A Comprehensive Guide to 15 Different PGDM Jobs

A Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two-year business management course that can be pursued after completing any bachelor's degree with 50% aggregate marks.

PGDM jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs in India. This course assists those interested in management in acquiring the hard and soft skills necessary for success and excellence in this field.

The PGDM course is frequently taken by students who want to work in management. The requirements of organizations, institutions, companies, etc., are changing as well due to the rapidly evolving global environment.

In every country in the world, there is a great need for managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialized executives.

To meet industry demands, the PGDM program combines various academic disciplines, including management, accounting, economics, and others.

Instead of just being proficient in one area, the PGDM course provides the students with a broad spectrum of knowledge. By keeping up with the demands of the market, it provides salary increases, promotions, CV enhancements, and other benefits.

A management education with a more practical focus and an industry focus is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).

The course's curriculum is quite similar to that of an MBA, and it aims to provide students with management training programs by way of rigorous case studies and seminars to prepare them for the workplace.

How to Get Into the Management Field

In the current market, almost every field requires management, and the opportunities have been increasing exponentially. Management helps an individual's capability to work in a team, increases the team's efficiency, and helps the team achieve goals and objectives before given deadlines.

The PGDM is one of the few programs that guarantee a direct path to employment as a management professional in the business world.

The entry-level managerial or supervisory positions are frequently where PGDM graduates begin their careers before moving up the corporate ladder and advancing in their careers. These people quickly advance to CEO positions and take full control of the company.

The PGDM is an interdisciplinary program that combines management, accounting, economics, and other fields to fulfill industry needs. Instead of only being proficient in one area, the PGDM program provides the students with a broad spectrum of knowledge.

Skills and Degree Required for the Jobs

Companies are constantly searching for talented financial professionals. There is currently a severe shortage of these professionals to meet industry demands. Currently, the Indian finance sector is expanding and offering job seekers brand-new, exciting career opportunities.

A PGDM program, or professional postgraduate management course, helps you become industry-ready while helping you develop the abilities that will set you apart from the competition. This guarantees that you are chosen during the hiring process from among a large group of applicants.

Team Management

In the corporate world, managing a sizable group of people necessitates a high degree of coordination. In this situation, team management talent is most needed. As a result, even though students will acquire these abilities during their PGDM course, the PGDM institutes want the students to have team management skills.

Employees are a company's most precious asset in the business world. Thus understanding team development and management is crucial. Effective communication skills are crucial for team management, which implies that these abilities are interconnected.

Communication Skills

There are differences in how people communicate at work. You can communicate in different ways with different people, including your boss, coworkers, and senior management. Unfortunately, recruiters have recently discovered a significant lack of this skill. Your communication style is another important indicator of your level of confidence. The ability to simultaneously assess a candidate on two criteria is extremely valuable.

Leadership Skills

The primary goal of a PGDM course is to develop future managers and leaders. Thus, a large number of students enroll in PGDM programs. An effective manager should be able to lead his team, facilitate task completion, complete the work quickly, and give everyone a sense of the overall direction.

He can only be referred to as an effective manager if he can get the team on board and work toward a common objective. The PGDM curriculum includes many group projects to help students develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Business Acumen

Business acumen denotes one's proficiency and ability to interpret a business problem and devise innovative solutions for the same. To improve a company's financial performance, the finance sector requires employees to have strong business sense and commercial awareness.

Analytical Thinking

Financial professionals must quickly come up with clever solutions to the organization's advantage. Thinking analytically makes it easier to comprehend, investigate, and derive valuable solutions from a situation or problem.

To test and confirm the origin of the problem and design solutions to remedy the problems found, a PGDM specialist must be able to recognize and define problems, extract critical information from data, and develop feasible solutions for the problems discovered.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurial skill is the capacity to assess the market, identify a need gap, and determine whether it is worthwhile to fill it and whether doing so will benefit an organization that prioritizes being dynamic and expanding over time.

