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You know enough about computer science to understand how efficient and effective it is at the current time. Be that a bachelor's, master's, or postgraduate course degree or even a certificate. Having a computer science qualification is like having a job in your pocket. You can easily be the most eligible graduate in the job market if you have a degree like MS in computer science. If that is not convincing enough, how about paychecks? A computer science degree from a top university in a country like the USA can grant you high earnings.

If you think all this is just marketing and illogical points, check the rankings and global earnings in computer science. The USA has been the leading hand in the tech and IT market, making it a perfect place for computer science studies. Therefore, the USA must be considered if you are looking into a CS program abroad.

Computer Science (CS)

Computer Science is the study of computation, automation and information, to be put frankly. The area contains both theoretical and practical studies in computation. Also, please do not consider it limited to computation, as it spans a much wider range of sizes. For instance, many engineering, machine learning, data, etc., are part of computer science. You can easily encounter various specializations in the subject that can lead you to multiple industries at once. Of course, it will somehow be related to computation. Hence, computer science studies software and hardware in computing and IT.

One of the most beneficial aspects of computer science is the specialization that comes along with it. The fact that a computer science graduate is more flexible in working in the industry than an MBA holder alone is sufficient. Every organization in the world uses/needs computer applications and principles to manage work. If you believe small-time businesses do not require such stuff, thick again. The management and functionality of everyday business and transactions require huge components like computer science applications. At the current time, CS is like a day-to-day requirement.

Multiple specializations under computer science are in themselves a whole industry. Let's take the current most popular and relevant specialization; data science. Data science is the most preferred and effective degree nowadays. Millions of international students are pursuing data science masters from abroad universities. The field is beneficial in many ways, such as relevancy, popularity, job market, earnings, and career prospectus.

Just like this, the other specializations in computer science are equally good. All you have to do is find out your niche. Afterwards, you are all good to go.

20 Best Computer Science Universities in the USA

Undoubtedly the USA is home to many top-tier universities. In the case of computer science, this statement gets even more accurate as you must already know that the USA is globally popular in the tech and IT sector. Compared to all other top educational countries abroad, the USA is the most sufficient in this area. This is because of top universities, quality education or postgraduate opportunities. USA has been proving the #1 spot for tech and IT enthusiasts, making it the best country for a computer science master's program.

If you check the worldwide ranking for computer science universities, most names you will see are USA-based institutes. Names like MIT, Stanford and UCB are prime examples of this situation. The courses, studies, jobs and career opportunities in the USA after pursuing a computer science degree are more than impressive. CS graduates are easily earning six-figure salaries in the USA at top MNCs.

Here are the 20 best universities in the USA to study computer science:

Sr. No.UniversityCourse
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Computational Science and Engineering
2Stanford UniversityMS in Computer Science
3Carnegie Mellon UniversityM.S. in Computer Science
4University of California, Berkeley (UCB)Computer Science MS
5Harvard UniversityMaster’s in Computational Science and Engineering
6Princeton UniversityComputer Science Masters
7Cornell UniversityComputer Science M.S.
8University of WashingtonMaster of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
9University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)Computer Science M.S.
10New York University (NYU)Master in Computer Science (MSCS)
11Columbia UniversityMS in Computer Science
12University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignComputer Science MS
13University of Austin TexasMaster’s in Computer Science
14Georgia Institute of TechnologyMaster of Science in Computer Science
15Yale UniversityMS Computer Science
16University of PennsylvaniaComputer and Information Science Masters
17California Institute of Technology (Caltech)Computer Science MS
18University of California, San Diego (UCSD)MS Computer Science & Engineering
19University of Michigan - Ann ArborMS Computer Science
20University of Southern CaliforniaMS Computer Science


Eligibility Criteria for Computer Science Abroad

Though there are many degrees in computer science, the most important is a master's. In general, international students tend to target master's programs abroad. It asks for a significant investment as there are multiple expenses for higher education abroad. An undergraduate requires a lesser investment, but it is not the turning point in your education, so students prefer to put their time and money where it matters.

Compared to an undergraduate, a master's open up career development opportunities. With graduation, the students can start applying to crucial jobs and roles to make their careers big. The records and earnings we see in published papers are master's degrees. Anyway, here you can find the eligibility requirements and what things you need for computer science studies abroad.

