5 ADVANTAGES Of ISB Hyderabad And Its Programs-GMAT Score

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ISB Hyderabad is a private business institution established in the year 2001. It is one of the institutes that is associated with the Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business. The institute has two campuses, one in Hyderabad and another in Mohali.

The institute offers candidates postgraduate programs along with some short-term courses. The institute also has established many connections with international business schools. Thus, allowing students to establish connections all around the world.

This article will list several advantages as to why you should apply to this institute. It will also make you aware of the ISB Hyderabad fees structure and more.

5 advantages of ISB Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad might be considered one of the best business schools present in India. This institute can provide its students with a vast number of opportunities. Here are some of the advantages that this institute has to offer along with the programs offered:

  1. Global partnership- ISB Hyderabad has many global collaborations that provide the students with many benefits. For example, Wharton and Kellogg were the founding associate schools, but ISB Hyderabad has partnered up with MIT Sloan SOM and London Business School over time. The institute has focused its attention on developing and strengthening students' capability to do research work. This institute has over 50+ collaborations with international business schools. Due to these global partnerships, the institute has opened up new opportunities for its students to participate in various exchange programs and gain experience.
  2. Triple accreditations- ISB Hyderabad is one of the few schools that has a triple crown accreditation. It has been accredited by AACSB or commonly known as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. EQUIS or EFMD Quality Improvement System has also accredited it and AMBA, commonly known as the Association of MBAs. ISB Hyderabad is the youngest institute to get these accreditations, making it a remarkable achievement on its own.
  3. Great campus and resources- Although ISB Hyderabad Fees structure is reasonably priced, it has a world-class campus compared to other institutes. ISB has two campuses, one in Hyderabad and another in Mohali. ISB Hyderabad has an excellent campus and can provide its students with outstanding opportunities for a great learning experience. It also provides students with all the resources and facilities they need to grow and gain experience to use once they graduate. Hence, making them young pioneers and leaders in many sectors of business.
  4. Research and innovation- ISB Hyderabad has focused on developing its curriculum and resources for research and innovation. The institute has made a keen effort to focus on entrepreneurial skills and has tried to develop them well in their students. They have also made drastic changes in the curriculum to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Their collaboration with many international business schools such as MIT Sloan SOM and London Business School shows their immense effort to evolve their research and development.
  5. Well-knit network- For the last two decades, ISB has knit up a well-integrated network for its students. This global network has grown immensely and has over 11,000+ members, vastly spread over forty countries. Over 20% of the members are in high posts, and many own their family businesses. Students can use this huge global network to their advantage. Thus, helping them land a job or internship as soon as they get out of college. It might also provide them with experience in various fields by getting in touch with many experts and professionals.

Admission process for ISB Hyderabad

The admission process is quite simple and easy to remember. The institute conducts various exams for different courses. To get admission to postgraduate programs, the students should score well on their GMAT or GREs. Many working professionals are also eligible to apply.

They just need to have good grades and professional performance. To get admission to the PGP course, the candidates must take the BAT test held by the institute.

To get accepted into the executive fellow program in management, you should have good grades and letters of recommendation. The candidates should also have at least 8-10 years of working experience in their related fields.

Eligibility criteria for ISB Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad is pretty strict about its eligibility criteria. If you want to stand a chance against all the other applicants, you should abide by these rules. For the PGP candidates, you should have a Bachelor's degree or any other degree that holds equal weightage.

The candidates should also have the accepted GMAT or GRE scores. They should also have a working experience of 24 months in their respective fields. And provide the institute with their English proficiency exam results if they did not graduate from an English-speaking university.

ISB Hyderabad Fees

ISB Hyderabad Fees is dissected in various segments. First, it includes the admission fees and then the tuition fees. The ISB Hyderabad fees mentioned here exclude any additional taxes. The best part is that it includes the course material and boarding and lodging for most of the days.

Compared to most universities and colleges, ISB Hyderabad's fee structure is way affordable and reasonable. ISB Hyderabad fees charge ₹3,00,000 as the admission fee and ₹36,63,000 as the total tuition fee, making the total ISB Hyderabad fees ₹39,63,000.