Strategic Thinking

The PGDM program places a strong emphasis on strategic thinking. One of the degree's primary goals has always been to help you transition from a functional to a large-scale role. Instead of thinking like a functional-level employee, the course teaches you how to think like a manager. By doing this, you can be certain that you will approach everything you encounter from a managerial standpoint. Building long-term organizational strategies, proactively addressing competitors, etc., requires strategic thinking.

Interpersonal Skills

Naturally, interpersonal skills are a must for anyone in a leadership position, which is why the PGDM curriculum places the most emphasis on them. Engage in conversations, debates, presentations, etc., is encouraged.

Your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts to clients or coworkers will help you maintain excellent communication and come across as a confident individual.

Interpersonal abilities are further important for networking. You can only expand the horizons of your company and be aware of the prospects in the market if you know how to network effectively.

Top employers for PGDM graduates include Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Hindustan Unilever, International Business Machines (IBM), Corp Ernst & Young (EY), Hewlett-Packard, ICICI Bank, Microsoft, Mc Kinsey and Company, Deloitte, Sony, LT&T, Accenture, BCG, Mahindra, JP Morgan, Chase & Co, HSBC, Philips, PwC, McKinsey, Nestle, Wipro, Credit Suisse, Flipkart, Saint Gobain, Amazon, and Bajaj.

Most of these businesses begin hiring graduates after finishing their PGDM programs.

You have a lot of opportunities with this business course. With the aid of the best PGDM specializations, you can select the sector and job for which you have the most passion while putting your business acumen to use:

  • PGDM in Business Analytics & Big Data
  • PGDM in Logistics Management
  • PGDM in International Business
  • PGDM in Enterprise Management
  • PGDM in Marketing Management
  • PGDM in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • PGDM in Financial Management
  • PGDM in Rural & Agri-Business
  • PGDM in Pharma & Health Care Management (PHCM)
  • PGDM in Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM)
  • PGDM in Entrepreneurship
  • PGDM in E-Commerce
  • PGDM in Supply Chain Management
  • PGDM in Communications Management
  • PGDM in Artificial Intelligence

Average Salary and Career Progression after PGDM

After completing a PGDM program, there are many employment opportunities in the public and private sectors, with salaries ranging from INR 5 to 10 LPA.

PGDM is a well-liked career option among students, and the field offers a wide range of job opportunities for students in various fields. Banking, finance, insurance, and education are some of the most sought-after professions among PGDM graduates.

After earning their PGDM, students have two options. Either look for employment in related fields or pursue higher education in those fields. They can choose to pursue doctoral degrees like a Ph.D. in management studies and continue their education.

The following list includes average salaries for some PGDM-related jobs:

  • Marketing Manager - Rs 10 LPA
  • Digital Marketing Manager - Rs 4.5 LPA
  • Supply Chain Manager - Rs 8 LPA
  • Sales Manager - Rs 10 LPA
  • Accounts Manager - Rs 6.86 LPA
  • Finance Manager Rs - 9.6 LPA
  • Project Manager - Rs 13 LPA
  • Retail Manager - Rs 5 LPA
  • Operations Manager - Rs 7 LPA
  • Healthcare & Hospital Manager - Rs 4 LPA

A flexible program of study, the PGDM in business management in India, can prepare you for a wide range of industries. With a PGDM degree, you can essentially work in any area because business procedures are used to operate every firm and industry. Popular business management industries include:


With a wide range of academic programs available and limitless career opportunities after completing the course, business education in India's PGDM colleges has been of the highest caliber. To find the job of your dreams, you should streamline your search for opportunities based on your area of focus. Therefore, look for lucrative opportunities in finance-related fields for PGDM specialization in finance.

Bank Sales Officer:

Their objective is to meet the monthly sales target that has been set for them. They adhere to the internal policies and procedures of the bank in this regard. Additionally, it is their responsibility to respond to customer inquiries.

