Central Michigan University: Eligibility, Placement Rate, Average Salary and much more


Central Michigan University was established in 1892. It is a public institution situated in Mount Pleasant, Michigan(USA). It has more than 25 higher education hubs spread across North America, offering more than 300 academic programs in different fields of study.   

Central Michigan University follows a  modern approach to education through its innovative programs, focused career enhancement programs, and flexible delivery modes of instruction. This university believes in achieving immense success through a Fired-Up and Focused attitude. 

Central Michigan University has more than 400 clubs, actively engaging its students in various activities and events. The university hosts several annual events like the cardboard boat race competition.

Colleges within Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University comprises seven different colleges offering various under-graduation and graduation courses. These seven colleges are listed below:

Colleges within the University Departments in each college
College of Business Administration
  • School of Accounting
  • Business Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Finance and Law
  • Management
  • Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration. 
College of Education & Human Services 
  • Counselling and Special Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising 
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Master of Science Administration
  • Recreation, parks and Leisure Services Administration
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development.
The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions
  • Pre-Professional: Here, students work with their professors to find unique ways to prevent and treat several diseases. 
  • Other 
  • Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Department of Physical and Education and Sports
  • Department of Physical Therapy
  •  School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences
  • Environment 
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Academic departments and programs:
  • Cultural and Global Studies Program
  • Department of English Language and Literature
  • Englishing as a Second Language Program
  • Department of History
  • Department of Military Science and Leadership
  • Museum Studies Program
  • Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Department of Political Science and Public Administration
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
  • Social Work Program
  • Women and Gender Studies Program
  • Department of World Languages and Cultures
  • Living and Learning Community:
  • Public Service Residential College
College of Medicine
  • MD Program
  • Residency Programs
  • Medical Simulation
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • MD-MBA Dual Degree
  • Comprehensive Community Clerkship
  • Research
College of Science and Engineering 
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Earth and Ecosystem Science
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Science Education Programs
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Pre-Professional Programs
  • School of Engineering and Technology 
  • Science of Advanced Materials
  • Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences
College of the Arts and Media
  • Department of Art and Design
  • Department of Communication
  • Integrative Public Relations
  • Department of Journalism
  • School of Music
  • School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts
  • Department of Theatre and Dance


Documents required for admission in undergraduate programs and graduate programs

Eligibility grounds for admission to Central Michigan University might vary depending upon the course you wish to pursue, i.e., undergraduate or graduate programs. However, the primary documents required are somewhat similar. The primary documents required for admission to Central Michigan University are listed below:

  1. Complete the Application form: The first essential step that is obvious is buying and filling out the application form. Finally, submit the form online along with the prescribed fees.
  2. Academic documents: These include all passing certificates, detailed mark sheets, and other relevant documents of your bachelor’s degree, in case you are applying for a graduate program. The candidate must have completed high school education in the relevant field of study with an average GPA of 3.52 or above. However, the minimum GPA requirement might vary depending on the course you are applying for. For detailed information for the intended program, please visit the university's official website.
  3. Letter of motivation/Recommendation Letters: This letter will somehow justify your credibility. It is usually written by a previous/current professor/employer. This letter puts light on your strengths, weaknesses, and past work experiences in a favourable manner. You will require at least 2-3 letters of recommendation stating the candidate’s academic achievements and professional work history.
  4. Language Proficiency Exams results: Scorecards for English-proficiency exams like IELTS TOEFL are required. Central Michigan University gives utmost importance to English proficiency exams for admission purposes. 
  5. Statement of Purpose: It is usually a detailed essay on why you are interested in joining a particular university for a particular course. In this essay, you must justify your purpose of joining the university.
  6. Resume: A resume is required to show relevant work experience in some colleges offering graduate courses. 
  7. F-1 Visa: This visa is a prerequisite for international students desirous of pursuing full-time study in the US. This visa is temporary. The US Department of State awards it.
  8. ACT/SAT Test requirements: The university has made this test-optional for new applicants in 2022, subject to certain conditions. However, it is advisable to give the test to increase your chances of admission to the university.

