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A branch of engineering known as civil engineering works with massive buildings and infrastructural systems. In Australia, anybody considering a career in civil engineering must first complete their undergraduate degree.

The student will learn everything during their studies, from the fundamentals of mathematics to specialized subjects like materials engineering to structural and soil engineering. After graduating, the student must spend four years working in a relevant sector before they are eligible to apply for their professional engineering certification in Australia.

Civil Engineering in Australia

In Australia, civil engineering is a 3–4 year program. As a student of civil engineering, you will learn from top professionals how to oversee the design and construction of contemporary infrastructure and reconceive our cities in a world that is expanding. To be admitted to an Australian university, you must have a strong academic record at your current school as well as a strong IELTS/TOEFL score.

You can choose to pursue a Master's degree in civil engineering after finishing your undergraduate studies. You will be prepared to pursue a fulfilling career as a civil, structural, or architectural engineer after completing this degree together with a Master of Engineering or Master of Architectural Engineering.

Why Study Civil Engineering in Australia

Australia is a fantastic choice for people who want to study for an engineering degree from a country other than India. They will have better career possibilities in Australia and other nations if they attend a prestigious Australian institution.

A plethora of engineering courses

All around Australia, academic institutions provide a broad selection of engineering degrees. The students have a fantastic opportunity to concentrate on the area of their choice. Australia's universities and colleges also provide a wide selection of post-graduate engineering degrees.

Excellent job prospects

As we've previously established, there is a severe lack of engineers in Australia right now, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland. It implies that foreign students majoring in engineering in Australia have a better chance of finding employment after graduation.

Certification as a professional

All undergraduate and graduate engineering programs are overseen by Engineers Australia, a professional society for engineers in Australia. Membership is open to anybody who completes an accreditation program. The certification makes sure that Australian institutions that provide programs adhere to strict requirements and produce engineers with the knowledge and abilities that are now in demand in the labor market.

Eligibility to study engineering at a top Australian university

  • The 3-year graduation system, such as a B.A., B.Com, or B. Tech, comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree, is accepted by all prestigious universities and colleges in Australia for master's programs.
  • You must possess a strong first degree from a prestigious Indian institution or college or its equivalent.
  • You must submit class X and XII mark sheets, as well as a provisional certificate and mark sheets, to be eligible for a bachelor's degree. If your transcripts are not in English, make sure to translate them and send the originals along with them.
  • You must include information about your hobbies, extracurricular pursuits, and professional objectives in a statement of purpose. Include information on how a specific college or university will assist you in achieving your objectives, as well.
  • Two recommendation letters
  • To demonstrate your English language ability if you are coming from a non-English speaking nation, you must take the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE examinations.

Civil Engineering Cost/Fee in Australia

Choosing a university has an impact on the cost of civil engineering. We will provide an average estimate of the tuition costs and cost of living in Australia for overseas students in this section.

The cost of civil engineering will vary depending on the university you pick for your further study due to differences in the tuition fees for foreign students at each institution. For the academic year 2022, civil engineering courses at Australian universities will cost between $41,000 and $52,000 in tuition.
Living Expenses: Your lifestyle has a big impact on your daily costs. Although it is an option, staying on campus is neither required nor guaranteed. Australia's cost of living is predicted to be between $11,000 and $22,000 per year.

Cost of a Student Visa

You must pay 360 AUS$ to obtain a student visa to Australia. To study at Australian institutions, foreign students must apply for a category 500 student visa. Students are permitted to work part-time while studying in Australia with this visa. Please visit our website for more thorough and complete information about student visas for Australia.

Australian Civil Engineering Requirements

Depending on the university you're applying to, there may be academic requirements for admission to the Civil Engineering program. The general prerequisites to study civil engineering in Australian institutions are provided in this section, nevertheless. As follows:

  • Secondary Education Qualification

Work Permit in Australia after Civil Engineering

If you are an overseas student who wants to work in Australia after completing your studies, you must apply for a subclass 485 visa. This visa, known as a "Temporary Graduate Visa," enables you to stay and work in Australia for a period of two to four years. This visa is A$1,680 in price.

1. The University of Melbourne

One of the many programs offered by the University of Melbourne, a public institution of higher learning that was founded in 1853, is civil engineering. The institution has continuously been ranked as Australia's top university in international rankings. Additionally, it has the 32nd-best university in the global ranking at the moment.

The university's civil engineering department focuses on creating sustainable infrastructure to accommodate today's cities' expanding populations. The institution has academics of international renown who can provide students with useful research and business expertise. Undergraduates might choose to major in civil systems, where they will learn the fundamentals of civil and structural engineering.

2. The University of Sydney

The Institution of Sydney, which was established as Australia's first university, has a long history and advocates for universal access to education. The institution welcomed women through its doors as early as 1881, staying loyal to its original ideas of equality and upsetting the existing quo. The university also enjoys a stellar academic reputation and consistently ranks among the top 50 universities in the world.

At the University of Sydney, the civil engineering program has been running for more than a century. Due to its success in both instruction and research, it is also regarded as the 20th finest civil engineering school in the world. For individuals interested in a management position, there is a project management area in addition to the primary civil engineering topic of study. Students can also choose to specialize in one of eight research areas, including project management, structural engineering, and transportation engineering.

