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Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Who is a Business Analyst?
  • What is the Average Salary of Business Analyst in USA
  • Salary of Business Analyst in USA Based on Experience
  • Factors Affecting the Salary of Business Analyst in USA
  • Skills that Impact the Salary of Business Analyst in USA
  • City-wise Salary of Business Analyst in USA
  • Top Industries for Salary of Business Analyst in USA
  • Conclusion


In the United States, there are more than 33.2 million enterprises, and business analysis has proven to be a steadily expanding industry. The slogan "Minimum cost and great productivity" guides business analytics. When properly used, business analysis may assist business owners in making significant savings on resources and other expenses. As a result, the majority of businesses are searching for business analyst specialists who can help them match their corporate objectives with their available financial resources. Owing to the strong demand, even entry-level salary of business analyst in USA are rising significantly as most firm owners are eager to provide salary of business analyst in USA with competitive compensation packages. Business analysts can be compared to Data scientist as they have a lot of common things between them.

Who is a Business Analyst?

A business analyst is a specialist who oversees every aspect of a company, from managing its systems and procedures to enhancing its overall decision-making ability. Business analysts look at the present model of a company, assess it, and provide suggestions for changes based on current trends. That's why salary of business analyst in USA is considered to be good.

Data analysis and business studies are combined in business analytics. To comprehend their short- and long-term objectives, business analysts collaborate extensively with stakeholders and organisational leaders. Afterwards, they focus on achieving these objectives, making sure they are within the capabilities of the resources at hand. Business analyst use data sets, just as data analysts, to comprehend client needs and incorporate them into their work plans. The following is a list of the duties and functions of a business analyst:

  • Comprehend business models
  • Examine the current status of a business
  • Build new features or business solutions
  • Implement the solutions considering budget and forecast
  • Monitor the outcome of newly implemented solutions 

What is the Average Salary of Business Analyst in USA?

Business analysts are compensated differently throughout the world. The compensation ranges for business analysts can vary depending on a number of variables, including the applicant's experience and skill set, as well as the size of the organisation. Yet, the yearly average pay for business analysts in the US is $89,500. This sum is divided into a $86,234 basic pay and a $3,500 cash bonus. The lowest pay range you may anticipate is $58,360, and the maximum yearly compensation cap for a business analyst is $1,27,422. Their average salary is same as of a Computer science Masters graduate.

Salary of Business Analyst in USA Based on Experience

The applicant's degree of experience affects the Salary of Business Analyst in USA. Most businesses create a separate salary range for each experience level based on the number of years of on-site experience the candidate has. It's them,

1. Business Analyst Salary at the Entry level:

The majority of candidates are hired for entry-level positions since they are new to the profession and lack relevant expertise or a work history with organisations. This is the basic slab, according to experience. The basic wage for a business analyst at the entry level in the US is $59,092. Starting salaries for entry-level business analyst positions vary from $45,000 to $78,000.

2. Business Analyst Salary at Intermediate level:

Candidates can advance to the next level if they have gained a significant amount of experience in an entry-level position. Candidates with at least two or three years of on-the-job experience in the field are eligible for intermediate-level positions. Intermediate-level business analysts in the US may anticipate an average yearly compensation of $76,184. (base pay). In this category, the greatest compensation is $1,12,000, while the lowest is $53,000.

3. Business Analyst Salary at Senior level:

You can investigate employment at the senior level if you have more than 4 years of expertise in business analytics. The criteria change as the levels rise. Most positions requiring a business analyst at this level require a bachelor's degree. The average base pay for a senior business analyst in the US is $1,05,989. The pay scale ranges from an entry-level salary of $95,000 to a top income of $1,20,000 or more.

4. Business Analyst Specialist Salary:

Practically speaking, a business analyst specialist is a higher degree of business analysis where you are in command of every aspect of the firm and accountable for the outcomes. A college degree, strong technical domain expertise, and at than five years of experience are requirements for the business analyst specialist position. In the USA, a BA specialist may anticipate an annual salary of roughly $1,00,312.