Eligibility criteria for admission to Central Michigan University

English proficiency tests are mandatory for admission to any program in Central Michigan University. However, there are certain exceptions to this, which we will be discussing in this section. 

English Proficiency TestsMinimum Score requiredStatus(Mandatory/optional)
Pearson Test of English(PTE)53Mandatory
Michigan English Test(MET)52Mandatory
International Baccalaureate (IB)Grade 5 in English at the higher education level. Mandatory
Advanced Placement (AP)A score of 4 in the English Language or English Literature Exams.Mandatory
General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or General Certificate of Education (GSE)A or B grade in English Language Exam.Mandatory
SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 520Mandatory
ACTEnglish Test score of 21Mandatory
ELS Language Center ProgramCompletion of Level 112Mandatory
 ELI (CMU English Language Program)

Successful completion of the required CMU ELI courses with confirmation by the ELI Office. 



Note: The test scores bear validity of 2 years from the test date. When the tests deliver the "best results", the university will use the composite score generated using the top of each section. 

Besides the requirement of these tests, you are also required to comply with the following conditions:

  1. You must be a graduate of a U.S. high school with a minimum of three years of attendance. Of course, this condition is not for international students.
  2. Completion of courses meeting CMU's Oral English requirements (i.e. COM 101) and Writing Competency (i.e. ENG 101/103 and ENG 201). 
  3. Proof of completing the relevant course of study, depending on the program you are opting for(i.e., high school diploma, bachelor's degree, associate degree). The government must recognize the institution of study, and the language of instruction must be in English.
  4. Successful completion of 24+ graded, academic, post-secondary credits with a GPA of 2.50 at a recognized institution where the language of instruction is English.
  5. English Language Programs from outside CMU may be considered at the university's discretion.

Unless and until you belong to a country listed under the category of exempted countries, you must fulfil all of the above requirements.

Costs of studying at Central Michigan University


1. Cost of studying an undergraduate program 
Type of cost 

 Cost/fees per annum(USD)

Tuition fees(Lower level i.e., less than 56 credit hours)
  • U.S. Resident student- $12,750
  • International student- $23,670
Tuition fees(Upper  level i.e., more than 56 credit hours)
  • U.S. Resident student- $13,500
  • International student- $24,450
Tuition fees for continuing students
  • U.S. Resident student- $13,350
  • International student- $23,670
2.  Cost of studying a graduate program 
Type of cost 

Master’s/Specialist Fees

(Per Credit Hour)

Doctoral Fees

(Per Credit Hour)

Tuition fees
  • U.S. Resident student- $682
  • International student- $850
  • U.S. Resident student- $778
  • International student- ​$940
3. Other common expenses
Type of cost Cost/fees per annum(USD)
Student Services Fee$450
Undergraduate Living Expenses$14,326
Graduate Living Expenses​$12,950


Note: The estimated cost of undergraduate and graduate expenses includes room, board, books and supplies, incidentals, and holiday living expenses/travel. Room and board rates vary based on the choice of room and meal plan.


Financial Aid or Scholarships available to the international students

Type of program Scholarships Available 
Undergraduate Programs
  • General Merit-Based Scholarship
  • International President's Award
  • International Scholar Award
  • International Opportunity Award
  • Centralis Scholarship
  • Central Scholarships with Applications
  • Department Scholarships
  • On-Campus Scholarships
  • External Scholarships
Graduate Programs
  • Out-of-State Tuition Award
  • Graduate Assistantships
  • Neighboring Regions Merit Award
  • Legacy Tuition Award
  • CMU Scholarships with Application
  • Department Scholarships
  • Campus Employment
  • External Scholarships


Placement opportunities in Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University has a career development centre called “Handshake” that assists its students and alumni in finding their dream jobs. Handshake is an in-house job portal created exclusively for the students and alumni of this university. This job portal connects the students and alumni with thousands of companies ranging from local to big Fortune 500 companies spread worldwide. 

So why should you join the Handshake program?

