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The MBA curriculum will offer something for everyone, whether you're a recent bachelor's graduate trying to advance your business knowledge, a mid-career professional wishing to change functions, industries, locations, or entrepreneurial aspirations.

Everything you need to know about enrolling in MBA programs in India is provided here, including a list of the best MBA schools to think about, an explanation of the requirements and types of MBA entrance examinations, and information on the MBA admissions procedure.

Master in Business Administration

The first Master of Business Administration program was introduced by Harvard Business School in the United States and initially developed the MBA program in 1908.

Originally intended to be a generalist degree, it was created to give business professionals the ability to manage businesses in various industries. But a lot has changed since the start of the 20th century. As a result, the curriculum is now offered by B schools worldwide.

Overview of MBA programs

Some MBA institutions provide specialized programs that let students modify the MBA curriculum to fit a particular need, like an international business. However, most MBA programs strive to give students diverse abilities.

On the typical MBA syllabus, core courses include:

  • Accountancy and finance
  • Marketing
  • Organizational behavior and leadership
  • Strategy
  • Business ethic

These MBA courses can also be supplemented with optional courses on subjects including big data, FinTech, and entrepreneurship.

MBA Full FormMaster of Business Administration
Types of MBAFull-Time MBA, Executive MBA, Integrated MBA, Distance MBA, Online MBA
MBA Course LevelPost Graduation Degree Course
MBA Admission ProcessAdmission Test, Discussion, and Interview
MBA Eligibility50% in Graduation in any stream
MBA FeesINR 4,00,000 – INR 18,50,000
Top MBA SpecializationsMBA Finance, MBA Operations, MBA Digital Marketing, MBA Marketing, MBA Supply Chain Management, MBA in Hr, MBA Healthcare Management

MBA Entrance Examination Syllabus

  1. Number Systems, Simple and Compound Interest, Speed, Time, Distance, Ratio, and Proportion are all examples of quantitative aptitude.
  2. Data interpretation using Venn diagrams, column graphs, and line graphs
  3. Logical Sequence, Matching and Connections, Blood Relations, Clocks and Calendars, and Logical Reasoning
  4. Grammar Use, Meaning-Usage Match, Synonyms & Antonyms, Verbal Ability
  5. Current Affairs and GK: States & Capitals, World Leaders, History, Geography, and Economics

Syllabus of MBA

Because the MBA disciplines are the same across all institutions, the MBA curriculum is the same in each. Here, the MBA subjects are listed in a table so that the students can examine the MBA Syllabus in more depth.

MBA Subjects in 1st SemesterMBA 2nd Semester Subjects
Corporate Social ResponsibilityMacroeconomics
MicroeconomicsBusiness Law
Principles of Marketing ManagementOperations Management
Principles of AccountingOptimization and Project Research
Tools and Framework of Decision MakingCorporate Finance
Quantitative Methods and StatisticsProject Management
Business Communication and Soft SkillsMarketing Management
Organizational Behaviour 1Organizational Behavior 2


MBA 3rd Sem SubjectsMBA 4 Sem Subjects
Supply Chain ManagementInternship Projects
Financial Modeling
Strategic Management
Business Intelligence
Marketing Research
Managerial Economics
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Corporate Finance 2

Subjects Details of MBA

Let's dive into the details of subjects in an MBA.

  • Management Process & Organizational Behavior: Individual & Group Behavior, Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior, Introduction to Management, Management Process, and Management in Organization
  • Decision Sciences: Linear programming, Decision theory, and transportation issues are all part of the decision sciences.
  • Managerial Economics: Introduction, Demand Analysis and Theory of Production, Theory of Cost and Market Structures, and Introduction to Macroeconomics are the topics covered in Managerial Economics.
    Accounting for Management: Cost Accounting, Performance Evaluation Techniques, Nature of Accounting Information, and Decision-Making Techniques.
  • Information Technology Management:  Computer Hardware and Number System, Computer Software, Data Communication and Network, Functional and Enterprise Systems.
  • Business Communication: Some MBA colleges provide specialised programmes that enable students to alter the MBA curriculum to meet specific needs, such as those of a multinational corporation.
    Management of Technology, Innovation, and Change: Technology Management, Creative and Lateral Thinking Management, Change Management, Innovations Management.
  • Financial Management: Nature and Scope of Financial Management, Planning for Sources of Finance, Retained Earning Vs. Dividend Decision, Capital Budgeting.
  • Marketing Management: Introduction to marketing, decisions on products and prices, promotions and distribution, and emerging trends and marketing issues.

