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Duke Fuqua is very well known for its management programs. The school also offers courses in marketing and is ranked as one of the top schools for finance and general management. Duke Fuqua university has also been ranked as the 12th best business school in the world.  It has set itself apart from the rest of the schools and stands tall for its prestigious reputation. This article will tell you about the master in management and MBA programs. We will also talk about the fee structure and the various courses offered.

MIM from Duke Fuqua

Duke Fuqua is very well known for its Master in Management or MIM program. The course has been planned so that it provides basic business skills to all the students. The program covers up to 15 business courses in total. Therefore, an applicant should know what program fits best for them to achieve their goals. A candidate can also talk to an admission officer to get further information or insight about the programs available. You should keep in mind that an applicant can only sign up for any one of the two programs offered in a year. Therefore, this decision should be made very carefully as you can switch between the two programs while you are a student.

The MIM foundations of business (MIM FOB) provide the students with a jump start into the business society. It also gives you a heads up during the graduation competition. The students can also choose to opt for an optional CTE or China Travel Experience. Thus, it provides you with an opportunity to explore China as it is one of the leading countries in the business world. The students will spend the next five weeks studying on the US campus while the program is ten months long. This program includes general management and business foundation as its main courses.

The MIM Duke Kunshan University (MIM DKU) is the best program to upgrade your business skills from a prestigious university. It also allows the students to get immersed in a business society in China. Thus, providing them with so much real-life experience can later exercise their jobs or internships. International students also do not need any Mandarin proficiency as the course is conducted in English. The program will start on the US campus and then, later on, will be moved to China. The curriculum for the course includes business foundations and general management.

MBA from Duke Fuqua

Duke Fuqua offers a full-time MBA program for its students. This program is aimed at improving your overall skills as a leader. Thus, helping you not make an impact on the business world. In addition, this course will help you analyze various options, appreciate different perspectives, and help you draw the strengths of others. The unique curriculum offers over sixteen different concentrations. These concentrations have fewer core classes and allow the students to get involved in elective classes. Duke Fuqua also has specialised coaches to guide their students. There are also over 200 companies that recruit students every year from this program. Hence, providing students with a promising and successful future.

Cost of study at Duke Fuqua

Duke Fuqua costs tuition of $70,000. In addition, the medical insurance and other fees cost an average student around $7,666 and $622 for educational supplies. Therefore, the estimated living expenses are $20,000. The living expenses might also vary from person to person depending on their budget and their lifestyle. Thus, putting a total of about $98,000. If you think you are not financially strong enough to afford these expenses, you can also apply for a scholarship or funding scheme.


What is Duke Fuqua known for?

The school is known for its general management program. Duke Fuqua also offers various courses and is also very well known for its business and marketing programs. If you are interested in finance or business management, it might be a great pick.

Is Duke Fuqua a good business school?

Yes, Duke Fuqua is a great business school and is ranked as the 12th best business school in the world. It provides its students with great resources and opportunities and is partnered up with 200 companies that hire the students as soon as they graduate from the institute.

Is it hard to get into Duke University?

Yes, it is quite hard to get into Duke Fuqua as it is ranked as one of the best business schools in the world. It has an acceptance rate of around 7% and requires you to perform well in all of your academic exams to get accepted.


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