Well!! The answer is pretty much summed up in the following benefits it provides to the students:

  • Students can discover and apply to the internships and jobs posted by top companies.
  • In addition, students can register for the upcoming career fairs, workshops, and networking events.
  • Furthermore, students can seek professional advice for their careers from a career advisor.
  • Students can know in advance which employers are planning to visit the campus.
  • In addition, students can connect with their fellow mates and alumni for career tips and advice.
  • Handshake is easily accessible on all digital devices through App Store and Google Play. 
  • Once a student completes their profile on their Handshake account, they can receive personalized job recommendations directly from the recruiter.  

Handshake is a general placement centre for all streams, but you can go through the university's official website to join specific job centres. Some of the famous placement cells at the university are:

  • CMU Math Placement
  • Field Placement

Average salaries earned by the students of Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University offers a wide range of courses, including bachelor’s degree programs, master’s degree programs, and doctoral programs. So, we have listed out the median salaries earned by the university pass-outs in each type of course.

Median salaries for Central Michigan University’s undergraduate passouts

As per the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard(2020),  the median annual salary for CMU undergraduates are listed below:

Area of Study Median Starting Salary(per annum in USD)Employment Rate
Accounting and Related Services$55,00096%
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions$36,670100%
Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology$32,930100%
Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology$23,58094%
Biology, General$32,16093%
Business Administration, Management and Operations$50,34097%
Communication and Media Studies$37,21099%
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services$20,82092%
Community Organization and Advocacy$44,96097%
Computer and Information Sciences, General$58,000100%
Computer Science$64,12098%
Construction Engineering Technologies$64,99094%
Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering$72,02096%
Finance and Financial Management Services$52,11098%
Human Resources Management and Services$51,57096%
International Business$55,96093%
Management Information Systems and Services$65,92098%
Mechanical Engineering$70,46098%
Mechanical Engineering Related Technologies/Technicians$63,01098%


Highest annual median salary for a fresher in the field of Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering is $72,020. Whereas lowest annual median salary is in the field of Communication Disorders Sciences and Services is $20,820.

Median salaries for Central Michigan University’s graduate passouts

As per the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard(2020), the median annual salary for CMU graduates are listed below:

Area of Study Median Starting Salary(per annum in USD)Employment Rate
Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions$110,510100%
Business Administration, Management and Operations$66,63098%
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services$50,23099%
Computer and Information Sciences, General$69,340100%
Curriculum and Instruction$46,67096%
Education, General$53,98095%
Educational Administration and Supervision$57,53098%
Foods, Nutrition, and Related Services$59,12093%
Health and Medical Administrative Services$51,36095%
Health and Physical Education/Fitness$43,80098%
Human Resources Management and Services$59,01094%
International Business$71,49098%
Management Information Systems and Services$80,28098%
Public Administration$53,890100%
Student Counseling and Personnel Services$45,89097%
Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Subject Areas$50,30099%


Highest annual median salary for a fresher in the field of Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions are $110,510. Whereas lowest annual median salary is in the field of Health and Physical Education/Fitness is $43,800.

Median salaries for Central Michigan University’s doctorate passouts

As per the U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard(2020), the median annual salary for CMU doctorates are listed below:

Area of Study Median Starting Salary(per annum in USD)Employment Rate
Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology$57,320100%
Communication Disorders Sciences and Services$72,330100%
Educational Administration and Supervision$76,460100%
Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Professions$70,490100%


Highest annual median salary for a fresher in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision is $76,460.

Whereas the lowest annual median salary in the field of Medicine is $54,420.


Central Michigan University has a lot to offer!!!! The university is enormous, consisting of seven different colleges for several fields of study. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in each college. The acceptance rate of Central Michigan University is around 69.5%. On average, around 69 students get accepted out of every 100 students who apply to the university. English proficiency scores are of prime importance for admission to the university. The university offers several scholarships to its students, so they don't have to worry much about the cost of living in the university. Handshake placement cell in the university is an in-house job portal to assist students with their internships and jobs. A graduate from this university can earn a decent average annual salary right after graduation. So, now that you have decided to take admission to Central Michigan University, go ahead and explore your intended course of study at the university's official website.

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