Computer Science in USA and MS in Computer Engineering in USA

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the computer and information technology industry is increasing faster than most other areas. MS in computer engineering in USA is normally completed in two years and is offered by many institutions and universities.

With a predicted 12 percent increase in employment growth from 2018 to 2028, IT and computing are quickly emerging as one of the nation's hottest, most in-demand sectors.

Indeed, as recently as 2016, LinkedIn stated that computing occupations were the "number one generator of new income in America," accounting for more than 16 percent of US salaries, compared to 15.8 percent for management and 12.3 percent for sales, and 10.5 percent for healthcare.

A computing-related degree may be a significant investment in the future for students enrolling in college, whether at the graduate or undergraduate level. However, while economically advantageous, the changes in the IT-sphere highlight some serious questions:

  1. Given the wide range of the technology business, which degree is ideal for you?
  2. What is the difference between a computer science degree and a ms in computer engineering in usa degree?
  3. Are these degrees available online, and do they provide opportunities for remote work?
  4. Which programs best match your particular abilities, ambitions, and interests?

These are all critical questions to ask yourself if you want to pursue a career in technology. This guide will assist you in locating the answers by highlighting some of the key differences between popular computer degrees.

Computer Science in USA

The study of computers and computer systems is known as computer science. It is the study of processes that interact with data and may be expressed in the form of programs.

Computer science is divided into four main areas: hardware systems, software systems, computer theory, and scientific computing.

Undergraduate students study a wide range of computer topics and work on projects in various fields. They learn computing theory as well as the practice of developing software systems. Graduate-level computer science studies often concentrate on one of the fundamental disciplines of computer science.

MS in Computer Engineering in USA

MS in computer engineering in USA is a subfield of engineering that combines computer science and electronic engineering to create computer hardware and software.

Computer engineers work on a wide range of computing projects, from circuit design to creating microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers. Cybersecurity, networking, design automation, machine intelligence, computer software, and biomedical and embedded systems are the key technological fields of ms in computer engineering in USA.

Skills Required

Computer scientists and engineers frequently collaborate to tackle complex computing issues, yet their skill sets differ significantly.

Computer science skillsComputer engineering skills
Designs information systemsHas in-depth hardware knowledge
Develops softwareEngineers' software (program design, coding, testing)
Fluency in programming languages (Java, JavaScript, SQL, etc.)Fluency in programming languages (Perl, C++, Assembly, etc.)
Mathematics for computer science (linear algebra, statistics, etc.)Mathematics for hardware construction and software programming
Business process analysis to identify and solve problemsExceptional problem solver to identify mistakes in code and fix them
Strong creativity and communicationStrong communicator
Technical writing to document and publish findingsCan successfully lead and manage teams

Roles and Responsibilities

Consider your professional objectives as one technique for choosing which path is best for you. For example, computer science can be a suitable fit if you want to work in cybersecurity or as a systems administrator.

If you're going to work as a software architect or developer, a computer science or ms in computer engineering in USA degree will prepare you. Advanced computer science curriculum comprehensively addresses network and system security mechanisms while teaching programming and relevant mathematical ideas.

Jobs with a Computer Science Degree

Web developer

The national average annual pay is $71,004, including a $2,000 cash bonus.

A web developer's primary responsibilities include website code, layout, and design. They construct structures using standard HTML or CSS methods, write well-designed code utilizing the most acceptable software development practices, and revise the website's requirements depending on the company's technical demands. They may also be responsible for website maintenance and scaling as needed.

Application developer

The national average pay is $82,720 per year, including a cash bonus of $4,325.

Primary responsibilities: Application developers create new software programs and update and change current ones. Their essential tasks include building software solutions that satisfy the demands of a corporation, testing and debugging code, editing and modifying programs, and generating user handbooks.

Database administrator

The national average annual wage is $89,839

Primary responsibilities: Database administrators guarantee that a company's data is available, secure, and easy to access. Their key responsibilities include database administration, planning and executing backup and restore methods, moving data from older systems, and configuring and building database models to meet the firm's needs.

Computer Scientist

The national average annual wage is $104,604

Primary responsibilities: Computer scientists are in charge of developing new technologies and applying these breakthroughs to real-world challenges in research or business. Their key responsibilities include:

  • Designing or simplifying algorithms.
  • Generating new computing languages.
  • Discovering new techniques for dealing with computers.
  • Testing new systems.
  • Enhancing computer hardware performance.
  • Many share their discoveries with the scientific community.

Data Scientist

The average annual wage in the United States is $120,182.

Primary responsibilities: Data scientists examine raw data to discover patterns that might help businesses improve. Their key responsibilities include:

  • Locating data sources and automating raw data collection operations.
  • Evaluating vast volumes of data to find trends.
  • Developing prediction models and machine-learning algorithms.
  • They also suggest answers to common business problems.