MBA Curriculum: Choosing Your Specialization

Numerous MBA Specializations are available from Top MBA Colleges in India for students who want to excel in a particular area and deepen their understanding of the program. Any Specialization's first year of the MBA curriculum will consist of available MBA courses. After that, students will learn the specific MBA subjects for their chosen sectors of the MBA Course.

MBA Finance Curriculum

For students who are interested in learning about the various facets of financial studies and its applications in the context of business and management, there is a specialist MBA program called MBA Finance. The MBA Finance subjects and the whole MBA Finance curriculum are provided here.

  • Financial Reporting: Auditing, financial accounting, budget analysis, business strategy, etc.
  • Managerial Accounting: Job order costing, Process costing, Variable vs Absorption Costing, Acquiring knowledge of cost behaviour and cost-volume-profit analysis Budgeting for daily expenses, determining particular product and service prices, etc.
  • Portfolio Management: Derivatives and behavioural finance theory. Options, Factors, Risk Predictive Values, Individual Factor/Risk Predictive Value Analysis, Structured finance and fixed income, investing abroad, investing for the long term or retirement, etc.
  • Financial Risk Management: Enterprise Risk Management, Business Interruption, Captive Insurance, Claims Management, Climate Change, Crisis Management, Cyber Risk, Disaster Preparedness, Legal Risks, Reinsurance, etc.

MBA HR Curriculum

Every year, thousands of candidates choose HR as one of their top MBA concentrations in India. Fundamentals of HR Management, HRM in the Service Sector, and other HR-related topics are among the basic MBA curricula. Here is additional information about it.

  • Fundamentals of HR Management: Human Resource Development, HR Line Management, HR Policies and Practices, and other aspects of HR Management include concepts and challenges.
  • HRM in the Service Sector: Manufacturing and Service Sector, Difference in HR Practices, Training and Empowerment for Customer Satisfaction, Compensation, and Reward Structure, etc.
  • Managing Redundancy: Redundancy definition, effects on organizations, workers, and society, management of redundancies, etc.
  • Performance Management: Objectives of Performance and Appraisal, Methods of Performance and Appraisal, Appraisal Forms and Formats, Appraisal Communication, etc.

MBA Marketing Curriculum

MBA Marketing is one of management education's most well-established and popular areas in India. Students love it since so many career options are available in the market.

  • Human Resource/Organizational Behavior: Managing Organizations, Managing People, and Performance in an Organization, etc.
  • Business Environment: Concept, Significance, and nature of Business Environment, Broad profile of Indian Economy, Industrial Policy - its historical perspective(in brief), Industrial Policy Liberalization, etc.
  • Marketing Management: Concept, nature, scope, and importance of marketing, Communication Process, Factors affecting price determination, Pricing policies, strategies, etc.
  • Consumer Behavior: Introduction to Consumer Behavior(CB), Individual Determinants of CB, Environmental Influences on CB, etc.

Details for Distance MBA Courses

Depending on the course specialty and other factors, each college that offers an MBA via remote learning provides a distinct set of topics. However, the following are some of the typical subjects you will study:

  • Similar to the discipline of Industrial Psychology, organizational behavior refers to the conduct or performance displayed by a person in an organization.
  • Enterprise Communication Internal (upward and downward), External, Horizontal/Lateral, and Business Communications are the four primary forms most business organizations use.
  • Human resource management usually focuses on primary topics. It emphasizes educating and preparing new hires and assures remuneration and benefits for the business and its employees. Additionally, it emphasises employing professionals with the necessary skills.
  • The decision-making process for a firm is centered on strategy managers. They frequently interact across divisions to develop and carry out operational plans while working with corporate leaders and management teams. Strong analytical skills, good business sense, and exceptional communication abilities are necessary for this position.
  • Business law, often known as a merchant or commercial law, is the study of problems that occur while dealing with the general public, the government, and other businesses. These legal specialties command real estate, tax, and employment law, among other legal disciplines.
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