Average Salary: 3 Lakhs Per Annum

Probationary Officer:

Probationary Officers are in charge of a variety of banking tasks for several departments, including finance, billing, accounting, investments, and marketing.

One of the main duties of these officers is to manage customer transactions. They have the power to sign checks, print checkbooks, handle money, etc. These officers are employed by businesses that are primarily concerned with accounting and finance.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs Per Annum

Executive Manager:

They report the workers' efforts to the higher authority while providing the staff with constructive criticism. As a result, they are endowed with leadership qualities and the capacity to start change.

Average Salary: 5 Lakhs Per Annum

Financial Analyst:

PGDM Finance majors learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of businesses and analyze trends in various industries. Financial analysts benefit from the coursework in accounting, finance, economics, and mathematics that is traditionally part of the PGDM major.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs Per Annum

Financial Advisor:

Financial advisors assist clients in understanding their retirement, insurance, and investment options. By 2028, a 7% increase in the profession is anticipated. Financial advisors benefit greatly from a PGDM in Finance because it will teach them about finances and provide them with methods for locating and interacting with new clients.

Average Salary:  4 - 7 Lakh Per Annum


You will be prepared for a successful career with this PGDM with a Marketing specialization. Along with mastering marketing and gaining one of the most prestigious degrees in the world, you will improve your strategic business skills. Here are just a few of the countless career options available in India for PGDM in Marketing.

Marketing Executive:

They support the marketing manager with their invention ideas and assist the businesses with new campaigns, advertisements, and marketing strategies. They help the marketing manager with invention ideas and work with the companies on new marketing initiatives such as campaigns and advertisements.

Average Salary: 2.4 Lakhs Per Annum

Area Marketing Head:

An area marketing manager is a person who oversees the daily activities of marketing teams to bring in money for a business or organization. These people work with team members to address client issues, create marketing strategies to increase revenue, and help various business divisions with marketing. Area marketing managers are frequently in charge of advertising these products in certain markets or geographical regions.

Average Salary: 20.5 Lakhs Per Annum

Marketing Manager:

Marketing executives gauge consumer demand for the goods and services their companies and those of their rivals provide. In your capacity as a marketing manager, you will be in charge of identifying potential markets for the company's goods and managing a group that creates plans for maximizing revenue.

Average Salary: 7 Lakhs Per Annum

Public Relations Specialist:

A public relations specialist, also known as a publicist or PR specialist, is a specialist who helps businesses and public figures manage their image. People with PGDMs in marketing who are outgoing and have strong interpersonal and communication skills are a great fit for this position.

Average Salary: 4.8 Lakhs Per Annum


Day by day, there is a growing demand for consultants. In essence, they support businesses in pinpointing issues, finding ideal solutions, and acquiring the best resources. The jobs and chances we've listed below for applicants with a focus on non-profit organizations are some of the available ones.

Business Transformation Consultant:

To increase effectiveness, they assist the customer in integrating strategy, procedure, and technology. They must lower the cost of the item while increasing its profit and shareholder value.

Average Salary: 15 Lakhs Per Annum

Product Quantity Officer:

They must comprehend the wants and needs of the client. They ensure that the products are created by quality, safety, and legal standards by overseeing the other employees.

Average Salary: 3.6 Lakhs Per Annum

Senior Finance Analyst:

By analyzing financial data, they project the financial reporting. They keep a solid financial analysis foundation by preparing regular leadership evaluations and directing the cost analysis process by implementing policies and procedures.

Average Salary: 6 Lakhs Per Annum


The goal of the PGDM course is to give students comprehensive insights into a variety of topics so they can choose one of their specializations to pursue in future studies. Students might monitor job postings in the public sector and apply as soon as possible to take a chance.

Due to the skills and industry knowledge that PGDM graduates bring, many government organizations and agencies are actively seeking them out. They are being hired in large numbers for the following government positions:

Logistics Manager:

Managing logistics is one of the most crucial and challenging areas of a business. Due to their education and technical know-how, government enterprises are now hiring PGDM graduates as logistics managers since they confront the same problem. This is one of the government occupations with the highest compensation.

