Duke University Acceptance Rate Higher or Lower compared to Top MBA colleges

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Duke University is one of the most popular research universities in the world. It was founded in the year 1838 and offered a great campus and facilities to its students. Duke University comprises three adjoining campuses and also provides its students with a marine lab that they can use for their research work. The university offers a wide range of courses which sums up to 53 majors and 52 minors. By offering such a wide range of courses, students can form their own specialities in engineering after graduating. 

Duke University also has a wide global network that includes various Alumni and international universities. This global network provides students with industry exposure and also creates a very diverse culture to learn from. This article will discuss Duke University Acceptance and its comparison to the other top MBA colleges. We will also talk about the eligibility criteria and application process of the college.

Duke University Acceptance Rate 

As we all know, Duke University is considered one of the most prestigious and competitive institutes to get admitted into. Thus, requiring candidates to know all about the Duke University acceptance rate to prepare accordingly. Duke University acceptance rate will help you measure the amount of competition you will face and give you a rough idea about the number of people selected by the university each year. At this date, Duke University has 6,500+ undergraduates and 9000+ graduate students. So, even though the Duke University acceptance rate keeps changing from year to year, you should still know about the average number of people getting selected into the institution.

You should know that for the year 2020, out of 40,000+ applications, only 1,730 undergrad students were accepted into the university. These statistics depict that the Duke Univerisity acceptance rate for the last year stands at 4.2%. Although, this year, the acceptance rate has shifted to 7.6%. Thus, making the college extremely hard to get into. Now talking about the international applicants, the Duke University acceptance rate for international students is 27% which is shockingly good compared to the domestic applicants.

Compared with the other Top MBA colleges, Duke University acceptance rate hangs low and is hard to get into. Duke University’s acceptance rate is low due to the outstanding the institute has to offer and the world ranking it holds. Duke university world ranking sits at number 23 in the list of the best global universities in the world. It is also one of the wealthiest private universities and can fund its students for their research projects. It also has a diverse culture due to its diverse range of courses, thus allowing inter-discipline knowledge exchange. Hence, all these factors contribute to the low Duke university acceptance rate.

Application Process for Duke University

After getting to know about the Duke University acceptance rate, the next thing that you need to be aware of is the application process for the institute. You would be happy to know that Duke University has a very simple and easy to understand application process that anyone can follow. Here are all the steps that a candidate can follow to apply to Duke University successfully:

Online portal- the first that an interested candidate needs to register themselves on the official website portal. You can create a login credential and initiate the application process.
Selecting the course- The first thing you would be asked to do after making an account is to select the course you are interested in. You should also know that the graduates have a separate portal to register for the graduate courses. 
Submitting the required documents- You are expected to submit all the necessary documents, including your academic transcripts. You should submit all the required documents if you want to increase your chances for the Duke University acceptance rate.
Application fees- After completing all the formalities, you should pay $95 to submit your application successfully. After completing all of these steps, you would be successfully registered for Duke University.

Admission Requirements for Duke University

To submit a successful application, the students need to submit a list of documents and follow some admission requirements to register for Duke University successfully. Doing this will increase your chances in the Duke University acceptance rate. Here is a list of all the things that you need to submit to apply successfully at Duke University:

  • The first thing you need to follow in the admission requirements is registering yourself on the institute online portal. You should check if you have a complete application before submitting it.
  • All the official college or school transcripts need to be submitted along with your application.
  • You should also make sure that you read about the letter of recommendation and submit it to the university. This is because the institute tends to look at these recommendations to select students in their Duke University acceptance rate.
  • All the candidates also need to submit their official scores for all the standardised tests asked by the institution.
  • The graduate applicants are also asked to submit their resumes. And international` applicants need to submit their test scores for their English proficiency exam.
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