5. Business Analyst Consultant Salary:

This is the highest level of business analyst and necessitates at least eight years of on-the-job experience. Building strategies is no longer done at work by a business analyst consultant. Instead, consultants help business owners by giving them advise on how to create them. In the US, a business analyst consultant can expect to make $94,700 a year on average. From $90,000 to $2,38,663 is the wage range.

Factors Affecting the Salary of Business Analyst in USA

Your first priorities in your search for employment will be the compensation package and potential for professional advancement. Yet, the compensation package for each position might vary depending on a number of criteria. And the US is not an exception. There are just a few variables that can change the typical business analyst compensation in the US. The following list of variables will determine your pay in America:

1. Taxes:

The federal income tax is levied in the US on a range of earnings, principally salaries. The general norm is that taxes are levied at a greater rate the higher the income level. Medicare tax, Social Security tax, and other taxes might also have an impact on your total compensation. In locations like New York, you may anticipate an average total tax (marginal) of between 8.6% and 11.57%. For instance, if you search for positions paying $10,000 for entry-level business analysts, your final CTC will be about $9,000 (approx.). In addition to this, the state tax may also apply and differ across different US states. For instance, Pennsylvania's state tax rate is a flat 3.07% on wages and income. States without a state income tax include Texas, on the other hand. So, the company's location might have a significant influence on the actual pay you earn.

2. Location:

When determining the pay scale range, the company's geographic location is the most important factor. Companies are able to pay their employees more in regions with higher costs of living. The fact that salaries change depending on region is another way that geography might affect diverse job profiles. A city or state may be paying a lot for a business analyst but not a civil engineer, for example. Business analyst employees who work in the best-paying cities can take advantage of a 20–30% pay premium over those who work elsewhere.

3. Size of the company:

Enterprises can be categorized as startups or established setups depending on the size of the firm. These two sizes have the apparent salary disparity. Large, established businesses typically provide more stable employment opportunities and better entry-level business analyst wages.

Skills that Impact the Salary of Business Analyst in USA

You will come across a few talents that identify the ideal applicant while searching for business analyst positions. These are the talents that have a significant influence on salaries as well, therefore candidates must be proficient in them. By enrolling in business analyst classes, you may quickly acquire these abilities. This is a list of the business analytics competencies you need to possess in order to qualify for a competitive salary of Business Analyst in USA.

1. Technical Skills

The initial skill set that the majority of top recruiters look for is on the technical side, and some crucial talents might affect the wage offer you receive. Today's analysts must be knowledgeable in programming languages since they frequently work with online databases on computers. Business analysts are no different. You may differentiate yourself from the competition if you know how to programme. Python, Oracle, R, and other programming languages are the ones that business analysts most want to be familiar with.

Due to the nature of their profession, business analysts need to be familiar with statistics and probability. An ideal business analyst can solve problems using statistical analysis and probability calculations when given enough data. In the US, candidates with a skill set that combines programming and statistics often earn more money.

2. Communication Skills

You will need to work as a business analyst in teams, lead one, or even closely with stakeholders. After multiple rounds of discussion, business analysts also collaborate with customers to create business solutions. Business analysts must be well understood in such a situation. Clear communication of concepts and phrases is a talent they must develop for this, which is feasible with excellent communication skills.

3. Analytical Skills

One needs analytical abilities as a business analyst, including the capacity for logical thought and predictive analysis. Business analysts will be better able to forecast outcomes for potential business solutions they suggest if they have an analytical attitude. As clients care more about the outcome than the process, this is useful when trying to persuade them.

4. Decision-Making Capabilities

Making decisions is one crucial ability that significantly affects a business analyst's pay. Despite the fact that it is a non-technical talent, applicants lacking it will not finish the race. It is because, in most circumstances, judgements made by a business analyst have a direct effect on the firm. The effects might range from modest setbacks to significant ones where your competition may quickly surpass you.

5. Managerial Skills

Identification of the issue, planning of the business solution, and evaluation of the outcomes are all included in management abilities. The attributes stated above are all combined in this skill set. So, its significance cannot be disregarded when taking into account the potential effects it may have on income.