Average Salary: 6.5 Lakhs Per Annum

Banking Officers:

PGDM graduates are being engaged as banking officers to enhance the nation's banking industry in light of the growing importance of banking and the fact that many PSU banks are now in competition with private banks. These are some of the best and highest-paying positions in the nation's financial sector, so applying is worthwhile.

Average Salary: 3 - 5 Lakh Per Annum

Assistant and Deputy Managers:

For PGDM grads, these are more akin to entry-level positions. With sufficient training and experience, you will be able to take over as manager once you have learned enough about your department and work.

Average Salary: 7 - 10 Lakh Per Annum

Private companies

Working for a private corporation has many advantages. Start-ups and established businesses both have a growth-oriented foundation. A growth-oriented program, PGDM provides attractive employment opportunities in the private sector. To pursue their goals, candidates can join as a business manager, management trainee, finance executive, marketing assistant, HR executive, or client relationship manager.

The attractive job openings are in a variety of industries, including marketing, finance and accounting, strategy, and telecom. Here are a few positions that people are hired for in private businesses after completing their PGDM courses.

Social Media Manager:

Social media managers organize their company's presence on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram using their technical expertise and understanding of marketing communications. They increase commercial activity, create brand identity, and publicize their company. Social media managers create strategic plans, assist with content development, and assess the effectiveness of online efforts.

Average Salary: 4 Lakhs Per Annum

Human Resources Officer:

Officers in charge of human resources (HR) create, recommend, and put into practice procedures for an organization's efficient use of its employees. Regardless of the size or type of firm, HR professionals are involved in a variety of activities.

Average Salary: 5 Lakhs Per Annum

Data Analyst Scientist:

Data analysts look for solutions to customer-related issues by analyzing large data sets. Additionally, a data analyst informs management and other stakeholders of this information. These people work in a wide range of fields, including business, banking, criminal justice, science, medical, and government.

Average Salary: 21 Lakhs Per Annum

Business Analyst Manager:

An expert in conducting research and analysis to develop plans for the best possible business operations and services, a business analyst manager ensures effectiveness and higher productivity. Their duties often involve working with many departments to create useful services, creating objectives and budgets, overseeing schedules, and starting new initiatives to enhance productivity and workforce efficiency. In addition, managers must inspire their teams to achieve their objectives while still carrying out the rules and policies of the business.

Average Salary: 17 Lakhs Per Annum

Different PGDM Jobs to Choose for Freshers

There is a huge demand for PGDM fresher professionals because every company wants financial and business intelligence and stability in their company to grow their business and maintain profitable records.

After finishing their PGDM course, freshers can apply for the positions listed below:

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resource Manager will oversee the regular duties of the Human Resources (HR) division, including hiring and conducting interviews, paying employees, handling leave requests, and enforcing business regulations and procedures.

Human resources managers oversee the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of new employees for a business or organization. They support the development of an employer brand, increased employee engagement, and strategic talent resource planning. They also connect executives with employees.

Human Resources Manager's responsibilities include:

  • recruits, screens, employees, and trains new departmental employees
  • oversees the department's daily operations
  • timely and constructive performance reviews are provided
  • manages employee reprimand and termination in compliance with corporate policy.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, negotiating, and conflict-resolution abilities.
  • Excellent attention to detail and organization.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.
  • The capacity to assign work according to priority as necessary.
  • The capacity to conduct oneself with honesty, professionalism, and discretion.
  • A thorough understanding of the rules and legislation governing employment.
  • Competent with the Microsoft Office Suite or comparable programs.
  • Proficiency with or the capacity to quickly pick up on the HRIS and talent management systems of the organization.

Average Salary: In India, a Human Resources (HR) Manager makes an average income of 695858 rupees per annum.