Another extra refundable security deposit of ₹20,000 has to be paid with the total ISB Hyderabad Fees. The amount is refundable after the school has deducted the amount that is pending to them. You can also enroll yourself in the alumni membership program by paying ₹25,000.

You should remember that this is a non-refundable transaction, although the institute will give it back if you decide to opt-out before graduating due to any reasons.

Scholarships for ISB Hyderabad fees

If you cannot afford the ISB Hyderabad fees, there is nothing to worry about, as many scholarships are available. These scholarships aim to support and finance deserving candidates to enroll themselves in the program.

And have been based on a mixture of the merit-based system and financial needs. However, you should also keep in mind that the competition to get a scholarship is very high. Therefore, the institute looks for candidates who have these qualities in themselves:

  • Have a community mindset and are socially responsible
  • Demonstrate a high level of leadership skills
  • Have the potential to become an excellent ambassador
  • Are spouses of a PGP alumni
  • Have exceptional academic grades and a very professional profile

Tips to get into ISB Hyderabad

ISB Hyderabad has become one of the most competitive colleges. It is all due to its high reputation and the resources it has. It is also the youngest business school to get a three crown accreditation. Thus, increasing the competitiveness by a ton. Here are some tips that might come in handy while applying to the institute:

  • Begin early- If you want to get admitted into ISB Hyderabad, you should start before all the other applicants. Doing this will reduce the amount of time and pressure you will face, which most applicants go through. It will also prepare you for any casualties and increase your chances of getting selected.
  • Do your initial research- The wisest tip would be to conduct your research about the institute and the various courses. You should also make yourself aware of what the institute is looking for in its candidates. Finally, try to research the admission process and what are the basic eligibility criteria. This way, you will know what documents you need and how much you need to score in your academics to get admission.
  • Research about the selected students- After you are done researching the institute, you should look for the selected candidates. Ensure that you are looking for the academic grades and qualities they had which landed them in the institute. You can also search their professional profiles on sites like LinkedIn, etc. The institute also has an alumni page that will inform you about what qualities a candidate should possess.
  • Prepare for the GMAT exam- The one thing that remains certain throughout the admission process is getting good grades to get selected. Therefore, try and aim for an excellent GMAT score, as this will assure the admission officers that you are worthy of being admitted. The score that you should be aiming for is 730 or above.
  • Ace your essays- As most of the students applying to the institute would have good academic scores. So, the next thing that a candidate needs to focus on is their essays. Essays are a very nice platform where an individual can showcase their talents and uniqueness. Your essay should make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and show your eligibility for admission.


  • Prepare for the interview round- Try and look up all the common interview questions asked to all the candidates in previous years. In this way, you will be prepared for any question that comes your way. Thus, increasing your confidence and chances of getting accepted. You should also look up the ideal answers for the various questions asked and frame your response according to that.


  1. Is an MBA from ISB Hyderabad worth it?

    ISB Hyderabad has been ranked 28th in the Financial Times global ranking for MBA. So, it is safe to say that an MBA from ISB Hyderabad is worth it.
  2. What is the GMAT score required for ISB?

    The applicants should have a GMAT score of 730 or above to get accepted. 730+ is the average GMAT score of accepted candidates over the years.
  3. What are the ISB Hyderabad fees?

    The total fees, including the admission and tuition fees, are ₹39,63,000. In addition, a ₹20,000 refundable deposit also has to be paid with the total fees.
  4. Is getting into ISB easy?

    ISB has a tough admission process which is a bit difficult to crack. Although, with enough preparation and good grades, you will surely earn a spot in the institute. According to the statistics, ISB Hyderabad receives the 4th highest applicants each year compared to other business schools. Thus, raising the competition level, the trick is to focus on your academic grades and write an excellent essay. You should also prepare well for the interview round as this will increase your chances of getting accepted.
  5. Does ISB accept CAT scores?
    Yes, ISB does accept CAT scores, but that is only for the FPM and CBA programs. These courses require you to provide your CAT results as part of the admission process. Apart from these programs, GMAT or GRE scores are required.
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