Jobs with a MS in Computer Engineering in USA

Computer Engineer

The national average income is $52,807 annually, including a cash bonus of $5,500.

Primary responsibilities: Computer engineers create, test, and evaluate the software. They may be involved in developing computer games, corporate applications, or even new operating systems. They are among their key responsibilities in designing, developing, and creating hardware and software systems, working with teams to ensure that new designs match organizational goals, and recognizing and resolving software problems.

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

The national average income is $73,899 annually, including a cash bonus of $2,180.

Primary responsibilities: QA engineers design and conduct tests to assure product quality. They are primarily responsible for evaluating requirements and technical design papers, developing well-structured test plans, organizing and managing test operations, and discovering and documenting defects. They also keep up with the latest testing tools and methodologies.

Hardware Engineer

The national average annual wage is $102,501.

Hardware engineers' primary responsibilities include designing, developing, and testing hardware. Computer systems, printers, routers, keyboards, computer chips, and circuit boards are all included. Their key responsibilities include planning and supervising hardware manufacturing, testing hardware, creating and developing software systems, testing circuits, and other electronic components, and integrating components into the final design.

Software Engineer

The national average annual pay is $102,370, with a $4,000 cash incentive.

Primary responsibilities: Software engineers build and develop computer software using mathematical analysis and computer science techniques. Their key responsibilities include leading development efforts, managing the software development lifecycle, and communicating and carrying out project plans.

Firmware Engineer

The national average annual pay is $108,519, with a $6,000 cash bonus.

Firmware engineers design and implement algorithms that allow hardware on mobile phones, medical equipment, and remote controls to work. Their key responsibilities include understanding customer demands and creating solutions that fulfill deadlines and budgets. They also assess system performance, diagnose problems, and make software changes.


The curriculum for computer science and ms in computer engineering in usa majors will differ between institutions. However, this review of typical courses to expect can give you a good notion of the distinctions between computer science and computer engineering.

For computer science majors, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Design and use software
  • Manage software development projects
  • Design algorithm
  • Write code
  • Learn multiple programming languages

Computer engineers are likely to learn how to:

  • Design computer architecture
  • Design microprocessors
  • Create devices and computing systems
  • Design integrated circuits

You'll utilize soft skills like analytical thinking, creativity, critical thinking, technical writing, and problem-solving for both degrees.

Market Trends

The IT industry is exploding with potential and development. Computer and information science occupations are forecast to expand 19% by 2026, while computer hardware engineer positions are expected to grow 5% over the same period.

Prospective professionals will find the salaries for both computer scientists and computer engineers to be quite appealing.

Computer science majors can make 40% more than other college majors, and all jobs in computer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pay 12-30% more than non-STEM jobs across all degree levels. Computer scientists may earn an average of $118,370 per year, while computer engineers can earn an average of $114,600 per year.

Not only do both occupations pay well and have steady employment growth, but a degree in either sector can lead to a variety of other opportunities.

With a computer science degree, for example, you may go from standard database administration or IT roles to data analytics or cryptocurrency positions as you learn how to apply statistical approaches to massive datasets using computational methods.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) businesses are also employing computer scientists and engineers.

The AI sector is expected to be worth $3.9 trillion, and computer scientists are needed to develop and create intelligent devices. Computer engineers are also required to program and design hardware.

The VR/AR business is expected to be worth $9.9 billion by 2022, with employment demand increasing by 93 percent in the last year.

Virtual reality isn't just a fancy gaming system; it is also transforming health care, architecture, military and defense, and education. Anyone looking to enter this sector will benefit from a degree in computer science or engineering.

How to Choose the Best Masters Degree for You?

Not many Master of Science in Computer Science programs can increase your CV and wow employers like Northeastern's. Graduating with technical knowledge and confidence in your hands-on experience will offer you an advantage in securing computer science employment with many top-tech and Fortune 500 firms.

MS in computer engineering in USA based on the institution you attend and your desire to relocate. Because there are fewer tech businesses to work for after graduation, pursuing a tech degree in Florida, for example, may not provide as significant a competitive edge as schools in Boston, Seattle, or Silicon Valley.

A job search reveals over 8,500 computer science job openings in Florida, compared to over 42,000 in California. In addition, computer engineers earn $33,740 more annually in California than in Florida.

Research institutions must identify advanced degree programs with highly experienced instructors and links to internships and co-ops with corporations such as eBay, Amazon, and Google.


Your natural inclination and aptitude will ultimately determine which degree is best for you. While both degrees cover theory and application, computer science focuses on computer software, whereas ms in computer engineering in USA focuses on computers and related hardware.

It makes the most sense to select which fascinates you the most and evaluate professional options to determine which path you want to take.

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