Finance Manager

For an organization's overall financial stability, finance managers are in charge. They prepare financial reports, manage investment operations, and create strategies and plans for their organization's long-term financial objectives while working in a variety of industries.

These financial professionals examine investment data daily, create financial paperwork and company reports, make sure financial transactions follow the law, search for investment opportunities, and seek ways to maximize profits. They use their knowledge to provide management with financial suggestions based on this constantly changing perspective.

Finance Manager Responsibilities include:

  • Provide managerial employees with financial reports and financial information interpretation while advising additional courses of action.
  • Guide investment activities and suggested business tactics.
  • Maintain the organization's financial stability.
  • Compare the company's actual performance to the business plans by analyzing costs, price, variable contributions, sales outcomes, and the company's financial success.
  • Create financial trends and forecasts for the company.
  • Conduct analyses and evaluations to look for opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Oversee the activities of the financial department, establish goals and objectives, and create a plan for achieving them.

Skills Required:

  • understanding of commerce and business
  • high numeracy, sound technical skills, excellent communication and presentation skills, and an analytical approach to work
  • the initiative, the capacity to negotiate, and the capacity to persuade others
  • a keen eye for detail and an inquiring spirit
  • the capacity to juggle commitments to studies and employment demands
  • the capability to make quick yet informed decisions
  • Ability to lead others
  • Strong IT skills

Average Salary: In India, a finance manager has an average income of 1012386 Rs per annum.

Strategic Manager

A strategic manager is in charge of analyzing a company's existing goals and strategy to find any potential weak points and growth prospects. To fulfill certain difficulties and objectives, they often head and manage one to several corporate departments, such as the departments of production, finance, human resources, and marketing. Based on their evaluations, strategic managers suggest highly specific plans, establish targets, and aid in their implementation through hiring, training, presentations, and development.

Strategic Manager responsibilities include:

  • supporting the creation of an organization's long-term plan
  • conducting research and analysis on stakeholders, processes, operational effectiveness, etc.
  • coordinating the organizational strategy with the departmental objectives, procedures, and resource allocation
  • evaluating market competition and trends
  • recognizing dangers and opportunities. presenting research results, forecasts, and suggested course of action
  • planning, carrying out and supervising initiatives and recommendations

Skills Required:

  • a capacity for strategic thought.
  • Strong communication abilities.
  • Leadership capabilities.
  • Organization abilities.
  • A readiness to appreciate and collaborate with others.
  • Self-assurance with numbers.
  • Negotiation abilities.

Business Manager

A business manager is a qualified individual tasked with managing staff, ensuring operational productivity, and providing guidance on how to perform various jobs while upholding client happiness effectively. Business managers assist in putting strategies into action that will increase sales or profitability.

Business Manager responsibilities include

  • establishing management objectives and goals with a growth and prosperity bias.
  • Creating and putting business plans and strategies into practice to support the achievement of objectives.
  • Ensuring that the business has enough suitable resources to finish its tasks.

Skills Required:

  • a capacity for strategic thought.
  • Strong communication abilities.
  • Leadership capabilities.
  • Organization abilities.
  • A readiness to appreciate and collaborate with others.
  • Self-assurance with numbers.
  • Negotiation abilities.
  • Good IT Skills

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Business Manager is 7 Lakh per annum.

International Sales Manager

By tracking sales volume and setting objectives, an international sales manager is in charge of organizing the sales department's international operations. The company's global sales of goods and services are maintained by international sales managers, who also develop rigorous strategies and tactics to draw in and influence customers from outside. Additionally, it is their responsibility to plan, motivate, and inspire the sales team as well as to compile daily, monthly, and annual sales reports. Additionally, they create and implement numerous assessment strategies and initiatives.

The International Sales Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Create an operational reservation plan, put it into action, and give executive management a forecast.
  • Create a variety of cutting-edge marketing plans to boost sales for every product release.
  • Maintain all product marketing-related activities, promote sales, and create efficient marketing communications.
  • Create and maintain positive working connections with the company's key clients and strategic partners.
  • Provide and put into practice different company pricing policies.
  • Create sales relationships for every vertical market.
  • Maintain effective communication with all overseas clients.