Eligibility criteria for masters in computer science abroad:
  • An undergraduate degree (from a recognized university)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Documents (ID, passport, photo etc.)
  • GRE/GMAT test scores
  • English language proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Non-refundable application fee

If you manage the things mentioned above, you are all set to apply for a master's degree in computer science. Apart from these requirements, the rest of the items are flexible and, at some point, can be avoidable. However, if you do not manage the eligibility requirements, you can not proceed with the application. Hence, this aspect of your computer science studies (graduation) cannot be neglected.

For a graduation course, you need; academic transcripts (12th standard results, ACT/SAT scores, English language proficiency test scores and a few other things. Undergraduate courses abroad generally do not ask for many things, in many cases even avoiding ACT/SAT scores. Graduation eligibility is a bigger concern.

Reasons to Pursue Computer Science

If you sit and start counting reasons to pursue computer science, you will run out of time. This is no joke or a marketing technique. What is other course areas better than the most relevant ones? Computer science has been the most involved, used, and appropriate study size for a long time. It would be best if you wrapped your head around the specific benefits and opportunities that come along. Otherwise, counting the reasons or every advantage will leave you with many notes.

There are most precious thighs that you get with a computer science degree. Any qualification level in the CS field is worth taking, and it doesn't limit you in any way. Computer science has so much diversity that it simply gives you the flexibility to shape your career as per your goals. For instance, there are many niches and specializations in computer science, and you can target various industries. Not to mention, CS qualification also allows you to have multiple options. Therefore, you would be limited to a specific area or something.

Here are the top reasons to pursue computer science:

  • It is a relevant degree -  There is no argument that computer science degrees are the most pertinent qualification these days. More than an MBA, a CS degree by your side opens doors for you. You can start working in a sector and transfer to another industry with minimal effort. Because computer applications and principles are required everywhere, and by everyone, it makes perfect sense.
  • Comes with countless specializations -  Disciplines like engineering, data, healthcare, management etc., are highly interactive and involve computer science. It gives many options to pursue when you choose a programme like MS in Computer Science. With more options, you have more flexibility and possibilities to shape your career. Most CS specializations are worth pursuing and are significantly present in the global market.
  • Has flexibility & comfort - While pursuing a computer science degree, students discover how flexible and comfortable the course can be. You can change your work even after you select your electives and graduate with a non-desired specialization. For example, all the areas under computer science are related and share many things. Therefore, you can expect to find many roads leading from a single path in computer science.
  • Provides big career opportunities - With a degree like a computer science MS, you are open to targeting many jobs at different levels. All the major MNCs look for freshers with computer science knowledge to add multiskilled employees. You are good to go even if you have only a CS qualification. Even when promoting and choosing a leading role, a person skilled in CS has the upper hand.

Expenses and Earnings

A computer science degree is highly flexible. Not just with the studies and career outcomes but also in terms of expenses. For instance, the tuition fee for a computer science degree can vary from a very low amount to a significant one. For a master's degree, you can expect yearly tuition of around 25 lakhs to a whooping 50 lakhs. Of course, there will be a difference in university and prestige. However, even at low expenses, you can do a computer with a degree abroad from a good university.

The major reason for this is the available programs under the subject. Almost all global universities offer different levels of CS courses like an undergraduate, master, Ph.D., PG certifications, online courses and many more. This allows you to browse various options and choose the most effective one based on your goals and budget.

Here is an estimated annual tuition cost for computer science matters from abroad for Indian students:

  • USA: 25-40 lakhs
  • UK: 20-40 lakhs
  • Canada: 15-35 lakhs
  • Australia: 15-30 lakhs 

The USA is the most expensive option, and there are countries like Australia or some European countries that offer CS degrees at a much cheaper rate. If now, you can always get things done with the help of flexibility in your budget. It's not like there are no things that can help you financially. Many international students pursue their higher education on loans and scholarships. You can also attain such benefits if you have a nice profile.


With everyone talking about the benefits of computer science abroad, the thing you need to focus on is what are your priorities. The items you desire from an abroad degree matter much as you put a lot of money and effort into it. Computer science shines in this situation with the options and opportunities it gives. Even if you are not happy with your degree, whether you have gained substantial expertise or not, you can still perform well in the industry. Start your preparation now.

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