City-wise Salary of Business Analyst in USA

The typical income of a business analyst in the USA relies on a number of variables and may change as a result. The disparity in wages is particularly pronounced between cities and states. Differences may arise as a result of factors such as the cost of living in a certain location, the intricacy of a business in a particular city, etc. Thus, given below is a table of the top 10 best-paying cities in the US to make your journey easier.

Houston, TX  $90,843 
Chicago, IL  $84,149 
Tampa, FL  $75,925 
Washington, DC  $88,018 
Dallas, TX $79,251 
Phoenix, AZ $78,801 
St. Louis, MO $78,541 
New York, NY $93,730 
Columbus, OH$78,324 

Top Industries for Salary of Business Analyst in USA

Business analysts are in high demand across all industries. Banking and insurance, Technology, healthcare, social services, and other sectors depend heavily on business analytics. Yet, compared to other businesses, some provide a greater pay range. Hence, the following is a list of the highest-paying US sectors where business analysts are needed:

1. Information technology:

The increased demand for IT business analysts is a result of the sector's expansion. Business analysts in this field keep an eye on the caliber of IT services and develop solutions that center on this technologically reliant sector. The entry-level wage for an IT business analyst is typically around $75,000. The median income in the USA for IT business analysts is $85,000 for those who work at higher levels. In the US, the highest salary for an IT business analyst is around $89,281.

2. Finance and Insurance:

Business analysts in finance are better familiar with monetary cycles. Managing the cash flow, rate fluctuations, and other financial statements is one of your main tasks. They work with financial models and obtain financial projections by assisting financial businesses in achieving their objectives. Financial business analysts have a lot of room for advancement because their field is always evolving. A business analyst in finance typically earns $76,520 per year. From $69,228 to $85,709 is the price range.

3. Healthcare:

Healthcare business analysts might pursue careers in this field if they have understanding of how healthcare businesses and services function. By analysing and changing factors like pricing, financial activity, and other aspects, analysts in this sector are more focused on improving the visibility and customer experience of a healthcare organisation. Healthcare business analysts make an average of $91,445 per year.

4. Government and public sectors:

In the US, a number of public sector banks and governmental financial institutions also employ business analysts. Depending on the government sector they work in, their responsibility differs drastically. Government business analysts, on the other hand, have the luxury of higher pay scales. That instance, it was projected that the average US government business analyst compensation is roughly $94,000 per year, which is likewise 17% more than the country's average wage.

Salary of Business Analyst in USA in Top Companies

The organisation you choose to work for will also have a significant impact on the typical income of a business analyst in the US. Despite the fact that business analysts are in demand across all industries and that practically every company hires one, the compensation range may differ somewhat. In light of this, the top fortune firms that employ business analysts are listed below, along with the services they provide.

TIAA  $1,15,509 
Google $1,20,020 
Oracle  $1,23,753 
UBS  $1,08,453 
Barclays  $1,06,417 
Mckinsey  $91,333 
Revature  $44,678 
Deloitte $75,472 
Rootliquids  $66,482 


One of the top nations giving a high median compensation for business analysts is the United States. In the USA, business analysts of all levels can benefit from employment security, financial stability, and career advancement. You may discover as a new employee that the business analyst compensation entry level varies depending on the several aspects stated above. To work as a business analyst for your ideal organisation, you may, nevertheless, take into account the important aspects and begin upskilling or obtaining a certification. You can also pursue an MBA in Computer Science if you want the same aspects of a business analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Business Analyst internship a good way to get a job in the US ?

Yes. Interning in business analytics adds value to your resume and stands out among other competing candidates. Moreover, a business analyst internship will get you hands-on training and practical experience in dealing with business models. 

The average business analyst salary in the US falls near $83,000, and a pay scale near this range is considered a good salary for business analysts.

Program managers get paid slightly higher than business analysts in the US. It is because program managers often work as team leads. The average difference in pay is nearly $500 (Approx).

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