Skills Required:

  • Analytics-Based Sales Goal Forecasting Capabilities
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning Sales Plan Implementation Skills
  • Ability to Motivate, Coach, and Mentor Salespeople
  • Possibility of Assigning Responsibility
  • Ability to Lead and Communicate
  • Excellent Sales Software Knowledge and Understanding
  • Deep product expertise and active listening skills

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for International Sales Manager is 11 Lakh per annum.

Territory Sales Manager

The daily sales activities of sales representatives assigned to a certain region are managed by territory sales managers. They establish successful sales tactics, train sales staff, and make sure that sales quotas for a given territory are met.

Territory sales managers' responsibilities include:

  • putting into practice efficient territorial marketing techniques
  • Meeting with consumers to resolve issues or disagreements
  • evaluating sales results
  • developing successful sales strategies
  • timely submission of reports to the director
  • finding fresh prospects for sales

Skills Required:

You must possess good leadership abilities and be able to operate in a fast-paced atmosphere to be successful as a territory sales manager. Finally, a top-notch area sales manager should consistently show that they have good communication, problem-solving, and customer service skills.

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for Territory Sales Manager is 5.4 Lakh per annum.

Different PGDM Jobs to Choose for 3-7 Years of Experience

After gaining some work experience, PGDM positions can be very lucrative because many sectors and businesses need seasoned experts to manage their teams and direct operations.

Below we have mentioned some of the PGDM jobs to choose from if you have experience ranging from 3 to 7 years.

Business Consultant

The marketing manager oversees and collaborates on the different merchandising or advertising sales strategies the company uses to promote both itself and its goods. Marketing managers may be tasked with representing a complete firm, a product line, a brand, or a particular product. The market manager takes into account a wide range of suggestions from the advertising, sales, and creative research departments. Campaign management falls within the purview of a marketing manager.

Business Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Organize and carry out given business projects for clients (such as hiring, payroll, advertising campaigns, etc.) by their specifications.
  • When necessary, meet with assigned clients and do a preliminary analysis of a difficult issue.
    Gather data about the client's company using several techniques (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports, etc.)
  • analyze and interpret data to find flaws and issues and understand their causes
  • Create clear reports with recommendations and solutions that take into account the needs, resources, and constraints of the customer.

Skills Required:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Good Teamwork Skills
  • Creativity and Writing Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Good Organization and Planning Skills
  • Ability to Understand Buyer Needs.

Average Salary: Individuals with an early marketing manager career can easily earn an average total compensation of 508,364 Rs per annum.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is in charge of creating and executing plans to advertise the goods of a business or brand. To effectively reach their customers, they handle a variety of channels, including social media, Google Ads, website content, and email marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Prepare and carry out all digital marketing strategies, including email, social media, SEO/SEM, and display advertising campaigns.
  • creating, establishing, and sustaining our social media presence
  • All digital marketing campaign performance is measured, reported, and evaluated against set objectives (ROI and KPIs)
  • Discover trends and insights, then adjust spending and output depending on the knowledge.
  • Plan innovative and imaginative growth methods
  • Prepare for, conduct, and evaluate experiments and conversion tests.

Skills Required:

  • ability to analyze data and draw insights
  • Organization and project management skills
  • Knowledge and appreciation of automation
  • UX skills and an understanding of the customer experience
  • Advanced social media knowledge
  • Project Management.
  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Paid Social Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Knowledge of the free tools available.

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is 7.2 Lakh per annum.

Brand Manager

A brand manager is a specialist who is in charge of making sure that a company's goods, services, and product lines are appealing to present or potential clients. To stay one step ahead of the competition, they also keep an eye on market competitors and track marketing trends.