3. The University of Queensland

Another top university in Australia with a reputation for outstanding research and instruction is this one. Excellent teachers are devoted to their students' achievement and concentrate on providing excellent instruction. Additionally, a Student Employability Center is available to help students get in touch with career prospects and be ready for life after graduation.

Water, environmental, transportation, and structural engineering are all specialties of the university's civil engineering curriculum. Along with master of engineering alternatives, a regular Bachelor's degree is provided. The Icarus Curriculum is a unique program that combines conventional civil engineering coursework with small-group, multidisciplinary projects. This cutting-edge method of instruction makes use of hands-on learning to fit the demands of the pupils.

4. The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is a top research and teaching institution that is proud of its top-notch academic offerings. The institution is committed to fostering the creation of novel concepts and knowledge that will endure. Established collaborations between the institution and regional, national, and worldwide communities aid students, teachers, and mentors in achieving success in their academic fields.

The university's civil engineering department, which was established in 1949, is now regarded as the 12th-best in the world in 2019. 2000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate civil engineering programs attend the institution. There are several program alternatives to pick from as well. These courses include geospatial engineering, surveying, and civil engineering with honors.

5. Monash University

Public research universities include Monash University. In Clayton, Victoria, the school's main campus is situated. The military engineer Sir John Monash gave his name to the institution, which was founded in 1961. The school's civil engineering department, which had only 23 students back then, has since evolved to be one of the biggest engineering programs in Australia.

In fact, Times Higher Education named the engineering school's faculty the best in Australia. To aid pupils in advancement, several initiatives are available. Women in Engineering, which promotes gender equality in the field, is one famous instance. A different program called Monash Engineering Leadership is available to train students to work as leaders in industry.

6. University of Western Australia

Another public research institution with its main campus in Perth is the University of Western Australia. The institution is a premier research facility that draws experts from all around the world and has a five-star rating for its student-teacher ratios. Perth, where the school's main campus is located, has also been named one of the world's top 10 liveable cities because of its pleasant, mild weather that encourages an active outdoor lifestyle.

The university's Department of Civil, Environmental, and Mining Engineering is open to students interested in studying civil engineering. Geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and other areas are all included in the civil engineering specialization. For those interested in earning a graduate degree, research is also offered in these fields. There are also industry ties with significant businesses like GHD to assist students in connecting and obtaining internships to further their education.

7. The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide was founded in 1874 and is situated in the southern state of South Australia. The school routinely ranks among the top 1% of colleges in the world thanks to the excellence of its civil, environmental, and mining engineering programs. The goal of the school is to provide pupils with the ability to use their creative thinking to address basic problems in the real world.

Once accepted, the students enroll in fundamental engineering courses as well as more specialized ones to complete their degree requirements in areas including mechanics, geology, and infrastructure and materials. Students can choose a degree type that best meets their needs from a variety of degree kinds provided. Among these degrees are the Bachelor of Civil Engineering with a Finance concentration and the Bachelor of Civil Engineering with an Arts concentration.

8. University of Technology, Sydney

This public research university, usually referred to as UTS, was established in 1988 and is situated in Sydney. The civil and environmental engineering department at the school assists students in creating practical answers to difficult challenges that benefit society. You can be confident that you will have a terrific educational experience since each course the school offers has been thoughtfully crafted with the assistance of business leaders, academics in the area, and actual undergraduate students.

9. University of Newcastle, Australia

The main campus of the 1965-founded University of Newcastle in Australia is situated in a Newcastle, New South Wales, neighborhood. The civil and structural engineering curriculum at the university is one of the top 150 worldwide.

Students who enroll in the programs offered benefit from a high standard of instruction as well as the freedom to choose courses from other schools, such as business and entrepreneurship. High employment rates and a fast-track Master's degree that may be finished in one year instead of the typical two years in Australia are two additional advantages of attending the institution.

10. University of Tasmania

This university, the fourth to be established in Australia, was founded in 1890. A range of courses is available in the school's civil engineering curriculum to help students thrive in their engineering professions. Students in specialized courses, including Engineering Design and Build, get the ability to put their classroom learning into practice by applying it practically. To help students get ready for life after graduation, there is also a work placement course offered.

Prospects for Employment Following a Master's Degree

Here's some information you likely didn't know: Over $50 billion in infrastructure will be built as part of the Australian government's investment plan from 2013–14 to 2019–20 and beyond.

In reality, Australia's 2016 Budget includes over $33 billion in forward projections for crucial infrastructure, which is predicted to lead to the creation of tens of thousands of employment. A number of initiatives are planned in many important states, including the $518.4 million Moreton Bay Rail Link in Queensland, the $500 million Monash Freeway in Victoria, and the $5.6 billion Pacific Highway duplication in New South Wales. 


You now have a thorough overview of the well-known Australian institutions that provide the MS in Civil Engineering program as well as thorough course information. Hopefully, this will assist you in selecting an institution that meets your needs.

As an international student, keep in mind that while making a decision you must consider current post-study job regulations and industry trends.


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