Is Trinity College Dublin worth your time & efforts? Fee & Admissions

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Trinity College Dublin is ranked amongst the top universities in Ireland. It has a beautiful campus and provides its students with world-class infrastructure. The institute also offers various courses in all major disciplines, such as arts, sciences, business, law, etc. Trinity College Dublin is considered one of the best universities in Europe and is widely recognized. This article will inform you about if Trinity College Dublin is worth it or not. We will also provide information on the fee structure and the admission procedure.

Is Trinity College Dublin worth it?

Trinity College Dublin is one of the highest-ranked universities in Europe. It is known for its world-class infrastructure and resources. The university also has excellent connections with various international colleges. Thus, allowing its students to gain experience on a global level. Here are a few reasons as to why Trinity College Dublin is worth it:

  1. Academic life- The academic and student life at Trinity College Dublin is more than just studies. The institute offers its students to indulge themselves in over 200 sports and various societies. The students can also take part in debating competitions, drama clubs, and science clubs. Thus, academic life never becomes dull as there are all sorts of activities for every student. Trinity College Dublin is also one of the few institutes that provide its undergraduate students with personal tutors. Thus, a dedicated professor will guide you through four years with your academic and professional well being.
  2. Global reputation- Trinity College Dublin is ranked 101st in the worldwide ranking and the best university in Ireland. Thus, the institute is very well known for its international reputation for excellence. According to the statistics, 90% of the students who pass out from the university get a job within six months. In addition, Trinity College Dublin’s career service is ranked 2nd in Europe. Hence, providing you with an excellent case for applying to the college.
  3. Career opportunity- After graduating from their undergraduate or graduate degree, students have the chance to stay in Ireland for work. The duration for this scheme is one year and is called the Third level graduate scheme. If you are an international student planning to settle in Ireland, this scheme will surely help you a lot. Trinity College Dublin also has a remarkable employment rate of 90%. According to statistics, students get a job or pursue further studies just after they pass out of university. 
  4. Business and innovation- Trinity College Dublin is ranked as one of the top 30 business schools in the world. It also provides its students with the opportunity to use advanced research, teaching and entrepreneurship in their respective fields. The college has also launched a brand new business course for undergraduate students. This course is genuinely innovative and is focused on students who want to pursue their careers in business.
  5. Infrastructure and resources- Trinity College Dublin is situated in the very heart of Dublin. Thus, providing a prime location for students and opening up many gates for opportunities. Dublin is considered one of the safest places in Europe, encouraging parents to send their children to this university. It has a prosperous past and culture, making it an exciting institute to get admission in. It also provides its students with excellent infrastructure and has restaurants, theatres and galleries inside the university. 

How to apply to Trinity College Dublin?

Trinity College Dublin welcomes students from all around the world to become part of the university. Candidates from over 120 countries are currently studying at this institution. Thus, making the university have a diverse culture and providing students with a lot of exposure. Candidates can also apply for a wide range of courses. The institute also provides students with dedicated faculty, which helps them throughout their graduation. If you are wondering how to apply for admission, the steps are pretty simple:

  1. Finding your course- The first step after selecting the Trinity college you want to apply for is setting the program you want to study. All the courses and programs are available on the official website. You should make sure that you have selected the program you wish to enrol in while applying for admission. You can also get in touch with the course director to get more details and information about various courses.
  2. Online application- After you are done selecting your course, you should click on apply. The site will automatically take you to the admission portal. You should read all the eligibility criteria very carefully while filling out the various forms. It is also essential that you fill out all the required information and provide the institute with all the official transcripts. After you are done, click on submit, a charge of €55 has to be submitted. You should remember that the application is non-refundable and can not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
  3. Offer letter- If the admission officers at Trinity College Dublin are satisfied with your application, you will receive an offer letter. This letter is usually sent after a few weeks of your online submission. The offer letter might be conditional or firm, depending on your application. Candidates generally get an offer if they meet the eligibility criteria and general requirements.
  4. Acceptance letter- You need to send the institute an acceptance letter to the conditional or firm offer. After accepting the offer, you need to pay an acceptance deposit fee. This procedure is also done using the online portal. You should make a note that you should respond to the offer by the given letter or you may lose it.
  5. Meeting conditions- if your offers are conditional, then you must meet up with all the requirements. This procedure generally requires the candidate to provide the institute with all the additional documents. These requirements may include test results, scores from the English proficiency exam, or letters of recommendation. Failing to meet up these requirements might result in a decline of the offer presented earlier.
  6. Final registration- if you have accepted the offer and have met up with all the conditions, you have to make the final registration in August. You should also submit the rest of the tuition fee for one academic year. After all of this is done, the application process is complete.

Cost of tuition at Trinity College Dublin

The cost of tuition at Trinity College Dublin is pretty expensive. For an undergraduate applicant, the tuition fee is €18,860. The deposit fee while the application process is €500. The rest of the tuition fee has to be submitted upon the final registration in August. If the applicant is facing some financial difficulties, they can try and apply for a scholarship program. You should be aware of the eligibility criteria to get accepted for these programs.

Application Deadline for Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin recommends applicants apply by November to get enrolled in the September program. This deadline has been set as the institute receives a lot of applicants for all the courses. To review all of the applications thoroughly is quite impossible. That is why the college recommends that all applicants apply as early as possible to dedicate more time to their submitted applications.


1- What are the different ways to get into Trinity College Dublin?

The application process for Trinity College Dublin is pretty simple. All you need to do is select the course you are interested in and click on apply. The site will take you to an admission portal, fill out all the requirements and wait for an offer letter. After getting an offer letter, submit the security deposit and then fill out the final registration in August and the rest of the tuition fee.

2- Is Trinity College Dublin hard to get into?

Trinity College Dublin is one of the top-ranked colleges in the world and is ranked 1st in Ireland. Thus, making it one of the most competitive colleges to get into, it has an acceptance rate of 33.5%. Hence, making it one of the most selective colleges globally. The institute requires you to stay at the top of your class and score well in your SAT, GPA, or ACT exams. If you follow all the eligibility guidelines and general requirements, you will stand a great chance of getting accepted. You should also strictly abide by the deadlines of the application procedure.

3- Why is Trinity College Dublin famous?

The institute is famous for its infrastructure and the opportunities it provides its students. However, the college also has a rich history and is considered one of the most prestigious colleges in Europe. It also offers a wide range of courses and individual faculties to every student who guides you throughout graduation.


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