7 AMAZING reasons why HEC Montreal is the Ultimate Career Move

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HEC Montreal is a very famous business school located in Canada. It is ranked as one of the best business schools in Canada and has a prestigious history. It has a diverse culture as 35% of the students and faculty are from international countries.

Thus, providing students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience from others. HEC Montreal is also famous for having the largest libraries in Canada and has partnerships with over 130 international universities.

Hence, allowing its students to participate in global exchange programs and gain some valuable insights. This article will tell you why HEC Montreal is the ultimate career move for you.

7 reasons to apply at HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal has many things to offer, which sets it apart from the rest of the management institutes. Apart from the school's legacy, there are numerous reasons you should consider this institute. Here are some of the reasons why HEC Montreal is the ultimate career move for you:

Diversity - It is essential to study in a school with rich diversity. Diversity helps the students to learn from each other's cultures and grow together. At HEC Montreal, 30% of the students and faculties are from international countries.

The institute also offers bilingual and trilingual courses, thus allowing them to indulge in these courses. By doing this, they will surely open up many doors of opportunities for themselves after graduating from school. Thus, making it the perfect place to polish your linguistic skills and gain real-life experience.

Faculty- The school offers expert faculty in all management courses. The faculty will help out all the students with their academic progress throughout their graduation.

Excellent faculty also helps students get their doubts solved and have expert advice on all the field-related topics. Hence, allowing the students throughout their college life. They also prove very helpful with student internships and placements due to their deep knowledge and tremendous experience in the related field.

Research-driven- HEC Montreal is known for its research-driven courses and curriculum. The school realizes the importance of research in the management and business field can be implemented in its courses.

All of this is possible due to the 50 research chairs and groups present at the institute. The school also takes pride in being up to date with all the latest teaching practices.

Infrastructure and resources- HEC Montreal has cutting-edge technology and excellent infrastructure. These facilities allow the students to upgrade their skill sets in their fields and earn a lot of experience.

The institute also has a rich past and is known for being one of the first business schools in Canada. The institute also has the most extensive bilingual library in Canada, contributing to its diversity and facilities.

Exchange programs- If you are interested in business and management, you must recognize the importance of exchange programs. These programs help the students gain experience from around the world by signing up for various projects.

You would be surprised to know that HEC Montreal has 133 international partnerships with different universities.

These universities are present in over 40 countries, providing a chance for everyone to get themselves involved in the process. These projects and exchange programs will help the students have real-life experience when they get a job or internship.

Alumni network- HEC Montreal is famous for having a global network that supports and helps out all students of various fields. This network helps them not only with internships and placements but throughout their graduation.

The school has tens of thousands of alumni members around the globe, providing all the support and experience that a student needs throughout their life. It also creates an opportunity for a positive work environment where everyone can learn and grow.

Building up your skillset- The school always focuses on building up the skill set of its students. Generally, this is done by including various courses in the curriculum. Thus, providing the students to learn some leadership and entrepreneurial skills. These will benefit the students throughout their life.

Admission Requirements for HEC Montreal

As the institute is hard to get to, you should follow all the admission requirements to stand a chance amongst other candidates. Here are some of the admissions requirements for HEC Montreal:

  • A Bachelor's degree or any degree equivalent to that
  • All the official transcripts of your academic grades
  • Scores for English proficiency exams
  • Updates Resume
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Purpose letter
  • Essays

Application deadlines for HEC Montreal

HEC Montreal has four rounds for its application process. The deadline for the first round is 15th November, and for the second round, it is on 15th February. The deadline for the thor round is on 15th April, and the fourth round is on 15th June. All the applicants should abide by these deadlines to avoid any rejections.


1. What are the HEC Montreal fees?

The fee structure might vary for native and international students. The tuition fee for international students is $54,000. If you think you are not financially secure, try and apply for a scholarship scheme. Check out the eligibility criteria to avoid any rejections.

2. What are the requirements for HEC Montreal MIM?

GRE score is accepted for the MIM program. You should also have a score of 7 or above in your English proficiency exams(IELTS). The applicants should have a score of 95 and above in their TOEFL exams.

3. HEC Montréal ranking?

HEC Montreal is ranked the number 1 business school in Canada. It also has a prestigious history and is a vibrant culture. The institute was also one of the first management schools in the country.

5. HEC Montreal acceptance rate?

HEC Montreal has an acceptance rate of 44%. It is considered one of the best business schools in the country and is very competitive. You should abide by all the application requirements and eligibility criteria to get selected for the institute.

6. Is HEC Montreal a good school?

Yes, HEC Montreal is one of the top leading business schools in the world. It has a world-class infrastructure and talented faculty. It has one of the largest bilingual libraries in Canada and is partnered up with over 130 international universities. Hence, making it a great school to consider for a prosperous future.

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