Brand Manager responsibilities include:

  • Analyze brand positioning and consumer insights
  • Clearly state and communicate our mission and vision.
  • Transform brand attributes into market entry and planning strategies.
  • Control a marketing staff that works on brand initiatives.
  • directing the creative process to inspire the target audience to "take action."
  • Set performance criteria, cost and pricing limits, market applications, and sales projections. All marketing campaigns should be measured and reported on, and their ROI and KPIs evaluated.
  • Keep an eye on market developments, investigate consumer marketplaces, and observe rival behavior.

Skills Required:

  • conducting market research to stay abreast of consumer trends and make predictions about future developments
  • creating marketing strategies and overseeing advertising campaigns on print, broadcast, and online channels to make sure that goods and services fulfill customer expectations and strengthen businesses
    Managing budgets and a group of junior assistants organizing events like product launches, exhibitions, and photo shoots.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and producing reports. Supervising advertising, product design, and other forms of marketing to maintain consistency in branding.
  • Meeting with clients and cooperating with colleagues from various departments (such as marketing assistants, marketing managers, and chief marketing officers).

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Brand Manager is 13 Lakh per annum.

Operations Manager

An essential member of the management team, an operations manager, is in charge of high-level HR responsibilities like recruiting top people and establishing training standards and hiring guidelines. They also aim to increase quality, productivity, and efficiency by analyzing and improving organizational processes.

Operations Managers responsibilities include:

  • Make crucial judgments about strategy, planning, and policy.
  • Create, put into effect, and evaluate operational policies and practices.
  • If necessary, aid HR with recruiting.
  • Promote an organizational culture that values excellence in performance and strong morale.
  • Control planning, reporting, auditing, and budgeting.
  • collaboration with senior stakeholders
  • Ensure that all legal and regulatory paperwork is filed, and keep an eye out for any violations.
  • Plan for both short-term and long-term objectives while collaborating with the board of directors to identify values and mission.

Skills Required:

  • Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs
  • Control of Employees
  • To obtain project data, track spending, and create procedures, automation, and data entry through software.
  • Data Processing Proficiency
  • Analysis of Possible Risks
  • creation of novel products
  • In your regular work, you must be able to think critically and strategically.
  • Organizational and Communication Skills

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for an Operations Manager is 7.5 Lakh per annum.

Different PGDM Jobs to Choose from for Experts

As many companies look for a specialized PGDM professional with a lot of experience for certain high authority positions, PGDM professionals who have specialized in a particular field are paid much more than other under-experienced PGDM graduates.

If you've worked in this industry for more than seven years, you can choose from some of the PGDM positions listed below.

Area Marketing Head

An area marketing manager is a person who oversees the daily activities of marketing teams to bring in money for a business or organization. These people work with team members to address client issues, create marketing strategies to increase revenue, and help various business divisions with marketing. Area marketing managers are frequently in charge of advertising these products in certain markets or geographical regions. For example, they might oversee the marketing of kitchenware or athletic goods in a given region.

Area Marketing Head's responsibilities include:

  • Create successful business development plans to guarantee long-term success.
  • Set criteria and goals for various outlets and divisions.
  • Enhance and control processes to ensure effectiveness
  • Direct a group of store managers to work well together and achieve goals.
  • Implement excellent financial management to guarantee that shops are profitable and within your budget.
  • Ensure adherence to the operating rules and regulations of the firm.
  • Deal with issues by offering original and useful solutions
  • Utilize essential metrics to evaluate performance, then solve any faults to make it better.
  • Report on developments and problems to senior executives.
  • aid higher management in making choices about acquisition or expansion

Skills Required:

UX design skills, SEO and SEM, content management, social media, responsive design, partner management, analytics, understanding of the newest tech tools, distributed expert abilities, people skills, and team building/motivational skills are all necessary for a competent area marketing manager.

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for an Area Marketing Manager is 19.0 Lakhs per annum.

