Best MiM Schools in Canada to consider for Higher Studies

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Masters in Management or MIM is a degree which is being pursued by many applicants due to its flexible eligibility criteria. For many MBA aspirants, MiM degree becomes the most sought after alternative. Master in Management is a flexible graduate program with applicants having zero to no experience as well. The curriculum is diverse for international students to master the field of management. Let’s look at the top choices for Best Mim Schools in Canada to consider for Higher studies. 

Why Pursue MIM in Canada?

In the beginning, Masters in Management was offered only in European and Canadian Business Schools but now the degree is offered all around the world in many business schools. Through MiM’s rising popularity, it is becoming the most sought after course worldwide and many applicants specifically apply for this course.

Due to this course being an internationally accredited course, taught in English and giving vast opportunities to the students, it is one of the leading management courses. Many students, especially from India, Canada, Germany and Italy, apply for this course. The course trains the students into becoming future leaders of the management sector.

The most significant factor in this course’s popularity is its eligibility being inclusive of freshers or professionals having 2-3 years of experience. Unlike an MBA, this course makes it easy for students to apply for it in the early years of their careers and considers their profile on the basis of their academic and extracurricular merit. 

Besides, MiM in Canada is a flexible course with students having many specializations to choose from and it is versatile in its electives while having management electives as mandatory. Students can choose their electives and gain extensive knowledge according to their preference.  

In Addition, it has the biggest benefit of being easy to afford as compared to MBA.  MIM in Canada has a starting fee of  CAD14,000 while that of an MBA is CAD30,000. Both the courses have somewhat similar Return on Investment with many career opportunities worldwide. MiM in Canada thus becomes the most sought after course for its extensive career opportunities and curriculum. Different colleges have different fees and electives for Mim in Canada but look out for the best MiM schools in Canada.

Eligibility for MIM in Canada

Many Mim Colleges have different eligibility criterias which are mentioned below, these criterias are not set standard as they tend to change every year. The University program details are very specific and an applicant needs to correspond to it for additional information at times. The criteria for most of the best Mim schools in Canada is as follows:

The applicants are required to have an educational background of 4 years of undergraduate degree which is equivalent to a Canadian Degree. Many universities have this requirement for most of the courses as the academic eligibility of the applicant is screened first. 

The standardized test scores of GMAT or GRE are varied for different universities and an applicant needs to directly contact the admissions authority with regard to their scores. There are many students who get these scores waived off by the university, and one needs to contact the admissions office for their individual case.

The language test scores are mandatory in most cases of the application process and the candidate has to submit their TOEFL and IELTS scores simultaneously. A TOEFL score of 550 and above, and an IELTS score of 6.5 or above is acceptable in most universities. 

Admission process for MIM in Canada

Firstly one needs to go through the online website for their target schools and fill in their details for the online login portal and start the application process through the application form. The personal details need to be filled in extensively while submitting the required documents.

The required documents are:

GRE or GMAT scorecard, English language proficiency test scorecard, Scanned academic transcripts, An SOP or essay or personal statement usually of 1000-1500 words, Minimum two Letter of Recommendations, Resume or CV (1- 2 pages), Referee contact details

Please make sure that the documents are in supported format (mostly .pdf or .rtf) and the size of the file has to be within limit as well  (mostly 500 KB).

After filling in all the details and submitting the required documents, the application form has to be submitted by paying the application fee ranging usually between 100 CAD to 200 CAD. 

One needs to choose their desired course and college. Many best MiM Schools in Canada have their information and online application available. The applicants have to do their research and choose their college according to their individual preference. The Table below refers to the top universities, their fees and respective courses.

Serial No.Course DurationUniversityAverage SalaryFee (CAD)
1.Master of International Arts Management 16-24 monthsHEC Montreal$58,000$60,000
2.Master of Management9 monthsThe University of British Columbia$45,000$46,797
3.Master of Science in Management12 monthsSmith School of Business, Queen’s University$66,000$74,000
4.MSc in Management16 monthsIvey Business School $73,000$68,250
5.MSc in Management12-14 monthsUniversity of Manitoba$44,000$17, 029
5.MSc in Management24 monthsGoodman School of Business, Brock University $45,000$39,174 
7.MSc in Management12 monthsSchulich School of Business$97,000$56,650
8.Master of Management in Analytics, Finance, Manufacturing, IMHL, IMPM, and Retailing10-12 monthsMcGill University$50,000- $65,000$14000- $20,000
9.Master of Accounting24 monthsSchool of Business,                 University of Alberta$51,000$50,400

Master of Management and

Financial Accounting.

27 months/ 10 monthsUniversity of Toronto$62, 577$45,000

List of top universities in Canada

The University of British Columbia

An international institution recognized as North America’s International University and known for its bright students. The University of British Columbia (UBC) has ranked consistently among the top 20 public universities in the world.  The University has two major campuses in Vancouver and Okangan.

The University of British Columbia has a 9 month full-time Masters in Management which covers the basics of Business and management like accounting, finance, marketing etc. The UBC MiM is ranked as number one among the top 60 MiM programs in the world giving credit to its wide academic curriculum and student community. This course accepts students from any academic background and anyone with an interest in the field can apply. 

