10 Microsoft Interview Questions Which Will Impact Your Hiring Process

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Microsoft is one of the top-ranked companies in the world and has become a pioneer for technology innovation. Not only this, Microsoft has been rated as one of the best workplaces amongst other top-ranked companies. Microsoft pays its employees generously and believes in a positive work environment. Suppose you are passionate about your work and want to invest in a company where gradual growth is possible. Then Microsoft might be the best place for you. But it is easier said than done as it is very hard to get selected at Microsoft. This article will make you aware of the most important Microsoft interview questions. Hence, increasing your chances of getting hired by the company.

10 Microsoft interview questions

Microsoft is one of the most reputable and sought after companies in the world. It opens up many doors, such as being able to select good employees for the company. To do this, Microsoft raises their standards and does not allow everyone to join its company. Thus, making the selection procedure very hard. To assure that the interview process goes smoothly, you should be aware of the most important Microsoft interview questions. Here are the ten most important Microsoft interview questions that you should know about:

1- Do you use Microsoft products or services? If yes, which one is your favourite and why?

There is no trickery involved in the question. It is set up in a pretty straightforward manner and is direct. The recruitment officer asks this question to analyse and judge its knowledge about the company and its services. It helps them judge if you are up to date with the company's background and technology. You should do a bit of research and provide them with an answer that proves your worth. It is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and prove yourself worthy of the role. Try to answer this question in context to the nature of the role.

2- Are you a team player and can maintain a functional relationship with your other team members?

The recruiter asks this question to see how well you will perform when a group project is assigned. It will show them if you can communicate well with the team and contribute well if any problems occur. To answer this question, you should provide them with an example from your previous job. By doing this, it will help them get a better understanding of your personality. If you are applying for an office or corporate job, you must be prepared to answer this question. Hence, becoming an important part of your interview.

3- Do you think you are up to date with all your skills? If yes, then what measures did you take to do that?

The recruitment officers are looking for candidates who believe in self-learning. If you showcase that you are eager to learn your things and stay up to date with all your relevant skills. Then you will earn some grace points in their books. As a technology giant, the company needs employees that stay updated with their current skill sets. If a candidate fails to represent this quality in their interview, it will surely decrease their chances of getting selected.

4-Name one application that has a great UI? What makes it great?

Generally, this question is asked to candidates who have applied for a technical role. By asking this question, the recruitment officers want to test your knowledge about the job. You have to be smart, pick an application run by Microsoft, and know why it is different and great. The best way to achieve this is by researching and having a lot of knowledge about your chosen application.

5- How do you plan on contributing to the company?

It is a great way of evaluating your future goals and what you plan on doing for the company. By doing this, the recruiters look at your integrity and have brighter future goals. You should provide them with all your plans and how you will implement them in your life. You should also give them a better picture of your future goals and how you plan to contribute to the company.

6- What motivates you to excel in a given role?

By asking this question, recruiters will judge why you have applied for the role. It also helps them get information as to what motivates them to work hard. You should always be prepared for a question like this as it allows you to showcase your nature. You should tell them that you believe in growth and development, and if a company can provide that, you will surely work hard in the given role.

7- Tell us about a time where you have projected leadership qualities?

Usually, this Microsoft interview question is asked to judge if you possess leadership skills. Any company needs to have employees who possess these qualities to help them move the company to a brighter future. It is also very important for any candidate to have leadership skills to work in a corporate environment. Hence, it becomes very important for you to provide them with a relevant example. By doing this, you will surely increase your chances of getting selected.

8- What do you hope to find in your next role?

The recruitment officers have a keen focus on your future goals and how you plan on accomplishing them. Suppose you answer this question with a very big aspiration. Then the follow-up question would be how you plan on achieving that goal. In this manner, they will get a clearer look into your work ethics and future goals. It will also help them understand if you plan to stay loyal to the company by working for them.

9- Name something unique that you will bring to the table?

You should answer this question very carefully, as this will help the recruitment officers understand your relevant skills and experience. It is also a great opportunity to showcase them and tell them how you fit the role. If this Microsoft interview question is asked, you should consider yourself lucky as you have an opportunity to impress them.

10- Tell us about a time when you helped a customer with an ongoing issue, and how did you resolve it?

Generally, this question is asked to candidates who have applied in customer care and services. Although recruiters can ask this to anyone, helping a customer is a skill that everyone must possess. You should provide them with an instance from your previous job and how you successfully resolved the issue. You should also make them aware that the customer was happy with the solution provided. Hence, increasing your chance of getting selected.

Microsoft interview preparation

The Microsoft interview process is considered one of the hardest interviews. It compares the candidates based on their merits and experience and based on their nature and work ethics. Thus, making it very important for you to prepare for the interview. Here are some of the things that you should do before your interview:

  • Make yourself comfortable with the role you are applying for and the work ethics of the company. The recruitment officer will ask you many questions in the Microsoft interview question round. You need to research the role you are applying for and prepare for all the questions.
  • Make a list of your notable accomplishments and achievements. In this way, you will prepare yourself for all the interview questions that focus on evaluating your skills and experience. Being ready with such a list will help you answer them quickly and without any hesitation.
  • If you are applying for a technical role, the best way to prepare for the interview would be to stay updated with all the technology. By doing this, you would be prepared if the recruiter asks you about any application or UI. You should also polish your technical skills as they might ask you something that is not on top of your head.

Bonus tips for Microsoft interview questions

After knowing how hard it is to get a job at Microsoft, you might wonder if there are any tips for the interview round. Well, you are in luck as we have many useful tips that you can follow to land a job in the company. Here are some tips that you can use for the Microsoft interview questions:

  • Be diligent- Showcasing that you care about the company and its resources will always leave a positive impression on the recruitment officers. Even though researching the job is important, you should also know about its work ethics. Being able to showcase this in your Microsoft interview question round will surely help you a lot.
  • Being aware of your future role- Yous should be aware of your future role and contribution to the company. By doing this, you will answer all the questions based on your future aspirations and goals. By preparing for this question, you will be able to answer all these questions confidently. Hence, increasing your chances of getting selected.
  • Stay authentic- Recruitment officers know when you are lying about something, the best thing would be to stay authentic and truthful. You do not need to show off your experience or skills. Just stay humble and unique. Because this is what recruitment officers are looking for in their employees.


1- What questions are asked in a coding interview?

Here is a list of coding questions asked in an interview:

  • How do you print duplicate characters from a given string?
  • How do you check if two strings are anagrams of one another?
  • How do you print the first non-repeated character from a given string?
  • How can a string be reversed using recursion?
  • How do you check if a given string contains only digits?

2- What are some of the Microsoft internship interview questions?

Here is a list of Microsoft internship interview questions:

  • Tell us About Yourself?
  • What makes you qualified for this role?
  • Why should you be hired?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?

3- Are Microsoft Interviews hard?

The short answer is yes. Microsoft interview is hard, but the same goes for top-tier companies globally as they are all working hard to recruit high calibre employees. You should prepare yourself for the Microsoft interview questions and other skill assessment tests to perform well.

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