of their selection status once the decision is made.

If you have asked for our help while applying, then you shouldn't worry as we keep you updated with all the information.

Choosing a college is one of the most crucial decisions in a person's life. The college you choose will provide you with the skills and knowledge that will shape your career. Some of the renowned companies look for people who have done masters from reputed colleges, thus it becomes a must to crack the best colleges.

Masters In Aerospace Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses and has been ranked as the best course in India and abroad. There are many colleges abroad that offer master's In Aerospace Engineering, but there are only a few colleges that provide quality education and have excellent placements.

We will help you in choosing a good college to pursue a master's In Aerospace Engineering so that you can have an excellent career ahead of you.

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