McGill University

McGill is the topmost university in Canada and it was founded in 1821 as a Public university. It is a university located in the city of Montreal which has students coming from 150 countries for admissions giving rise to the wide community.

McGill has the least expensive and well-accredited Master in management courses with 45 credits except Master of Management in Manufacturing with 56 credits. The Masters of Management programs are Master of Management in Analytics, Retailing, Manufacturing, IMPM, IMHL, and Finance. 

University of Toronto

University of Toronto’s graduate school has 1000+ courses to choose from and it is world recognized for its wide range of fields for applicants to apply to. For MiM, it has two courses specially designed for the aspiring candidates and the University has a wide student community and multicultural environment.

The course Master of Management and Professional Accounting is a program that candidates from various backgrounds can apply. The course is 12 months for students from extensive backgrounds, 27 months for applicants from different backgrounds, and 24 months for people from the same background. The MiM Degree is quite inclusive of everyone and anyone can apply.

Management of Financial Risk is another graduate program which specifically has students applying from commerce, business, actuarial sciences, mathematics, and engineering fields. Both the courses are very diverse with their electives and have an extensive curriculum. 

HEC Montreal

A place for 35% international students with  three accreditations from AACSB International, EQUIS, and AMBA, HEC Montreal is a dream school for many aspiring applicants. It has a very diverse community of students, exchange programs with 133 partners in the world and a bilingual library.  HEC is a french-based University located in Montreal which is the ideal place for students wishing to pursue Masters in Management and to gain international experience.

The Masters in International Arts provided at HEC Montreal is an international cultural management degree available in six countries. The course provides training for cultural industries like sound recording, radio, television, film and publishing and also gives extensive training for management in the heritage sector. The University has a broad range of electives with their specific courses and it conditions the student mind towards the international outlook. 

University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba is a renowned and well-accredited business school among the best MiM schools in Canada. The school has research labs and a very extensive curriculum for students, and the student community consists of students from more than 140 countries. The University has a wide range of 100 programs for students and it includes all the streams of medicine, business, arts, education etc. The University of Manitoba is located in Western Canada and was established in 1877.

The masters in Management at University of Manitoba is a full time 2-year program with a prerequisite of 600 GMAT or above. The students can fill the online application, and apply for this B-school. The University of Manitoba is among the most sought after business colleges in Canada.  

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Among the best MiM schools in Canada, Smith School of Business ranks foremost with its internationally recognized and leading reputation internationally. It is ranked as the top school in Canada for pursuing Business related courses. The Queen’s University accommodates students from over 30 countries and has a broad international community with over 100 international partners for exchange programs.

The school consists of very innovative and distinct programs for aspiring students. The Master of Science Management course is a 12-month programme with its extensive currciulum and has a mandatory prerequisite of a GMAT or GRE score.

Schulich School of Business

The Business school is accredited as one of the top business schools in the world for aspirants of a career in finance, management and marketing. Schulich School of Business is a worldwide recognized and globally diverse school located in Toronto, Ontario. The QS ranking establishes this school as the best MIM school in Canada for pursuing management courses. The Schulich Business School has campuses in India, Hyderabad and Beijing, China. The Master of Management course in this business school pairs non-technical focus with management curriculum while focusing on problem solving skills, communication and leadership skills. The School of Business is a very accredited school wherein the wide community and student body is the foremost factor for its international attraction. 

Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School is the top Business school in Canada with its four campuses. Two of the campuses are located in Ontario, Canada and Hong Kong. It is a well-known school for MBA program all over the world with its rich curriculum and diverse student community. The CEMS Masters in Management course is the foremost ranking course in the Financial Times. Ivey Business School offers two MiM courses with MSc in International Business and MSc in Digital Management. The experience in this business school will be a stepping stone towards a career in the management sector.  

School of Business, University of Alberta 

The School of Business, University of Alberta, first founded in 1916, is ranked one of the top 50 business schools in the world. The University has a Full-time MBA and other Management courses under its wide curriculum. The Master of Accounting at University of Alberta is a 2-year program, it also allows you to complete all of the CPA Professional Education Program and prepares you to write the Common Final Examination (CFE). The University has its main campus in Edmonton. This Course helps in becoming an Accounting leader. The University has a wide range of other management courses for all the business leaders of tomorrow. The aspiring business students can choose any management course they wish to pursue as the University of Alberta’s Business school offers a lot of experience to gain from. 

Goodman School of Business, Brock University

It has its business school in St Catherines, Canada. The Goodman school of Business is ranked as 12th out of 20 business schools in Canada and is among the best MiM schools in Canada. The University has a strong reputation for its diversity and world Class education. This program will start your research intensive career with a rigorous curriculum. The course is a 2-year full time program with a year-long thesis project.It has various specializations in varied business fields such as Accounting, Marketing etc. The applicants have a wide range of specializations to choose from and can acquire extensive knowledge through the curriculum.    

Deadlines for Admission in MIM in Canada

The universities in Canada accept applications from October to January.

The admissions process is quite extensive with a step by step process. All the applicants get a reply from March to May. After completing the application process and receiving the offer letter, the students need to apply for a Visa as soon as possible. Have a clear understanding of the process and get your desired admission in Best MiM schools in Canada. 

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