General Operations Manager

Daily production and operational activities are planned and coordinated. Analyses activity reports, financial records, and performance data to determine productivity. Collaborates with other support divisions, including human resources, finance, and logistics, to make ensuring that production activities are effective.

The General Operations Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Plans and coordinates daily operations and production-related activities.
  • Analyses performance data, financial data, and activity report to determine productivity.
  • To ensure that manufacturing operations are successful, coordinate with other support departments like human resources, finance, and logistics.
  • Oversees the activities of shipping and receiving.
  • Identifies the manpower requirements to achieve production targets.
  • Helps the operations unit prepare its budget.
  • Coordinating the pricing, timing, and quantity of sales promotions as well as the products that will be sold with the marketing and sales departments.

Skills Required:

  • Technical know-how, data processing prowess, product creation, risk assessment, etc.
  • Planning strategically.
  • Fiscal management.
  • Personnel management.
  • abilities to make decisions
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership and Adaptability
  • Time Management and Problem Solving skills

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a General Operations Manager is 19 Lakh per annum.

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers build and maintain a positive public image for their business or client by sharing programs, successes, and points of view. Usually, the answer is to the department or unit head.

These experts are in charge of answering media inquiries, submitting articles to the media, creating media kits, and setting up press conferences. They also manage crisis and emergency communications and distribute facts to offset negative publicity.

Public Relations Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Take media inquiries.
  • Media pitch: submit articles
  • build media kits
  • Set up press conferences
  • Employ and supervise independent copywriters, graphic designers, and others
  • Control the spending for the public relations department.
  • Converse and interact with internal corporate leaders and executives as well as the larger constituencies impacted by a company's goods and policies.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • good IT abilities
  • initiative
  • Presentation abilities
  • the capacity to successfully plan and set priorities
  • understanding the various media agendas
  • Creativity
  • Social media content creation and analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Good knowledge of social media platforms

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Public Relations Manager is 7.5 Lakh per annum.

Supply Chain Manager

An expert who oversees the whole supply chain of a business, from the acquisition of raw materials to production, is known as a supply chain manager. They need to plan storage for the goods and make sure it arrives at the proper moment to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged during this intricate procedure.

Supply Chain Manager responsibilities include:

  • Develop the supply chain strategy for the business.
  • To identify bottlenecks and other problems and analyze data from the shipping and delivery processes.
  • Analyze KPIs and provide a report.
  • Keep an eye on the logistics to ensure they go successfully.
  • Upkeep supply chain data and inventory.
  • Train and mentor staff members.

Skills Required:

  • project administration
  • technical expertise
  • Knowledge of cost accounting and Financial statement comprehension
  • Knowledge of electronic business and procurement systems
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of a worldwide or cross-cultural issue
  • Ability to logically arrange thoughts Ability to communicate clearly through presentations, emails, one-
  • on-one conversations, and team discussions; ability to act naturally as a facilitator to enable team-based decisions
  • management of time
  • Leadership Skill
  • Understanding the expectations of the customer

Average Salary: In India, the average annual salary for a Supply Chain Manager is 12 Lakh per annum.


Not a typical course, PGDM. It is a management degree. Depending on the specialization they have selected, students' employment opportunities following PGDM vary. The majority of well-known B-schools organize placement events after the program.

Students with specializations in finance, marketing, operations management, human resources, IT research, etc., can find employment in a variety of government and private sector organizations.

Students can profit from the suitable professional chances following a PGDM from top PGDM institutes if they select the appropriate academic path rather than just enrolling in any management diploma program.

Students with PGDMs can find employment in a variety of positions as refined, competent, and valuable management professionals.

The advantages to your career are numerous, ranging from job placements to professional development and networking with other professionals. However, picking the best business school is crucially important.

You may learn more about the facilities, resources, and job opportunities offered by the universities you apply to by doing thorough research on them.

Therefore, For people who are tenacious and eager to learn, PDGM is a really rewarding professional path. People with PGDM are at the pinnacle of knowledge in their chosen disciplines and work to lead others.

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